2009.11.24 14:00 Working Group Meeting

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    Eliza proposes the following agenda:

    0) Email

          The issue of Vice-Chair has been moved off of the agenda for now.

          Pema wrote "So concretely:
          by March 1 we will need a volunteer to be vice chair
          for one month, and then take over from me on April 1
          to become the new chair for the next three months."


    1) The Future of Working Group

                A. In an email to the PlayasBeing group, Adams wrote:

        "The potential danger I am seeing is a bit subtle. If the working group keeps  
        framing problems and offering "suggestions" might it  tend to cause division  
        and adverse reaction to the "suggestions"? Then will we need long emails to  
        explain the problem that the working group saw? Maybe PaB would work  
        better the other way around. Let the problems that require a group solution  
        be defined in the gaurdians meetings along with a discussion of possible  
        solutions there."  

    B. Pema later wrote a WG email regarding recent turbulence, which Eliza unwittingly
        made public, bringing about more discussion regarding changes within PaB, and the
        necessity or not, of the Working Group. 

        Adams then clarified having more concern about 'what PaB is not', than about the
        Working Group in general.


    C. Eos and Storm wrote inspiring pieces regarding the essential vision of 
        PlayasBeing, and perhaps we might discuss these in the context of WG role.


    2) Fundraising and Donations Listing

         The general consensus of the PlayasBeing group members who have replied 
         via email, is that the European model of not listing individual donors with specific 
         monetary amounts given is preferable to listing amounts publicly.

              A. is everything firmly in place, so that we can ask people now to
                  give donations, whether they have pledged money already or not?
                  Can we give them clear instructions where/how to donate money?
                  Who will send out a notice describing that?  The note should
                  probably ask to include either SL name or "anonymous"; see also:

              B. do we have a clear system to register automatically who gave money;
                  does PayPal address that?  If somebody just pays through PayPal with
                  their RL name, we may have no clue which avatar corresponds to that.

              C. shall we make a final recommendation of exactly how to list time and
                  money donations on a PaB web site, taking into account all the
                  reactions we've gotten so far?

    3) New Guardians

         We have had no objections to the three proposed guardian candidates. 
             A. Shall we now invite them?
             B. What about mentoring? Until we have a specific mentoring policy in place, 
                 is there someone we might ask to contact these new guardians to answer 
                 questions that may arise, to and give an overview?


    4) Chat Log Annotation

          The PlayasBeing group has decided against labeling the chat logs in 
           an automated way, and has moved toward individual guardian detail, 
           such as Stevenaia's suggestion of writing:

           "The Guardian (on Call) for this meeting was stevenaia Michinaga. 
           The comments are by stevenaia Michinaga.....The following Guardians 
           were in attendance for this session:  Pema Pera, stevenaia Michinaga, 
           etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, "  

           Do we want to list all guardians at the top of each chat log page, 
           as Stevenaia suggested, and some others agreed with, or not, since 
           yet some others were unhappy with it? 

    5) Different Kinds of Sessions/ Emphasizing "Pure Play as Being/Applied PlayasBeing"  
          A. Growing out of discussions within our weekly guardian meetings, Storm has brought  
              forth the idea of having different kinds of sessions. In a recent email, Storm wrote:  
              "Maxine has commented occasionally on boundary issues. I see the possibility of  
              having more than one kind of session as a potential solution to all sorts of seemingly  
              disparate problems we are having, many of which include boundary issues."

        Some of the kinds of sessions which have been discussed are:
                   1) "pure PaB": the practice of PaB itself
                   2) "applied PaB" how practice of PaB influences our life
                   3) newcomer/Introductory sessions
                   3) pure contemplation and spirituality
                   4) applied spirituality in politics, economics, society
                   5) unrecorded sessions, such as those Adams, Gaya, Eos, and Eliza
                       have organized   
         The suggested focus is toward 1 and 2, for regular PaB sessions.

            B. Do we have specific ideas we might try out or discuss within the larger PlayasBeing 
                group?  Further thoughts or frameworks we might discuss?

    6) PaB Village

           Are there any suggestions for new events and/or structures in the 
           PaB Village, perhaps in relation to in-world retreats?

    7) Coordinator as Role Name

           The six WG members play a role as coordinators, yet they also 
         delegate some of their responsibilities to other coordinators 
         outside the group; would it be more clear if the WG members  
         would be given another role name, different from "coordinator"?

    8) Outreach: Community Gateway

         We may want to consider offering PaB as one of the groups that  
         newbies can turn to during their initial orientation.

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