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    Introduction and Chapters 1-14 by Adams Rubble

    Chapter 15 by Eliza Madrigal

    Chapters 16-21 by SophiaSharon Larnia

    Chapters 21-        by Adams


    How does one write a history about the wind or the warmth of the sun on the body?  Every day PaB looks much the same. There are four sessions six hours apart. Like the wind, people come and go, different groupings of people. There are large groups and small groups and sometimes no groups. There is the ebbing and flowing of energy like cloudy and sunny days. At times Pema has thrown out a challenge to stir us up and it generates shared energy and we find ourselves all excitedly talking about our common experiences. Other times energy has come from one or more of us getting stirred up and describing our own surprising experiences. Sometimes others can relate to our experience, sometime not, but always to the passion of reaching out to that which we do not see, or we think we do not see.

    Documentation and Voices

    There is a plethora of documentation of the pre-history, and first year, of Play as Being. Much of the record is not a collection of facts but a chorus of voices. Each voice is different; each has its own very personal viewpoint. Each voice struggles with words to try communicate that experience to others. Play as Being is a mixture of voices that includes those with experience from long years of practice and contemplation, and those with undisciplined experience, and, of course, everything in between. The best way to grasp at the first year of Play as Being, then, is to let these voices speak out as much as possible.

    Author's Apology

    This is no way a dispassionate account. I am a participant. My own voice comes through a little louder, or more wordy, than other voices in this Chronicles. It is my experience I can best describe. If descriptions of my struggles help someone to to see that their own struggles are not without end, my poor effort will have been worth it. In PaB we help each other. Some of my own experience has been cyclical to a degree. I find myself coming back to the same problem again and again with a slightly different perspective, each time spending less effort until I learn to step out of that particular circle.

    Note on the Structure of the Chronicles 

    The structure of this Chronicles is a little arbitrary. My own experience began in the first week of June and the story starts there. Then this Chronicles moves to the pre-history and to the actual beginnings of Play as Being in April and moves forward picking up my story again in the latter half of June. From there the Chronicles is structured into months for convenince of size chunks. As with all things in PaB, the structure too is best taken lightly. As hard as I looked I have mostly been unable to put any real structure to the group's experience. Someone wiser than me may in the future do that if it is appropriate. Between the month sections, there is an interview with a guardian tas a reminder that it is our voices that are the story of Play as Being.

    Kira Institute

    Play as Being is a part of the Kira Institute and at the end of the first year, many of the participants are active in activities of both. This has given many of us new opportunities. We grow not only in knowledge of ourselves, but having been given tools with which to work, we test ourselves to do things we may only have dreamed about before.


    Chapter 01: A Personal Quest (The First Week in PaB for an Adams)

    Chapter 02: My First Experience with Nine-Second Stops

    Chapter 03: The Beginnings

    a. Riddle

    Chapter 04: The First Months

    a. Month of April
    b. Caledonia
    c. Genesis
    d. Maxine
    e. Solobill
    f. Storm
    g. Month of May

    Chapter 05: My Subsequent weeks in PaB in June

    a. Sylectra by Sylectra Darwin

    Chapter 06: The Rest of Summer

    a. Month of July
    b. Moon interviewed by Corvuscorva Nightfire
    c. Month of August
    d. Fael

    Chapter 07: Autumn

    a. Month of September
    b. Gaya by Corvuscorva Nightfire
    c. Month of October
    d. Stevenaia
    e. Month of November
    f. Wol by Corvuscorva Nightfire
    g. Adelene and Threedee

    Chapter 08: Winter Months

    a. Month of December
    b. Scathach
    c. Month of January
    d. Tarmel
    e. Month of February
    f. Fefonz

    Chapter 09: The Continuing Story of Adams, the Avatar -

    Chapter 10: Spring Months

    a. March - Last Month of the First year of Play as Being
    b. Pila by Pila Mulligan

    Chapter 11: Kira and Play as Being

    Chapter 12 - Other Voices

    Chapter 13: Second Year of Play as Being: April to August

    a, April 2009
    b. May 2009
    c. Eliza Madrigal
    d. June 2009
    e. The Adams Rubble Story, Continued Interview by Eliza Madrigal
    f. July 2009
    g. Eos Amaterasu interviewed by Eliza Madrigal
    h. August 2009

    Chapter 14: Contraction and Change

    a. September 2009
    b. October 2009
    d. November 2009

    Chapter 15: Holding the Page

    Chapter 16: Interview and Announcement

    Chapter 17: Winter 2010

    a. January 2010
    b. Sophia Placebo by Gaya Ethaniel
    c. February 2010

    Chapter 18: Spring 2010

    a. March 2010
    b. April 2010
    c. Lia Rikugun
    d. May 2010

    Chapter 19: Pema's 100 Day Play

    Chapter 20: June 2010

    a. June 2010
    b. Wester Kiranov
    c. July 2010
    d. Qt Core
    e. August 2010
    f. Zen Arado

    Chapter 21: Fall 2010

    a. September 2010: Magical Puzzles of Being

    b. October 2010: Sign Posts

    c. November 2010: Long Views

    d. December 2010

    Chapter 22: Winter 2011: Introduction to Adams' Second Term as Chronicler of Play as Being

    a. January 2011

    a.1. Being Sessions
    a.2. Time Sessions

    b. February 2011

    b.1. List of Currrent Guardians by Date They became Guardians
    b.2. Art of Being Self
    b.3. Time Sessions for February

    c. March 2011

    c.1. Time Sessions March on

    d. Bleu

    Chapter 23: Spring 2011: The Beginning of the Fourth Year

    a. April 2011

    a.1. Anniversary Celebrations by Sunshine Vayandar
    a.2. Art of Being - Being Recorded
    a.3. Time Session for April
    a.4 Guardian Meetings in April
    by Agatha MacBeth
    a.5. Working Group Meetings for April by Agatha MacBeth

    b. Inteview with Dakini

    c. May

    c1. Guardian Meetings for May by Agatha MacBeth
    c2 Working Group Meetings for May
    by Agatha MacBeth

    d. June

    d1. Guardian Meetings for June by Agatha MacBeth
    d2. Working Group Meetings for June
    by Agatha MacBeth

    Chapter 24: Summer 2011

    a. July

    a1. Guardian Meetings for July by Agatha MacBeth
    a2. Working Group Meetings for July
    by Agatha MacBeth

    b. August

    c. September

    Chapter 25: Fall 2011

    a. October 2011

    b. November 2011 - Around the Corner

    c. December 2011

             d. Aphrodite

    e. Bruce

    Chapter 26: Winter 2012

    A. January 2012

    B. February 2012

    C. Paradise Tennant

    D. March 2012

    Chapter 27: Spring 2012

    A. April 2012

    B. May 2012

    B1: Sallies

    C. June 2012

    Chapter 28: Summer 2012

    Chapter 29: Fall 2012

    Chapter 30: 2013

    a.Agatha Macbeth


    Index to Guardian Interviews

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