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    At the time a new guardian is officially invited, a "Welcome" email is sent to the PaB Google group, announcing their arrival and giving an update of the current list of guardians/scribes/hosts.

    Welcome Message


    Added at Bottom:

    Here are a few links just so that you can become a bit more familiar with the group. These aren't links on the how-to process of hosting and posting sessions, which if you decide you would like to do, please let a familiar guardian know and we will be more than happy to give information about.

    For now, it is good to know that:

    Stevenaia is our official "Mentor Coordinator", and can be emailed at Stevenaia@gmail.com . Stevenaia is available for assistance at any time, and you'll find most other guardians very able and willing to take time with questions as well. Please feel free to ask!

    The first page tab on the wiki is


    Here, you will find lots of information about the practices the group explores, with the most basic and most defining being the 9 second pause. The 90 second pause one experiences during the regular PaB sessions is a version of the original idea of pausing for 9 seconds every fifteen minutes, or at various points throughout the day.

    Also on that page is an "About the Guardians" page where you can find the names of all of the guardians at the current time, some with pictures:  http://wiki.playasbeing.org/About_PlayAsBeing/About_the_Guardians.

    And a pretty good outline of 'what we generally do':

    For more in-depth exploration of our personalities and the group's history, the best pages you can explore are the Chronicles : http://wiki.playasbeing.org/Chronicles , which are interspersed with interviews (ongoing), events, and explorations along the way in the 8 years of the group! 

    I hope that you enjoy looking through some of these pages, and please email me (write2eliza@gmail.com) any time! Again, Welcome. :)



    Sent Separately:   

    Here is our current list of 79 (although many are not active in SL currently),
    with weekly slots, and other roles, if any (always changing):
     Adams Rubble - Chronicles
     Agatha MacBeth - Mondays 1pm
     Alfred Kelberry 
     Almadi Masala
     Aphrodite MacBain - Party Coordinator
     Arabella Ella
     Archmage Atlantis 
     Arisia Vita
     Benedizione Vita
     Bertram Jacobus 
     Bleu Oleander -- Art as Being, WG, Builders Group
     Bruce Mowbray -- Saturday 1pm
     Caledonia Heron   
     Calvino Rabeni -- Original Face Group (contact Cal for more info)
     Corvuscorva Nightfire 
     Cosmicflower Ushinawa
     Dakini Rhode
     Darren Islar - Original Face   
     Doug Sosa
     Druth Vlodovic - Calendar Keeper
     Eden Haiku - Monday 7 am
     Eliza Madrigal - Dream Session w/Zen
     Eos Amaterasu 
     Ewan Bonham
     Fefonz Quan  
     Fox Monacular   
     Gaya Ethaniel 
     Genesis Zhangsun
     Geo Netizen
     Hana Furlough
     Hokon Cazalet
     Kit Ciaco
     Korel Laloix 
     Lia Rikugun  
     Louis Onyett
     Lucinda Lavender 
     Maxine Walden  
     Mickorod Renard - Thursdays 1pm
     Moon Fargis      
     Myna Maven
     Paradise Tennant 
     Pema Pera -- Founder
     Reverielarke Wirtanen
     Qt Core
     Raffila Millgrove 
     Riddle Sideways   --   Tuesdays 7 am
     Santoshima -- WG, Virtual Arborist
     Scathach Rhiadra    
     Sky Szimmer
     Solobill Laville
     SophiaSharon Larnia 
     Stargate Tone
     Stevenaia Michinaga --  WG Chair, Wednesday and Saturday 7 pm
     Stim Morane            
     Storm Nordwind
     Strannik Zipper
     Szavanna (Sunshine) -- Party DJ
     Susan Aloix
     Sylectra Darwin
     Tarmel Udimo    
     Tess Aristocrat 
     Tura Brezaoianu
     Vorder Forder
     Wester Kiranov
     Widget Whiteberry
     Wol Euler  --  Listener, Sat 1am, some Sundays 1am
     Xirana Oximoxi
     Xs Andree
     Yakuzza Lethecus
     Zen Arado -- Dream Session, Party DJ
     Zon Kwan


     ((information here last updated March 2018, with apologies for oversights))

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