Welcome to Hosting

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    Welcome to Hosting

    As promised here is your "Welcome to Hosting" email. We deeply appreciate your participation.
    Should you still have questions after reading, of course, feel free to contact Stevenaia, who is our Mentor Coordinator, or myself. :) Actually, any PaB guardian available is usually happy to be of assistance. It is not a bother! 

    The first link you will find useful, has to do with guardian sessions themselves, and
    general guidelines we try to keep in mind.


    What the page does not yet cover, is the how to retrieve and post logs using the auto-listener.
    Thankfully that is brilliantly simple!

    Claiming a session

    When you arrive at the session, the listener should give an alert "Recording has started", after which
    you right-click the triangle under the flower in the middle of the fountain, receiving a 'menu of options' at the top right corner of your screen.

    "Claim" the log.

    You will then be asked in the chat box, to enter your email address: /17email@address

    Retrieving and posting the log

    1. Once the session is complete, an email will appear in your inbox from from the "PaB Listener Master." Click on the link included there to open your default web browser to the page with the log (at the top will be something like "2011.02.22 19:00 - Title goes here"). 

    2. Select and copy all text.

    3. Go to http://wiki.playasbeing.org, and find the page for the month for which you're posting a log (for example, http://wiki.playasbeing.org/Chat_Logs/2011/02

    4. Click "New Page."

    5. Paste the copied log into the content area of the new page.

    6. Remove extraneous information: Read the entire log and remove all lines that shouldn't be included, including the remarks of those who asked not to be published. The wiki will contain full edit history of every page, so whatever you post will be there to stay for anyone who looks at the history. This is important!

    7. At the top is the "Title goes here" line, in big bold. After going through the log, and getting inspired by a title, replace the "Title goes here" part with that title.

    8. Cut that line (the whole line, including the date part) and paste it into the "Page Title" one-line box at top of page.

    9. Click the Save button and your new child loglet page should now appear, and also appear in the menu listing on the left.

    *If you are using OpenOffice or Word, the wiki we now use does have a wonderful feature for pasting from Word or Plain Text. These buttons appear in edit mode, and are found down the row which begins with 'Save', just after copy and paste. :)

    For two helpful tutorials on log posting, please see:



    Thanks Again,

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