2009.12.15 14:00 - Working Group Meeting

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    Pema proposes the following agenda:

    0) Email

          We decided to have a two weak break: the next WG meetings will
          take place on 2009/12/22, on 2010/1/12, and then again weekly.


    1) Fundraising and Donations Listing

          Two weeks ago we announced our fund drive.  Let us review what
          we have received so far.

    2) New Guardians

          Let us review possible new guardian candidates, and affirm the
          previous candidates.


    3) A Theme Session Calendar

          Pema continued to complete the list of theme sessions, which
          was started by Genesis, who listed six early sessions on the
          page  http://playasbeing.wik.is/PaB_Theme_Sessions .


    4) PaB Wiki Overhaul

          We have been discussing a complete overhaul of the PaB wiki
         for quite a while.  How to improve readability, logical structure,
         and update of new developments?

    5) PaB functions, as time donations, on a PaB wiki page

          As part of the overhaul of the PaB wiki, we would like to create
          a page where we list all the functions that are currently
          being held in PaB, for various tasks, together with the
          names of those currently holding those functions.  The aim
          of such a page is both to honor those of us who are donating
          their time for keeping PaB running, and to provide a guide
          to show who can be contacted for which aspect of PaB's

    6) Different Kinds of Sessions/ Emphasizing "Pure Play as Being/Applied PlayasBeing"  

          A. Growing out of discussions within our weekly guardian meetings, Storm has brought  
              forth the idea of having different kinds of sessions. In a recent email, Storm wrote:  
              "Maxine has commented occasionally on boundary issues. I see the possibility of  
              having more than one kind of session as a potential solution to all sorts of seemingly  
              disparate problems we are having, many of which include boundary issues."

        Some of the kinds of sessions which have been discussed are:

                   1) "pure PaB": the practice of PaB itself
                   2) "applied PaB" how practice of PaB influences our life
                   3) pure contemplation and spirituality
                   4) applied spirituality in politics, economics, society
                   5) newcomer/Introductory sessions
                   6) unrecorded sessions, such as those Adams, Gaya, Eos, and Eliza
                       have organized   

         The suggested focus is toward 1 and 2, for regular PaB sessions.

            B. Do we have specific ideas we might try out or discuss within the larger PlayasBeing 
                group?  Further thoughts or frameworks we might discuss?

    7) PaB Village

           Are there any suggestions for new events and/or structures in the 
           PaB Village, perhaps in relation to in-world retreats?

    8) Coordinator as Role Name

           The six WG members play a role as coordinators, yet they also 
         delegate some of their responsibilities to other coordinators 
         outside the group; would it be more clear if the WG members  
         would be given another role name, different from "coordinator"?

    9) Outreach: Community Gateway

         We may want to consider offering PaB as one of the groups that  
         newbies can turn to during their initial orientation.
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