2009.11.03 14:00 - Working Group Meeting

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    Stephanie proposes the following agenda:
    1) Name Tag Recommendation
    In light of guardian imput, what are our current thoughts on this? 

    Do we indeed wish to implement the tag name change and ask that all

    guardians wear their "PaB Host" tags to each session?

    2) Chat Logs Reflecting "PaB Host"
    Using "PaB Host" tags does not solve the question of publishing the
    chat logs on the web, where non-guardians may appear to speak
    as representing PaB; perhaps the PaB listener/auto-recorder can
    identify who's host and who isn't, in some way?

    Independently of the "PaB Host" tag wearing issue, this concerns
    readers who find PaB through Google and who may never enter SL.

    Storm suggests:As for editing at all and/or allowing people to find
    these things randomly or via a search, I think it comes down to the
    question Maxine posed in her email of 27th October (q.v.): "What
    is the function of chat logs?" Perhaps Piet could say a few words.
    That would frame what we do about them.
    3) Coordination Responsibilities
    On page   http://playasbeing.wik.is/PaB_<wbr>Working_Group</wbr>  we
    have started to list our individual areas of responsibility;
    Saki wrote a new draft, after she and Storm and Pema spent a few
    hours in front of a blackboard in Princeton, while Saki took notes.
    Is the plan still to discuss this through email?
    4) Unrecorded Guardian Meetings
    In light of the suggestion made by Storm at the guardian meeting, as one
    way to address various levels of sessions, I have moved this item, as well
    as the item below regarding the PaB Village, up on the agenda.

    Pila suggested introducing unrecorded guardian meetings;
    there are clearly many options, as has been mentioned at
    several occasions, such as:

       -- SL retreat sessions of several-hours or even longer
       -- spontaneous groups of guardians setting up their own meetings
       -- organizing specific officially non-recorded guardian meetings
       and in addition we can also suggest setting up a mentor system,
       to give guardians the opportunity to talk about their experiences.
    5) PaB Village

    Are there any suggestions for new events and/or structures in the
    PaB Village, perhaps in relation to retreats?

    6) Coordinator as Role Name

    The six WG members play a role as coordinators, yet they also
    delegate some of their responsibilities to other coordinators
    outside the group; would it be more clear if the WG members
    would be given another role name, different from "coordinator"?

    7) A Chair for the WG?

    Do we want a rotating role of chair for the Working Group; the
    name could be "chair" or "WG coordinator" or "sweeper" (Storm's
    suggestion) or whatever to indicate that this person's responsibility
    is "the buck stops here", checking regularly whether the decisions
    made in the WG are actually followed up, and where not, gently
    the other WG members reminding them to follow up :).  This role
    may or may not be different from the agenda maker and moderator
    for weekly WG meetings; it probably should be for half a year or so,
    to give sufficient time to get deep enough into the organization to
    be able to play that role.

    8) Mentor System for New Guardians and New Guardian Roles

    The idea has been put forward to instate a mentor system for new
    guardians, in two versions: one for those who become a general PaB
    guardian for the first time, and one for guardians who take on a
    weekly session for the first time.

    9) Introductory PaB sessions

    Storm and Patty Barnes, from Spirit of the Senses, came up with 
    the suggestion to organize special introductory PaB sessions, once
    a month or so.

    10) Outreach: Community Gateway

    We may want to consider offering PaB as one of the groups that
    newbies can turn to during their initial orientation.

    11) Stephanie's Web

    Pema wrote: Stephanie's task has been growing, as a spider in an ever expanding
    web.  If there is time, this week, or later, it would be nice to hear
    from Stephanie to what extent she has been able to acquire a tree
    of (sub)coordinators and others focusing on specific tasks, and whether
    she will need additional help.

    12) RL Retreats in 2010

    We have four retreats proposed for 2010, in Malta, California,
    Hawaii or Nova Scotia, and Germany, in that order.  Are we happy
    with those four, or do we want to suggest possible alternatives?
    And which place to pick for the summer?

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