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    "Gaya bemuses us."

    2009.12.13 07:00 - Catholics at 'sinrise'

    • I have been telling myself that I could practice the 9 secs awareness right here, watching my typos...
    • Typos will always be with us dear

    • We were talking earlier about sinrise (freudian slip) and the fact that we are both Catholic girls...
    • make that three... cathilic, not girls ;-)
    • I like theb fact that you are a cathilic too...Wonder what there is in that slip?

    2009.12.13 08:00 - Guarding the Space of Emergence

    • You jumped right into everything, and has made lovely guardian pages
    • /me blushes
    • Your wonderful infectious enthusiasm, makes us reassess our our actions. Thank you for that!
    • hear hear.
    • *own own
    • *our own - can't type today!
    • must be the unexpected warmth.

    2009.12.13 13:00 - Observing the observer

    when i doubt ... Play as you do

    2009.12.14 07:00 - Digital reincarnations

    • oh, I just realized: welcome to SL
    • Nice to meet you Widget
    • how did you find us so quickly?
    • nondualism!!

    2009.12.15 07:00 - Park the "I don't ..."

    • just read your 2nd life profile, nice interests :)
    • /me also reads the profile, which I don't think I've ever done... heh.. curious but incompetent?
    • yep, thats why i sit around quiet most of the time :)
    • watching our psychologies?
    • i hope not, but i want to keep the expectations low
    • yes, expectations can be a killer lol

    2009.12.15 19:00 - Looking Up, Ground Rising Up

    • Hi Siworae :-)
    • Hi :)
    • L , that is
    • Siworae sounds greek ?
    • It is from a film Calvino, that my friend likes but I've never seen :)
    • Are you invisible, or not quite rezzed ? You are darkmatter I guess :)
    • :)) Lightened darkmatter now I hope... all clear?
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