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    This is an open group discussion about topics related to the method of Playing as Being, meditation in general, mindfulness and exploration of reality. We welcome people with many different backgrounds and interests to visit the group. In a Play as Being group discussion, respect for each person’s feelings and opinions benefits everyone, and allows each person a chance to say what is on their mind. Lightheartedness is a welcome part of this group’s experience, but it should not cut off someone who is trying to speak. Repeated distractions from the chosen topics of discussion, meanness, vulgarity, or violent language are not constructive to the group's purpose. For the group to function cohesively and effectively, such distractions cannot be tolerated.

    While our community provides support for its members, through the strong bonds and friendships naturally arising out of our meetings, we are not a therapy group. While we understand that our discussions and exercises can be deeply life changing, we are in no way advocating nor prescribing modes of conduct which would be destabilizing and/or harmful to members and those around them. We recommend that individuals who experience persistent anxieties or other forms of mental disturbances get professional help. No members, including Pema Pera (Piet Hut) and the Kira Team, claim to take responsibility for the psychological well being of other members. We are a democratic peer group of friends working in the spirit of the open source movement and of science in general.

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