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    Current Regular Activities Coordinator: Eliza Madrigal. 


    Daily: Chat Logs

    - Chat logs should be posted within 72 hrs, otherwise a friendly request is sent with an inquiry as to whether a replacement was asked to host that day. (This is also good way to stay in touch!)

    - If the list of unposted chat logs goes beyond an acceptable point, a general reminder is sent to the larger email group.

    - Logs which remain unposted for two weeks will be retrieved from the auto-listener by Eliza, or Wol.

    - Wol and Eliza offer to post the log for any guardian who can make a session to greet and facilitate.


    Monthly: Guardian Meetings

    - Announcements are sent to the playasbeing google group on a day or more prior to meeting time and the topic (if planned beforehand).

    - The session is attended and posted by Eliza or Agatha (or another guardian who may volunteer at the time of the meeting). The posted session includes a list of the guardians in attendance.


    New Guardians

    - New guardians are recommended to the Working Group, which then sends out an email recommendation to the larger group of guardians.

    - One week is then given for any guardian to express enthusiasm, objections, or concerns to the Working Group. This is done so as to avoid uncomfortable situations that might arise if such objections were recorded in the googlegroups archives.

    - If no objections or concerns are raised, an invitation to the guardian and a request for a personal email address are sent via notecard or IM in Second Life.

    If the invitation is accepted:

    - The new guardian's email is 'invited' added to PlayasBeing googlegroup.

    - The new guardian is added to the About the Guardians page on the wiki.

    - The new guardian is invited into the playasbeinghere SL group (signed in as "manager").

    - The "Welcome New Guardian" template is revised to reflect the new number of  guardians. Guardian slot schedules are updated to account for any changes that had taken place since the last update.

    - Once confirmation is given that a new guardian has been added, the "Welcome New Guardian" message (template in left tab) and updated host list are sent to the playasbeing googlegroup.

    - Guardian is added to the Wiki permissions list and sent a Wiki password.

    - An email is sent to Wol, who will then add the new name to the wiki and auto-listener.

    - An email is sent to Stevenaia (or the current Guardian Mentor Coordinator) who then will add the new guardian as a friend inworld, and set up mentoring times as desired, and answer any questions the new guardian might have.

    -A personal email is sent to the new guardian with helpful links (not '"duties" but information on the 9 second pauses as well as pointers toward wiki pages such as The Chronicles that will help the new guardian to become familiar with other guardians, and the group history, etc.).


    Coordinating Hosting

    - A "Welcome to Hosting" letter is sent to new guardian hosts, which includes:

           * link to Guardian Tips for Hosting Meetings

           * link to Chat log Posting instructions (which need to be updated for auto-listener)

           * list of people to contact who have made themselves available for mentoring/answering new host   questions, including current Guardian Mentor Coordinator Stevenaia 

    - The guardian schedule is maintained on the wiki's front page google calendar.

    - Requests are sent as needed for temporary and permanent session replacements.

    - Personal and/or email requests are sent as needed to new guardians or new guardian-hosts.


    Occasional: Guardian Sweeping (best in coordination with another)

    - "Guardian Sweeping" means that those who have not attended in quite some time are "swept out" from the guardian list. Before doing so, an email is sent to the guardians in question, asking whether they would still like to remain in the SL group and on the email list. If they are not heard from within a few days, a second email is sent, along with an IM in-world.

    - If no response is received after two weeks, they are removed from the playasbeing googegroup, SL playasbeinghere group, and from the guardian list on the wiki. A notecard is then given in-world explaining the general policy, and giving them the opportunity to contact the coordinators if the removal has occurred in error.

    -  When this process is complete, a list is then sent to Wol with a list of names to remove from the auto-listener and the wiki, and to Adams to keep Chronicles up to date.

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