13-15 - Not as it seems

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    What do you find in a PaB meeting?
    Rules in unexpected places, no rules in unexpected places.
    Blurring of boundaries.

    Discuss things about Second Life:
    Can we use SL for dead languages?
    Pavements and gravity are not to be trusted in SL.
    Do meet fairies, falcons and other flying things, but they might not behave like you expect them to.
    The birds are always nice (although when you think it is your hard drive, it is a scary sound).
    Having to teleport yourself out of walls or off roofs can take some getting used to.

    Discuss things about Real Life:
    Traveling on Friday 13th is safer than at other times.
    Being on a train may get you to places, but it also may lag your connection.
    Are some places more sacred than others, and if so, why?
    How to think in base 2.
    What factors can science take into account?

    Get to know the others (and yourself) better:

    If there is the remote possibility that there might be no one at the starting time of the session, there are lots of people coming round check if anyone is there.
    Impressions of people may differ widely between SL and RL.
    Visitors: some just flit by, some hit on us, some question us about the shallowness of SL relations, some quote Dostoyevsky or themselves at us, and often they push some of our buttons. Sometimes too much.
    The place where someone chooses to sit in the circle can say a lot about them.
    Learning to love without reservations, as well as talking about envy.
    Getting to know the deepest thoughts and feelings of someone and not having a clue about their age or life situation, or even what time of day it is at their place.

    And sometimes none of that matters anymore:
    Home is in this pavillion.
    Dropping what we have, dropping what we need.

    Oh, BTW: Does anyone feel like translating the PaB intro?

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