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    Current Play as Being Chronicle Editor: Adams



    - The Chronicles is an ongoing history of events in Play as Being written by an active participant.

    - The editor updates The Chronicles on a monthly basis.

    - Once an update is complete, the editor sends an email to the PlayasBeing email group announcing the update.   

    Topics covered on a monthly basis include:

    - Perspective of the Writer
    - Links to guardian sessions
    - Number of guardians
    - Guardians who have joined/left the group
    - Significant topics/themes/events (including those which arise in email)
    - Pictures
    - Ongoing Interviews conducted by various guardians


    The Spirit of The Chronicles

    "Much of the record is not a collection of facts but a chorus of voices. Each voice is different; each has its own very personal viewpoint. Each voice struggles with words to try communicate that experience to others. Play as Being is a mixture of voices that includes those with experience from long years of practice and contemplation, and those with undisciplined experience, and, of course, everything in between." -- Adams Rubble

     "My approach: A Chronicles is generally a first hand look at activities or events; the authors participate in whatever it is they are recording. Unlike historical writing or journalism the writers pretend no detachment and there is no attempt to put the "facts" into an external context. It is the story told by an insider." -- Adams (Chapter 22, Winter 2011)


    Play as Being Chronicles

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    where is the purpose of the Chronicles described?
    Posted 08:38, 11 Jan 2011
    Dear Aphrodite,

    Please see:
    Posted 03:16, 17 Feb 2011
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