01-03 - Dear Grandma

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    February 6, 2009

    Mrs. Bea Ingg
    1 Little TeaHouse
    Reiul, Second Life


    Dear Grandma Bea,

    I really enjoyed our last conversation.  I can't believe you're almost 100.   I thought I would write a little letter and tell you about my friends and what we did the last few days.   

    We all really like food and at breakfast we have bagels.  It's snowing at some of my friends houses, one had an operation, some aren't sleeping well.  A couple of us lost track of time or are tired.  One of my friends went to the movies.  Some of us were talking about a recent study on culture and consumerism.  Everyone seems pretty affectionate.  We tell jokes and thwack each other on the head and giggle.   

    We have a cool playground called SL and we hang around at the white pagoda.  It's kind of a weird, surreal place where time stretches and bends and things goooo realllly slllooooowwww if it's too busy.  One of our friends doesn't like the playground anymore and decided she won't come around.  Sometimes the playground breaks when we're playing or is broken and we can't go.  We have different playgroups and lots of stuff to play with like hair and clothes.  Sometimes we look like glowing balls.   

    Some friends are putting on a big exhibit about sacred art and structures.  I think you would like it.  Remember that bird we saw down at the river, the Mexican eagle called a Cara Cara?  Some of us hang around in a group called Kira Kira.  I always think of when we saw that bird when I say that.  We have workshops about theatre, dreams, phenomena, stuff like that.      

    All my friends come and go to sessions where we talk about being.  Some are full of chaos, some are quiet, sometimes you sit there own your own.  Lately there are less people coming so it is slower.  All the session talks are put in chatlogs so some people are careful what they say.  We talk about all kinds of things but mostly about what happens when we do the 9sec practice I was telling you about.  There were so many things the last few days I sequenced the ideas together based on the flow of the words in the talks so you could get a sense of it.  Here it is, I call it 9 Seconds in 3 Days:

    take breaks come back
    the schedule
    wanting to pause pausing 
    on schedule off schedule
    below the surface
    always there
    rising soon
    it'll pass it'll come

    lawyery words legal-y words
    stuck or attached
    playing at being
    mad at interuption

    buddhists meditate
    empty minds
    in this context
    merely semantics

    in that state
    mind intervenes
    vicious circle
    alleging and alluding

    infers possibility
    he prays
    can't free our minds
    see something new

    free our minds
    not possible
    see something new
    focus more fully

    stop thinking
    just for a second
    open one's self
    what is it

    asking for something
    prayer as a dialog
    more like a hug
    you see god

    the uncaused cause
    prime mover
    that is being too

    reach outside our biology
    explain ethics
    beyond ego
    not into science

    over my head
    science plays
    periodic table
    I like it

    you can try anything
    see what it's like
    tip about writing
    keep writing

    just like being
    good on you
    major drama
    chemical reactions

    love chemical reaction
    biology canvass
    spirit picture

    beauty of painting
    we convince ourselves
    wonder about love
    biggest love

    self to being
    lesser love
    one to self
    a person can't love

    love a relationship
    sin of pride
    self love
    too self-focused

    love of children
    no obsession
    selfless love

    seeking meaning
    in life
    moral code

    religious conversion
    convert your beliefs
    secular and religious
    release your beliefs


    We are going to the river soon.  The one where all the giant cypress trees are.  I remember you told me you are part Druid because you love trees.  I think of you when I see those trees.  Thanks for sending the cookies, they were my favorite kind.  Love and hugs.  Cal

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