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    2009.10.13 07:00 - Being the silence between

    There are the words and language a person here will use, then there is what they were trying to say. Then there is what the group or each of us gets from it, then there is what is left out and sometimes a typo.

    • What is the best part of PaB for you?
    • The best part of PaB (for me) is the Play, no the Being, no the "as'. I seem to appreciate many of them.

    We are dying all the time,
    we are being born all the time,
    and we are not apart from all other.

    2009.10.13 13:00 - What's it all about?

    Just before I came here, I had in my mind : "whether there is an aim in the PaB project and if yes what could it be?" ... everybody has own answers ? ...

    2009.10.13 19:00 - Misting as Freshness

    • [forest clearing] there is circular form, with openness in the middle.
    • But spaces need definition, as your clearing requires a forest. Not sure mental openness, as one aspect translate simply into spatial openness.
    • The bells on either side of the 90secs define a special space, just like a particular instruction can outline openness and make it more visible.
    • Yes, a space in time.
    • The openness doesn't really need a boundary but a boundary helps make it visible. That must be the play of it :-)
    • There are many aspects of space, as we are illuminating here, avoiding the word "see". Space is all play, in that regard. I came here [PaB] only to find what I knew, it was nice. And what I didn't know, sometimes. I think finding new definitions was of great interest to me.
    • New definitions around openness?
    • Openness, PaB, Being, and much more.

    2009.10.14 07:00 - Posting Logs & Dropping Cabbages

    Relief of posting chat logs right away

    • Yes, learn by doing [apprenticeship] ... anything skilled I think requires working with someone else. Reading about something isn't sufficient.
    • One of my main focus is the issue that we are learning anyway and all the time, but somehow I killed some of my general curiosity in the past. So "wanting to learn" is a bad thing for me while "just learning" is more or less the key even when that his a bit of abstraction.

    2009.10.14 13:00 - Exhale, Inhale

    • Luv east-west-fusions :))
    • /me isn't sure bar-b-que sushi was a good idea.
    • O.O

    • ... possible "goals of PaB" -- and the limitations inherent in defining a goal that involves a notion like Being, a notion beyond concepts.
    • Can somebody say a goal [of PaB]?
    • To see the nature of reality?
    • To see what you really are.

    I personally would accept enlightenment if it happened to arrive, like an unexpected guest, but I am not actually searching for it.

    2009.10.14 19:00 - Honeymoon

    • Did Tolkien have a duality scheme?
    • Mordor, lots of dualities, darkness, Balrog, Gandalf the Grey => Gandalf the White
    • Yes the good bad ... light dark ... beast ... beauty ... weak strong ... it was full of duality.
    • But a lot is missing in his works. Where is the spirituality beyond the fey-folk?
    • It was in the quest itself.
    • Hobbit Virtue :)
    • The desire for the well being of all :)
    • There and back again.
    • Ethics, perhaps, without the need for spirit as such.
    • Well ethics is the path to spirit ... not the only path. Not even always a well trod path ... but ... a path nonetheless.
    • Ethics is also a symptom for approaching spirit.
    • I would possibly say "a" path rather than "the" path, but I take your point.
    • Hmm ... that scene where Frodo and Bilbo are on the Morder border, despairing, and they see a star peeking through ... their spirits lift, they see through the clouds.
    • Seeing beyond one's self
    • Connection with light.
    • Connection with a team ... it was quite a team. Of species ... temperaments, skills.
    • Sounds like what I see here, lifting the spirit.
    • Let's not go looking for rings in the fountain then
    • /me imagines Sam trying to do 9 second practice.
    • Sam would be great at it.
    • Imagines Gollum (in the fountain).
    • o_O!
    • A lesson in attachment.
    • And letting go.

    2009.10.15 07:00 - Technique v. Art

    The point is not just to get "technically good". It [yoga]is to use the training to express something unique, alive, present in that moment. And you can see it in those who are good technical practitioners vs. those who use the technique to express art.

    2009.10.15 13:00 - Throwing starfish and the humble vehicle

    • I often think about a sentence "first you have to eat, then you can practise" - versus : "it was never heard, that somebody who practises, died from hunger" ... I think, these describe only various approaches ? the one : doing and developing and the other aiming from the beginning to the highest aim ...
    • Both can be true. They might not be true for one person at one time though. Someone who is desperately hungry will be unable to free his/her mind. Someone who has achieved clarity of perception and understanding will *probably* be able to organize their life well.
    • The second statement is often meant to imply that if you have sufficient 'merit' to have come across 'The Path', you will have sufficient merit to have come under the care of the path's guardians. Because of that, you will not starve.
    • That may amount to the same thing :)
    • But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. -- Matthew 6:33 (sermon of the mount)
    • Yes, a Christian example.
    • I am always happy to see that every real insight can be found in all traditions. No-self in Buddhism is different in initial direction from higher self in Hinduism, but I can't imagine that those who really deeply go along either path will not hit upon the reality of things ... I respect and appreciate the differences in starting points, but I refuse to believe that one path as such is right and the other is wrong. Both notions can be easily misunderstood, no-self and higher-self, and in fact, *all* notions are initiatlly misunderstood, and then you practice exactly in order to get a better deeper understanding.
    • Yet there's still so much snobbery between schools. I was accused the other day, by a Buddhist nun, for bringing into a discussion a "lower order school" view of emptiness. She neither understood my point nor showed compassion or understanding for the other school (in my view).
    • What means lower order school please ?
    • Some schools of thought classify ideas into lower, middle and higher schools. Guess what? The person speaking is ALWAYS in the higher school!
    • hehehe

    2009.10.15 19:00 - Socrates to Snoppy

    Surrender is only in reference to Now. So "going with the flow" is not necessarily true surrender and may lead to passivity, lethargy and inaction. Surrender to the Now is something very different because it only concerns accepting the reality of this moment. Whatever action is needed will then rise out of that state of complete acceptance. The most powerful state for a human to be in is the state of embracing completely the reality of what is—Now. It is to say "Yes" to life, which is now and always now. There is a vast power in that "Yes," that state of inner non-resistance to what is. Action arises out of that if it's needed, as a spontaneous response to the situation.

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