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    just a little summary of questions and answers collected by Lia Rikugun

    would it be easy for you to chooce if you prefere were alone or within silence with other person ? Chat_Logs/2009/02/2009.02.10_01%3a00_-_Being_Silent_Together 

    on some level, we can treat everything as TOY, Play. but then we are at the danger of loosing the meaning, the importance of things. how to loose the concepts and stay caring, involved, human while doing the phenomenology experiment and try to see everything as appearances?

    why would you protect your home rather than mine after becoming one with the larger entity? when you are one with god, would you protect your child before mine? Chat_Logs/2009/02/2009.02.10_07%3a00_-_Play_bubble_toys_and_Care 

    After dropping all this will bring natural compassion and a deep touch to everything in contrast to that it might as well lead to detachment.

    visiting detachment to truely see what attachments we had/need/want might be very good

    just...BE and see what happens... just...love the child in front of you no matter WHO it is. with all you've got at the moment.. (maybe true for everything there is)

    wonders of budduism: equinimity vs. indifference

    so how do you handle fear in the method where each negative emotion has its dual counterpart and if meditated on and worked with will produce the opposite? (spectrum of ecstasy by Ngakpa Chogyam book about emotions in a spiritual context) Chat_Logs/2009/02/2009.02.10_13%3a00_-_In_praise_of_the_Dharmadhatu 

    when anger arises recognise that its based on some form of fear; in fact its interesting when one is angry how precise and directed and focused our thoughts, emotions can be; in looking at or discovering the fear, theanger dissolves into clarity

    buddhism never says it is bad to be angry but sees its use of energy as a way of cutting through, however one must also be unattached to it...

    When we are alone in the pavilion are we really alone? Chat_Logs/2009/02/2009.02.11_07%3a00_-_Leaving_a_Token_of_our_Love 

    Many spirits been here still even they have not been to see. I've felt them as present.

    it is sometimes very warming feeling the presence of others here when we are alone here; realm created by love

    Is there no time?

    we perceive time as something linear; past present future; but we can only be aware of what is happening now, even our understanding of the past is something we have now

    Is trust is one of the ways we perceive time? Chat_Logs/2009/02/2009.02.11_13%3a00_%22Man_as_a_Cooperative_Survival_Machine%22 

    (long discussion why promises should be the basis of our perception of time)

    If you trust someone, it means you are focused on some promises he has made or will make. In all cases, trust involves a projection into the future. And the past is what you search for clues to support trust or undermine it. All of which rely on some kind of promises we have made or received
    so time is very subjective in this view...
    Time is present in our lives as a sequence of small promises.
    sitting alone, watching the sky, what promise is there?

    With who do I "speak in silence"? What are some parts of trust? is that trust in yourself or in another? Trust isn't in either person maybe? but in between them? Should we trust? Chat_Logs/2009/02/2009.02.11_19%3a00_-_Kinds_of_Trust 

    one trust is to be in silence with somebody

    a part of trust is taking actions that would otherwise be considered by myself as risky, Talking about things that otherwise might be embarrasing

    "trust in yourself" vs. "trust in another" vs. "mutual trust"

    I WANT to believe everyone, and start that way. Still, trust builds by degrees, it's not all or none.

    if I get disappointment; that's miner 'lost' that if I had not given trust to somebody trusty <-> there's worse than disappointment to be had..i think.  i mean the consequences of trusting are not simply disappointment.
    many times I have trusted even such person who's lied to me cuz I've seen his/her lie and understood the reasons for her/him to feel need to lie

    I think it's important to remember that anyone, no matter how knowledgable, will at some point in their life be in a position of having trusted the wrong individual. It simply happens.
    try to understand the reasons for the lie

    When I am functioning "very well" being me and usually doing some particular thing, I get a deep feeling of love that spreads outwards to others, more than inward.

    Trust is like a riddle, what is that you always have in yourself but must find it in other people? So why is it so hard for many to trust themself, lack of self knowledge? Chat_Logs/2009/02/2009.02.12_19%3a00_-_The_pointy_side_of_trust 

    some people trust themselves first, some people trust others first; some people don't trust themselves
    The part that affects trust is whether they believe you or not, not whether it was truth or not.

    Our parents teach us to second-guess ourselves. self doubt semes pervasive here, trusting in a high power instead of yourself
    being honest with yourself as a prerequisite for trusting yourself

    Most people don't have enough time or give themselves permission to just be with themself

    Vulnerability is a beautiful thing and many are susceptible to it. Trust and vulnerability go hand in hand.

    Once when I was in college, a young traveling photographer named Jacob Holt gave a slide show of his photos of poverty in America. He traveled across the poorest sections of the US, staying with these people and benefiting from their hospitality. He was from a nice upper middle class family in the Netherlands. But he decided he would learn nothing by keeping himself safe from the people he wanted to photograph. So he dove in all the way and trusted all of them completely. I remember being extremely alarmed that he did so. And yet he reported that they all took excellent care of him. > he actually influenced the trustworthiness of these people by trusting them completely.

    Perception influeces outcome

    aren't "let go of your sense of control of a situation and allow things to happen" and "still be able to influence the outcome of the situation" kinda mutually exclusive?

    it is close to the concept of wu wei just being can influence things, being without intent included


    trust yourself and be honest with yourself, brutally honest

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