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    The following is a notecard template in progress, meant to be given to newcomers to a session, if they happen to arrive during Dream Circle.


    Hello & Welcome to PlayasBeing !

    -PlayasBeing is a community of people who gather four times a day
     (1,7,1,7 SLT) to discuss the nature of reality, and to engage in
     micro-meditations which consist of stopping every 15 minutes to
     'drop what we have to see what we are'. This means different things
     to different people, so we often share notes.  :)

    -We record our discussions, but if you would like not to be recorded,
     just let our guardian know and we will edit your name out before
     posting. Thanks!

    -Today, we are enagaging in "Dream Circle", and so our format
     is quite different than at other times. On this day, we share dreams
     and thoughts about others' dreams, one-at-a-time, and in a
     counter-clockwise pattern.

    -If you've arrived after the circle is in motion,  please feel free to
     quietly join us. When someone 'passes the stone' to you (in text),
     just pass it along to the next person. Dream Circle is held once
     a month, on the third thursday at 5:30 slt, if you would like to join us at the beginning of the hour
     next time to share, that would be great.
    -For more background on the dream circle, click:

    -To read more about the PlayasBeing group, our explorations, and
     guardians, please see: http://wiki.playasbeing.org/

    Thank You!

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