Guardian plots FAQ

    Bieup-map-PaB-free-plots-2013-01-03.jpgHow many plots are available?

    There are 43 plots in total. Many are already claimed. There are 5 currently available, and these are shown on this map in yellow. In Second Life they are marked by a stone outline.

    How big is a guardian plot?

    All guardian plots are the same size: 288 sqm. This is a rectangle, 12m x 24m, aligned east-west or north-south.

    What happens to the courtyards?

    There are 12 courtyard areas, one in the midst of each group of four plots. Each courtyard is for the use of the neighbouring four plots. You are encouraged to get together with your three neighbours and build something together that you would like in that area. If the four of you want to leave it empty, you can leave it empty!

    Do I have to pay for this guardian plot?

    No. This plot is in return for your hard work as a guardian.

    Does the plot become "mine"?

    Technically no. The Play as Being group still owns it so group land permissions still apply. In other respects, yes! You get to name it and use it and build on it.

    What are the lands permissions on a guardian plot?

    These are normally set as follows:
        * object creation = group
        * object entry = group
        * run scripts = everyone
    This means that anyone can walk on your plot and their animation override will still work. However it does mean that only members of the playasbeinghere group can build on your plot. Please remember when you are building to set that as your active group!

    How many prims are allowed on a guardian plot?

    We allow 140 prims on each plot. This is a generous allowance, being more than twice what Linden Labs allow on similar sized plots of land. (Linden Labs only allow 65 prims.)

    How do I find out the total prims on my plot?

    Stand on your plot and click on the title bar. (Or right click on the ground there and select About Land.) The total can be found under the Objects tab. Ignore the message from Linden Labs that says the plot only supports 65 prims.

    What happens if I use more than 140 prims on my plot?

    We will ask you politely but firmly to reduce your prim count!

    How many prims are allowed on a courtyard plot?

    You and your three neighbours have 120 prims between you to build something together between your plots in your courtyard and create a neighbourhood. :)

    What happens if somehow my prim count is exceeded for reasons beyond my control?

    This can happen, despite land permissions. Please contact Storm Nordwind and he will remove the offending objects for you. Storm will try and visit each plot from time to time to make sure that rogue prims do not take up your allowance.

    Can I put bought or donated items on my plot/our courtyard?

    Yes! Not everyone is good at building and not everyone wants to learn. Other people may not have time. And you may see something for sale that you simply have to have! You can mix these as you wish.

    Can I install a security device on my plot?

    No. Unless we have to ban someone, all our lands are public access.

    Can I build anything on my plot?

    We ask you to build only within the boundaries of your plot with no overhangs. We also ask you to remember that people may see you as a representative of Play as Being and may judge the project by what you build there. This may be true whether or not you want to be seen as such a representative!

    Therefore please ensure that any political signs, banners or manifestos placed within your plot should be signed and displayed clearly as being your personal expression and not representing the views of PaB or the Kira Institute.

    Possible wording included on sign:

    This (your description here) by (your name here) does not represent the views of PaB or the Kira Institute.) 

    Please note that no political signs, banners or manifestos may be  placed at the Play as Being Pavilion, Kira Café or Five Bells Pub without permission of the Kira Institute.

    We also ask you to put your build in context with the rest of the area. On the other hand, it doesn't always have to look "finished". Experimentation is a key part of play, and "work in progress" may be a good description of what you'll see on many guardian plots!

    What about plots on the lake?

    We would strongly advise you to make your build on stilts over the water to keep a realistic feel!

    What can I use my plot for?

    We only ask you do not use your plot specifically for commercial uses. And we'd ask you to remember (as it says above) that people may see you as a representative of Play as Being. All our lands are normally free access so you never know who will be wandering through! Other than that, for whatever you like: entertaining friends, meditating, practising building...

    Can I build a skybox over my plot?

    No. ("Skybox" is the generic name for any floating structure installed aloft.)

    Can I terraform my plot?

    No. If you have a good reason why your land should be terraformed, please discuss it with Storm Nordwind.

    How do I apply for my guardian plot?

    First of all you need to choose where you want it. Bear in mind it's first come first served! You may want to get together with three others and get a group of four plots around a single courtyard. You'll find available plots by walk north and east from the Play as Being pavilion (and see the map at the top). When you find a place that's available, take a note of the coordinates (at the top of your screen). Then:

    1. Create a box on the plot where you would like your incoming teleport landing point to be.
    2. Write to the playasbeing list or directly to Storm Nordwind to reserve your plot, quoting the coordinates.
    3. Mention the name you would like for your plot (this will appear at the top of the screen)
    4. Mention whether you want anything already on the plot to remain there.
    5. Confirm that you've read this FAQ and agree to keep within it.

    What happens then?

    At the earliest opportunity, Storm will assign you the plot, name it, set your landing point (if any), and remove anything you requested gone.You will be able to see the boundaries of your plot in blue by switching on World > Property Lines. (Courtyards will not normally have boundaries, names or landing points.) He'll send you a message to say things are done. Then enjoy!

    Can I set my Home position to my guardian plot?

    Yes! Go to your plot and select World > Set Home to Here. At any time after that, you can type ctrl-shift-H (PC), or command-shift-H (Mac), and you will instantly be teleported there.

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