2010.03.02 14:00 - Working Group Meeting

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    Pema proposes the following agenda:


    0) Reminder:

          through email we decided upon the following roles for the next
          half year, April through September 2010:


          April, May, June: Eliza
          July, August, September: Eos


          April: Pema
          May: Eos
          June: Storm
          July: Genesis
          August: Eliza
          September: Maxine


    1) Fundraising and Donations Listing

          Quick update of donations; have regularly scheduled payment
          options been explored/installed?  What about installing a tip jar?
          Adams' suggestion of a switch in priorities of funding between SL
          and RL part of PaB.  How to assign retreat stipend(s)?

    2) New Guardians

          Quick review of possible new guardian candidates.


    3) PaB Wiki Overhaul

         Quick check: where do we stand with wiki backup; how about
         the long awaited overhaul?


    4) April RL Retreat

         Where we stand with respect to the San Francisco "urban retreat"


    5) Mentor System

         Stevenaia has volunteered to help coordinate a new mentor system.
         Let us briefly discuss how to implement this.


    6) Village Pub

         Clearly, the Village Pub is a great success.  Let's briefly discuss
         what activities could be held there, and when/how.


    7) Full Sweep through guardian names

         The suggestion has been made to do a full sweep through the whole
         guardian lists, to check who are no longer actively involved, and remove
         those who are no longer interested or simply don't respond to email/IMs.

    8) PaB Handbook

          Let us discuss the proposal by Pema to write a "PaB Handbook"
          which lists all the current PaB activities and the way they are
          divided into tasks, including meta-tasks involving coordination
          of tasks, and sometimes even coordination of coordination.
          For each of these tasks, the Handbook will contain a detailed
          description of what the task entails, and summaries of the
          experience we have built up so far in dealing with that task.
          Ideally, this handbook should allow a new person to take over
          an existing task without the previous person having to spend
          a large amount of time training the new person.  The Handbook
          will function as a repository of accumulated PaB organizational

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