Wiki Restructuring Plan

    by Calvino, Fael Illyar, and whoever else wants to contribute.

    What? Why?

    While the wiki is reasonably usable for our regular members, new users feel completely lost. Our regular members could also benefit from organizing things in a well thought out way.

    From the data in Google Analytics, most of the use of the wiki comes from returning visitors and only a fraction from new visitors. Also, of the new visitors, 72.35% never visited the site again. (If you want access to the data, ask Fael)

    Ok... so, what is the plan?

    We have two groups of users for whom the site needs to be designed for. First we have our regular members and then we have new visitors. There's good information about what our regular members are using in the analytics data. Of the new users, there is some information but I really think we should not base the design on what they managed to find.

    So, what's important for regular members?

    Here's a short list of what seems to be the most popular content. It's by no means complete.

    1. Recent Changes.
    2. Chat logs
    3. Guardian Timetable
    4. PaB Working Group
    5. PaB Theme Sessions
    6. PaB Scribe Project
    7. Information
    8. PaB Chronicles
    9. PaB Retreats
    10. Meeting Log Posting Tutorial
    11. Guardians' Contributions
    12. User:Eden
    13. PaB Books
    14. Information/About The Guardians
    15. Donations

    What about new visitors then?

    This needs discussion but the answers to following questions ought to be visible or at least findable fast:

    1. What's this page about?
    2. What is this group about?
    3. How do I participate?


    Ideas and Suggestions

    We'll reorganize this by categories (see below) when there are more of them.

    If you have ideas, please add them to this page as Wiki Comments (displayed below) and I will work them into the design.

    1. Reorganize the disorganized "Information" section of the wiki.
    2. Simplify the navigation menu to a small, clear set of areas.
    3. Remove the "wikistuff" (comments, links, files) from the main page, as they serve little purpose and create a distraction.   DONE.
    4. The Flickr photos make the page hard to read, and the pop up dialog (you have viewed page 1 of 6) is distracting.  Reduce the number of photos, make it a static display, or put a link to a separate page.
    5. Add a section with pointers to pages that have third-party mentions of PaB, e.g. the "buzz".
    6. Redesign the "banner" at the top of the home page.


    Design Categories

    To get you thinking, here's a list of design categories:

    1. Layout and Appearance.  Graphic design, images, art, visual layout.
    2. Content.  What information should there be for various groups who use the site?
    3. Message.  Are there better ways to communicate the main ideas?
    4. Organization of information.  How can the many pages be collected and organized for clarity and easy access?

    Sample Sites


    Don't be shy about editing or adding comments. That's what this page is for.

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    Originally written on 02:28, 27 Jan 2010
    Hi! Where should I write a comment... such as thinking that the first PaB meeting was a retreat of sorts... perhaps should be in the same place? Just thinking that it gets a little lost in the wiki. :)
    Posted 15:39, 9 Apr 2010
    Hi Cal and All. Having come away from the guardian session with a bit of motivation, I moved a few things, and of course they can be moved back but I wanted to make a "new guardian tutorial" tab right away, with simplified directions for posting chat logs, as well as the basics of hosting.
    The other thing that I did, was to move the FAQ page out from the info tab, so that it is easy to find info about the 9 seconds, including the timer link.
    Posted 16:38, 29 Aug 2010
    Ah, another few adjustments: The PaB Handbook is now in a subpage under PaB Volunteer Community, which is a page I didn't fotmat and am not sure how to. It really needs updating to reflect all the work people are actively doing. THANKS!
    Posted 17:04, 29 Aug 2010
    Viewing 3 of 3 comments: view all
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