2012.04.11 Working group Agenda and Minutes

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    1. Priorities for the next 6 months : brainstorming
    2. Aph's report on the Friends of Being status
    3. How can we "host better" the sessions at the pavilion?
    4. When should the party items be taken down
    5. New WG members and roles update
    6. Over a year ago we had a discussion of the need to have some sort of explicit licensing (such as Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/)) of what we put on our web site, including content in posted session logs. That particular licensing is in my mind a kind of default, and I think it's fairly widespread for such content, Eos will bring it up again for the WG's consideration.
    Comments by Alfred as he wont be attending:
    I will not make it, but here are a few thoughts on the agenda items.
    1. I think the background to this question was well set by Eliza's email on the "state of PaB" so to speak. I see a dichotomy of the early PaB (more serious, contemplative) and PaB of today (more fun and merry). Some people pine for the past, some don't, some quit. Speaking for myself, I think the current PaB is a natural consequence of a
    general decline of SL and diminishing presence of the PaB father - Pema. I think that many things that we do are out of habit. Like keeping the logs or hosting sessions. Eliza raises good questions in her email in this regard. It's like we go on with the original PaB while it's long gone. OK, I'll put a smiley here so it wouldn't come out too grim :)
    2. Interested to hear the numbers on this. I think Blue volunteered to look after this group, no?
    3. I'd go with more theme sessions. Aph does that now and then. Picks a topic beforehand and makes an announcement. Let's have a topic for each session! Kira Japan is awesome at it. Very structured.
    4. I certainly like the party cheer around the sim. Getting used to is not good, though :) I'd say a month maybe? Also, is the train a part of the party set up?
    5. - no suggestions
    6. I put my thoughts on this in another email. But in short: people in the logs gave permission to use their words on the wiki, but they're still original creators and hold copyright on their words. We have to ask them first if they agree on the terms of the license being proposed.


    PLAY AS BEING WORKING GROUP MEETING -- April 11, 2012 11:30


    Present:  Aphrodite, Bruce, Stevenaia, Bleu, Storm

    Regrets: Alfred


    #1. Priorities for the next 6 months: brainstorming

    "What is important right now?"  ". . . We have sessions which are very 'silly' and free form, is it possible to have more focus otherwise? Is that even wanted?"  ". . . How many of us will take time to read a whole session that isn't grounded in some kind of topical or heart-centered, contemplative way?"  "Are we actually exploring in our daily lives, with "stopping for 9 seconds," and supporting one another in 'Appreciation'?"  - - - Eliza, in an email to the Working Group

    Action:  Bruce will send an email to Guardians and a notice to the Friends group that his 1 p.m. Saturday, April 14th session and Aphrodite's 1 p.m. Sunday, April 15th session will both be "Theme Sessions" devoted to brainstorming potential themes for discussions.

    Action: We will look at the suggested ideas theme sessions for Ways of Knowing and see if they can be included as part of this “bag of ideas. Aphrodite will circulate this list of possible discussion topics among the guardians.


    #2. Aph's report on the Friends of Being status

    Friends of Being currently has 74 members; 18 of them are guardians.  Officers are Bleu, Yaku and Eliza.  The "owner" is still Hana who left over a year ago.  Hana needs to hand over the ownership to a current Officer. We need to make sure the Friends group are informed of all events and programs that are happening  by using the notices function in SL.

    Action: Aphrodite will ask Pema if he will ask Hana to contact one of the 3 officers and arrange a transfer of ownership of Friends of Being.  Bruce was given permissions to send out notices to the Friends of Being group and will also function as a liaison between the WG and Friends of Being.


    #3. How can we "host better" the sessions at the pavilion?

    Aphrodite and Bruce will also raise this question at their "Theme Sessions" this weekend: Saturday and Sunday, 1 p.m. at the Pavilion and encourage other Guardians to do the same.. 


    #4. When should the party items be taken down?

    Action: The treasure hunt, the gates, Anniversatree, and balloons will all come down by April 30th. The train will stay as part of the permanent installations in Bieup.


    #5. New WG members and roles update

    Ideally, the WG should have 5 or 6 members who commit to meeting on the third Wednesday of each month. Currently we have four (Aph, Alfred, Bruce and Stevenaia)  http://wiki.playasbeing.org/Guardian_Pages/Working_Group

    Action:  Aphrodite, who had completed her commitment to chair the WG with Alfred for six months, resigned as Chairperson of the WG effective today but will remain on as a member.  Bruce will continue to be Recording Secretary of the WG.   Any Guardian who wishes to attend WG meetings as an observer is welcome to do so.  Aphrodite will send an email to all Guardians inviting them to volunteer to be Working Group members with an explanation of their roles and responsibilities. At least a month’s experience as a Guardian is a prerequisite to being a voting member of the WG.

    Action:Stevenaia agreed to fill in as co-chair until a new chair has been found.


    # 6.  A discussion of the need to have some form of licensing (such as Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike ( http://creativecommons.org/licenses/ ) that concerns what we put on our web site, including content in posted session logs.

    Action:  Aphrodite will invite Eos to a special meeting of the existing WG (date/time to be announced) specifically dedicated to a discussion of Creative Commons licensing alternatives.


    #7 New Business: Art as being

    Bleu reminded the WG that the next Art of Being project ("Art of Being in Motion") will be celebrated at noon, Sunday, June 3, 2012, at the Kira Dome:

    Theme,  "in Motion", can be sculpture or photography or short performance piece (90 seconds or less) size: up to 4m x 4m x 4m max. The motion can be moving prims, moving textures or static depictions of motion; it can be interpreted in many ways ....
    Create an artwork that IS motion or SHOWS motion or CREATES motion or .....
    motion as movement
    motion as change
    motion as design
    motion as thought
    motion as .....? . include a note card with your piece.


    Meeting adjourned,

    Next Working Group meeting: Wednesday, May 9, 11:30 a.m.


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