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    2009.06.01 01:00 - Happiness is a decision

    Yes Dalai Lama said he gets up each morning and decides to be happy :) It works mostly for me too.

    Thinking too much can be a real problem . . .

    Anything coming from your own experience has at least that true competence!

    how about trying to just watch your thoughts, stopping trying to stop? Neither being carried along by them, nor trying to suppress them, just stopping your attachment to them, watching them play like children?

    sharing your experience helps all of us, both to recognize and to share our ideas in turn

    2009.06.01 07:00 - A Red Morning Sky

    A red morning sky

    For you grasshopper

    Are you glad about it?

    2009.06.01 13:00 - Appreciation, Theme Session 1

    if appreciation is misunderstood, and taken in too small a way, as it is bound to be at first, that by itself is likely to then grow into a larger appreciation

    the word basically means "seeing the value of"

    "appreciation" tends to open up in different ways for different people.

    2009.06.01 19:00 - A dance between circumstances and choices

    how do we manage attention and time so that we are truly investing it in value and not just allowing it to slip away

    is there an amount of time that can be allocated to each possibility that maximizes the overall benefits of all things combined?

    2009.06.02 01:00 - Appreciating presences

    appreciation and seeing are very close

    any phenomenon, any appearance is something that we label, judge

    even if the phenomenon is an illusion, a fantasy of any type, the very *presence* of that illusion is beyond doubt

    when we radically doubt the nature of time, we have to reasses what it means to even talk about experience, at the very moment we talk about it, it's already in the past . . .

    our sense of self is also given as the appearance of a sense of self -- if not, how would we know ourselves as being a self, or implying the presence of a self

    2009.06.02 07:00 - Boundries and Borders

    most tell the cruelest jokes about peoples they have no knowledge of

    2009.06.02 13:00 - myself as an appearance

    as i try to see everything as appearances or appreciate the presneence of appearances i tried to see myself as appearance as well

    by learning about myself i am learning about others too

    i get some clear moments but not very often

    2009.06.02 19:00 - Being in and from the gap

    You can't rez into the same river twice

    I like open spaces and gaps

    the heart opens

    2009.06.03 01:00 - Sometimes silence is a gift

    Sat and listened to the birds.... so not comepletely silent

    2009.06.03 07:00 - Nada

    There was no session at this time.

    2009.06.03 13:00 - Nature v. Nurture v. No Self

    there are definitely things beyond the explanation of science

    I think we create the universe ourselves

    if you hold your identifications more lightly, you might find there is more to who you really are

    If we are not what we call our identities, we are then left with nothing

    The flux of the identity suggests that there is nothing grounding our identies as necessary

    Understanding we are nothing underneath should make us more compassionate, we can see someone and know that that could be us. We are kind of all connected in a sense, that we can be anyone and still, we are none of them

    2009.06.03 19:00 - Niente

    There was no session at this time.





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