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    The Play as Being Fest was held this year 2008.10.18. at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton.  The following Guardians were present.

    Adelene Dawner 

    Adams Rubble

    Caledonia Heron 

    Fael Illyar

    Genesis Zhangsun

    Maxine Walden

    Pia Iger 

    Pema Pera 

    Sky Szimmer

    Stevenaia Michinaga 

    Stim Morane

    Sylectra Darwin

    Threedee Shepherd

    Click here for an account of the fest by Genesis.  Genesis welcomes comments and encourages other Guardians to share their thoughts and comments on the event.


    IDS events10172008_RH_001.jpg IDS events10172008_RH_005.jpg

    IDS events10172008_RH_020.jpg IDS events10172008_RH_011.jpg


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