2008-10 Princeton, NJ

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    The Institute for Advanced Study, starting on Friday evening, 10/17 with dinner, ending Sunday morning, 10/19 with brunch. Click on the title for more information.


    • Adams Rubble
    • Arriving Friday around 4pm; returning Saturday, Sunday
    • Adelene Dawner
      • Arriving Friday evening at about 6pm, with Threedee
      • Temporary cell phone number: 609-350-2207
    • Caledonia Heron
    • Fael Illyar - Resides at a house at the institute. (big enough for 2 others)
      • Already at the institute.
    • Genesis Zhangsun
    • Maxine Walden
    • Pia Iger
      • Arriving:  Saturday morning for first meeting. She does not bring her labtop.
      • Departing: Saturday everning after dinner.
    • Pema Pera
    • Sky Szimmer
    • Stevenaia Michinaga - Residing Saturday night @ Mary Marquand Guest House 
      • Arriving:  Saturday morning for first meeting
    • Stim Morane
    • Sylectra Darwin
    • Threedee Shepherd
      • Arriving Friday evening at about 6pm, with Adelene

    FRIDAY AFTERNOON: we gather for lunch at 12 noon,
    at the Institute for Advanced Study, for those who
    are early.  From 2 to 5, some of us will be in a
    Kira board meeting, the others can just enjoy the
    campus and the woods.

    FRIDAY EVENING: at 6 pm, we gather at the Institute for
    Advanced Study, in the main building, which is called
    Fuld Hall, and has a small clock tower on top.  See the
    main IAS web site (http://www.ias.edu/) for directions.

    We can start introducing ourselves there, in the comfortable
    lounge in Fuld Hall, and by 6:30 pm we will all pile into
    the few cars that are available, to go to a restaurant of
    our choice: we can decide on the spot what kind of food we
    prefer and make a reservation by phone.

    I had hoped that we could meet at the Princeton Junction
    train station, as I have done with arriving groups for theo
    last 25 (!) years, but alas, the Good Friends restaurants
    has indeed closed, very recently; it checked it out today.
    One more "end of an era" . . .  Those who arrive by train,
    do NOT take the side train to Princeton station, since that
    takes longer and there is often no taxi available there.
    Instead, get of at Princeton Junction station, on the main
    line of New Jersey Transit, between New York and Trenton.
    If you arrive Newark Airport, you can just take the monorail
    from your terminal directly to Newark Airport Station, on
    that same train line.

    SATURDAY MORNING: we will start at the Instituted for
    Advanced Study, with a simple breakfast served at 9:00 am.
    That will be in the Dilworth Room, which is adjacent to
    the Dining Room.  If you ask the person in Fuld Hall,
    at the reception near the front door, you will get
    instructions as to how to get there.  Or try to find
    it yourself: walk through Fuld Hall, exit at the back
    side, turn right, walk up to the large building there,
    enter the first door you see, a bit to the right of your
    main path, walk straight, go down the stairs, walk to
    the large wooden closed doors in front of you, then
    turn right and walk all the way to the end of the
    corrider, which is called the Dilworth Room.  In case
    of doubt, follow the sound of lively banter from a
    gaggle of guardians.

    REST OF SATURDAY: to be determined on the spot, Saturday.

    SUNDAY MORNING: to be determined Saturday afternoon.

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