Play as Being Real Life retreats take place at least once a year, in locations around the world.

    Play as Being Second Life retreats take place periodically in PaB retreat-land.

    PaB retreats are open to Play as Being Guardians. More retreat details... and About Retreats.

    To pay for RL retreats, use the PayPal button at the Kira Institute Play as Being Real Life Retreats page.

    Upcoming SL Retreats


    Upcoming RL Retreats


    2012-07 Ireland June (last week) or July (first week)


    Selected Previous Retreats 

    Seattle, WA, 2011, September - October

    Nova Scotia, 2011, July 17-23

    Assisi, Italy, 2011, April 17-23

    New Orleans, 2011, January 23-29

    Stuttgart, Germany, 2010, October 10-16

    Nova Scotia, 2010, August 1-7

    California, 2010, April 18-24

    Malta, 2010 January 25-29 

    Princeton, New Jersey 2009 November 5-8

    California, 2009 August 24-28

    Retreat Information Pages


    Kira Institute Play as Being Real Life Retreats page

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