General Retreat Details

    Play as Being offers one or more Real Life retreats per year, to complement and further the SL practice in Play as Being. In addition, SL retreats are happening as well - see the SL Retreat Patterns page.

    As of April 2010, RL PaB RL retreats usually include five full days, and begin with dinner the evening before the first day.

    Upcoming Retreats 

    See the menu of retreats listed by date at left. 


    Who can attend? Guardians, who've had some time (3 months or more) with PaB in SL.

    Can someone attend only part of a retreat?  Yes, as long as he/she arrives at the start of the retreat. It would be too disruptive to arrive in the middle of a retreat, but it is okay to leave early, before the end of a retreat, if necessary.  However, if at all possible, it would be far better to attend a retreat from beginning to end.


    There is a PayPal button at the Kira Institute Play as Being Real Life Retreats page: use that to make payments for retreat fees.

    Depending on the retreat, these fees may cover any or all of lodging, food, transportation, retreat facility, and Kira expenses. Kira expenses are mostly transportation and lodging for the retreat coordinator, averaging about $1500 per retreat. 

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