2009.12.22 14:00 - Working Group Meeting

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    Pema proposes the following agenda:

    0) Reminder:

          We decided to have a two weak break: the next WG meetings will
          take place on 2010/1/12, and then again weekly.

          We will have a PaB end-of-year party; date still to be worked out.


    1) Fundraising and Donations Listing

          Quick update.

    2) New Guardians

          Quick review of possible new guardian candidates.


    3) PaB Wiki Overhaul

         Quick check: where do we stand with wiki backup; how about
         the long awaited overhaul?

    4) PaB functions, on a PaB wiki page

          We would like to create a page where we list all the functions
          that are currently being held in PaB, for various tasks, together
          with the names of those currently holding those functions.


    5) Kira Team Connection

         We can continue our email discussion about the connection
         between PaB and the Kira Team.

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