Volunteer Community

    This is a overview of the PaB Volunteer Community and the time and energy being committed by PaB members to the maintenance and development of the PaB Community.

    The PaB Handbook is an ongoing project where volunteers are able to share experience and tips with those who may at some point step into their shoes. :)

    Working group (WG)

    About: The main goal is PaB community upkeep and conflict resolution. In addition they oversee guardian nominations.


    Retreat coordinator

    About: Operations officer for the upcoming retreats. Looks after finances and logistics.


    PaB logger

    About: Keeps the guardian sessions chat in order.

    Contact: Woly Euler

    SL wizard

    About: In-world architect. Buildings, scripts, land.

    Contact: Building Group

    Art of Being

    About: Cultivates the sense of beauty and expression of being.

    Contact: Bleu Oleander

    Activity coordinator

    About: Soul of PaB. Oversees all the activities within the group and blesses them with her charm and wisdom.

    Contact: Eliza Madrigal

    Guardians mentor

    About: Knows all about the guardianship and nurtures its qualities in the rest of us.

    Contact: Stevenaia Michinaga

    Wiki Team

    About: Looks after the web infrastructure and keeps it running nice and smoothly.

    Contact: any of the members in person.

    • Alfred Kelberry (boxy)
    • Calvino
    • Fael
    • Yaku
    • Pema
    • Riddle
    • Storm
    • Eos
    • Woly

    PaB chronicles

    About: It's a book with the beginning and no end. A short history of PaB depicted by the guardians.

    Contact: Adams Rubble

    Kira team liason

    About: Foreign minister to PaB and Kira. Solves any issues between the two and facilitates playful collaboration.

    Contact: Maxine Walden

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