Reports from the retreat

    January 25 - 29, 2010

    Contact Person: Arabella Ella 

    Retreat dates: Afternoon of January 25 through the morning of January 29 (3 full days, flanked by half-days on each side)

    Location: A meditation farmhouse about 10 minutes drive from the Point de Vue guest house described below.


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    Retreat Costs

    Not entirely fixed yet, but should be approximately €200 per participant, or €300 with lodging at Point de Vue.

    Note: as of November 9, 10 euros = 15 US dollars, approximately.


    The Kira Institute Play as Being Real Life Retreats page has a PayPal button through which payments for retreat costs can be made. 

    We are fundraising for scholarship money: you can make a donation and earmark it for retreat scholarships at the Kira donations page.


    During the Retreat

    Point de Vue Guest House in Rabat   12 rooms, bed and breakfast. Reserve directly with the guest house. Use the phrase "I am part of the 'University Group'" in the registration textbox to get the €25/day special rate. It is recommended that retreat participants stay here, as transportation from other hotels/lodgings can be time consuming.

    Includes an Internet Café (free for guests? will check) 


    Some hotels, more centrally located

    If you are arriving early, or staying on after the retreat, these might be good options:

    Hotel Golden Tulip Vivaldi  Four Star Hotel in the Paceville / St Julians area, bed and breakfast. €60/day, €70/day for double occupancy (you can also use "University Group" as a reference to get the €60 B&B rate). Rooms have "modem connection point"

    Alexandra Hotel Three Star Hotel in St Julians, bed and breakfast, close to Golden Tulip. €20/day, in room WiFi. 

    Hotel Castille Three Star Hotel in Valetta, bed and breakfast. €40/day, €50/day double occupancy.

    In-room WiFi. 



    We will arrange transportation by car(s) from the Point de Vue guest house to the meditation farmhouse where the retreat will be held.


    While in Malta...

    Hypogeum of Ħal-Saflieni, "the only prehistoric underground temple in the world".

    The arrival day (January 25th) may be the best time to do a group tour (they take groups of up to ten, and a tour takes about an hour). 


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