2018.02.03 12:00 - Guardian Session: PaB Meetup on Mars

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    Attending this session were Bleu, San, Tura, Aph, Bruce, Zen, and Eliza.
    Those unable to attend (as well as those who attended but thought of things to add afterward), please add your voices to the suggestions and questions thrown into the mix!  An email has been sent out with directions for the current art project. Please message Bleu if you missed that somehow!
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    [ 11:55]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): Hi, San-ji!
    [ 11:55]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): hi Bruce, San
    [ 11:55]  Eliza Madrigal: thanks so much, Bleu
    [ 11:55]  Eliza Madrigal: Hi San :)
    [ 11:55]  San (Santoshima): greetings!
    [ 11:55]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): yw!
    [ 11:57]  Eliza Madrigal: Hi Tura :)
    [ 11:57]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): hi Tura!
    [ 11:57]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): Hi, Tura.
    [ 11:58]  Tura Brezoianu: hi all
    [ 11:58]  Eliza Madrigal: Bruce, is all well? Haven't seen you too much recently
    [ 11:58]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): Hmmm.  It's complicated.
    [ 11:58]  Eliza Madrigal: ah, nuff said :)
    [ 11:58]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): But thanks for asking.  Let's just say I'm fine today.
    [ 11:58]  Eliza Madrigal: GOOD :)
    [ 11:58]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): good to hear!
    [ 11:58]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): :)
    [ 11:59]  Eliza Madrigal: flu is terrible this year
    [ 11:59]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray) nods.
    [ 12:00]  Eliza Madrigal: Will give just a few minutes for late arrivals
    [ 12:00]  Eliza Madrigal: but is there anything in particular someone would like to add to agenda?
    [ 12:00]  Eliza Madrigal: Figured we can have a run through then move on to our question re PaB :)
    [ 12:00]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): art project and party stuff?
    [ 12:00]  Eliza Madrigal: Aph :)
    [ 12:00]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): hey Aph!
    [ 12:00]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): Hi, Aph.
    [ 12:00]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Hi
    [ 12:01]  Eliza Madrigal: you arrived like fairy godmother
    [ 12:01]  San (Santoshima): hi Tura and Aph
    [ 12:01]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): sorry I'm a bit overdressed
    [ 12:01]  Eliza Madrigal: lovely
    [ 12:01]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): I came straight from the 18th centuery
    [ 12:01]  Eliza Madrigal: thanks Bleu, nods
    [ 12:02]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Hi everyone
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    [ 12:02]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): very handsome Bruce!
    [ 12:03]  Eliza Madrigal: dashing
    [ 12:03]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): TY.
    [ 12:03]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): I decided to join APh in the 18th Century.
    [ 12:03]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): :)
    [ 12:03]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): :-)
    [ 12:03]  Eliza Madrigal: the future includes all pasts?
    [ 12:03]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): we were talking about slavery
    [ 12:03]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): [12:01] Wol Euler: Wol will not be attending, but I will send a deputy in her place as soon as I can get Sl working on my laptop :)
     [12:02] Bruce (bruce.mowbray): OK.  Miss you!
     [12:02] Wol Euler: same <3
    [ 12:03]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Things have improved a bit since then
    [ 12:04]  Eliza Madrigal: ah, thanks for Wol note
    [ 12:04]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): yw.
    [ 12:05]  Eliza Madrigal: Okay... don't want to wait much longer, and those who are late can read the session when posted?
    [ 12:05]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): sure
    [ 12:05]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): kk
    [ 12:05]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray) nods.
    The Start
    [ 12:05]  Eliza Madrigal: Would you like to start, Aph? To run through party news so far?
    [ 12:05]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): oh OK
    [ 12:06]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Emails have been sent out by Bleu regarding the art project.
    [ 12:06]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): yes, did you all read?
    [ 12:06]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): It has been fun playing with all those scripts!
    [ 12:06]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): I've put up some samples in the gallery
    [ 12:06]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): I read it.  Thanks.
    [ 12:06]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): and a notecard that has free scripts in it
    [ 12:06]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Sun and Zen are working on the music
    [ 12:06]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): yes
    [ 12:07]  Eliza Madrigal: excellent
    [ 12:07]  Eliza Madrigal: I have read the art project directions but not played much yet
    [ 12:07]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): yw!
    [ 12:07]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Thank you for those Bleu
    [ 12:07]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): I found that going to a sandbox to fiddle is a great idea
    [ 12:07]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): take a look in the gallery and grab the notecard
    [ 12:07]  Eliza Madrigal: one can cam from here and see a little (was doing that earlier)
    [ 12:08]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): San - are you still OK with decorating the garden for the party?
    [ 12:08]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Eliza and Riddle are doing the cake
    [ 12:08]  Eliza Madrigal: :)
    [ 12:08]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): good sandbox:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hamnida/4/4/276
    [ 12:09]  Eliza Madrigal: thanks!
    [ 12:09]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): yw!
    SL ART - Visit the Gallery!
    [ 12:09]  San (Santoshima): the pieces in the gallery now are really fun, Bleu!
    [ 12:09]  San (Santoshima): why not announce these on SL ART?
    [ 12:10]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): thx!  thought they might inspire others to play
    [ 12:10]  San (Santoshima): wonderful stuff
    [ 12:10]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): we could announce out show perhaps when everyone does one?
    [ 12:10]  San (Santoshima): announce both
    [ 12:10]  San (Santoshima): now and then again
    [ 12:10]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): why not?
    [ 12:10]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): could, sure
    [ 12:10]  San (Santoshima): good to have attention drawn to the gallery
    [ 12:10]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): the more the merrier
    [ 12:10]  Eliza Madrigal: nice
    [ 12:11]  San (Santoshima): where's the notecard?
    [ 12:11]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): in the pink display
    [ 12:11]  San (Santoshima): ok thanks
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    [ 12:11]  Eliza Madrigal: Will poetry details be announced with the main schedule Aph?
    [ 12:11]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): yes
    [ 12:11]  Eliza Madrigal: great
    [ 12:11]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Cal and I are working this out.
    [ 12:11]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): He will be MC
    [ 12:12]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): great!
    [ 12:12]  Eliza Madrigal: Good news! So everything is moving along swimmingly
    [ 12:12]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): and may send out the invitation to participate
    [ 12:12]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): the theme for the party and decorations will be the future- and so will the poetry reading
    [ 12:13]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): past and future- as it's important to look backwards as well as forwards
    [ 12:13]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): and incorporate some of our history if we can
    [ 12:13]  Eliza Madrigal: :) some of us can't seem to help that
    [ 12:13]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): I'm playing with a future-ish set for the poetry event ... its in the theatre atm
    [ 12:13]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): :-)
    [ 12:13]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): great
    [ 12:14]  San (Santoshima): will have a loook
    [ 12:14]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): I gather each poet who is reading will get to choose their background, right?
    [ 12:14]  Eliza Madrigal: The party planning is still open for others to help, should say
    [ 12:14]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): yes Aph
    [ 12:15]  Eliza Madrigal: with a default for those of us who will be happy to simply finish poem on time
    [ 12:15]  Eliza Madrigal: :)
    [ 12:15]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): San, how are you doing with ideas for decorations?
    [ 12:15]  San (Santoshima): good
    [ 12:15]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Shall we brainstorm any ideas or are you ok?
    [ 12:15]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): btw, the winter gardens look so beautiful San!
    [ 12:15]  San (Santoshima): i'm good, but i did read above: [12:12] Aph (aphrodite.macbain): the theme for the party and decorations will be the future-
    [ 12:15]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): yes- lovely
    [ 12:15]  San (Santoshima): so will keep that in mind
    [ 12:16]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Ok good.
    [ 12:16]  San (Santoshima): oh ty, Bleu
    [ 12:16]  San (Santoshima): spring is near, though!
    [ 12:16]  Eliza Madrigal: :)
    [ 12:16]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): was looking out the gallery window ... magical
    [ 12:16]  Eliza Madrigal: it really is
    [ 12:16]  San (Santoshima): yeah, i did that too, it was surprising
    [ 12:16]  Eliza Madrigal: love meeting up there and often arrive early to skate
    [ 12:16]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): spring feels like it's about the future
    [ 12:17]  Eliza Madrigal: Next item is Spring themed ;-) Amsterdam, which is shaping up to be a nice sized gathering, 8, and possibly 10 so far
    [ 12:17]  San (Santoshima): wow!
    [ 12:17]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): Wow.
    [ 12:17]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): wow
    [ 12:17]  Eliza Madrigal: indeed
    [ 12:17]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): who's going?
    [ 12:17]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): excellent
    [ 12:17]  Eliza Madrigal: There is a separate email list,
    [ 12:17]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): qwe will need photos!
    [ 12:17]  Eliza Madrigal: so anyone still interested should let me know to add them
    [ 12:17]  San (Santoshima): dates?
    [ 12:18]  Eliza Madrigal: Aril 2-4 are the official meeting days
    [ 12:18]  Eliza Madrigal: some will arrive a little early or stay later perhaps
    [ 12:18]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): [ ommited just in case ]
    [ 12:18]  San (Santoshima): sadly, canna afford such travel ...
    [ 12:18]  Eliza Madrigal: I found a very good package...
    [ 12:18]  San (Santoshima): nice
    [ 12:18]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): I think they are all in Europe
    [ 12:18]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): a long way from AZ!
    [ 12:18]  Eliza Madrigal: So attending are [ommited, just in case]
    [ 12:19]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): sounds like fun
    [ 12:19]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): fun!!
    [ 12:19]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): Wow.
    [ 12:19]  Eliza Madrigal: [again, just in case people would prefer not to say on wiki]
    [ 12:19]  Eliza Madrigal: [  ]
    [ 12:19]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): [  ] lives in Amsterdam - or nearby.
    [ 12:20]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Is she in Japan or New York?
    [ 12:20]  Eliza Madrigal: yes, wondered whether we'd hear from [  ]
    [ 12:20]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): We could ask him
    [ 12:20]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray) nods.
    [ 12:20]  San (Santoshima): yes
    [ 12:20]  Eliza Madrigal: NY now, but they are both back and forth... never know where they will be really :)
    [ 12:20]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): (Will see  [ ] in Original Face on Wednesday.)
    [ 12:20]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Yes
    [ 12:21]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): we could ask him then
    [ 12:21]  Eliza Madrigal: would be nice to mention, please do
    [ 12:21]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray) nods to Aph.
    [ 12:21]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): How are you doing with the birthday cake Eliza?
    [ 12:21]  Eliza Madrigal: I'm not sure now about the logistics of having a RL/SL overlap meeting, but it would be fun if we can pull it off
    [ 12:22]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): It will be Easter
    [ 12:22]  Eliza Madrigal: Riddle is overflowing with ideas, and I am scatterbrained trying to make time
    [ 12:22]  Eliza Madrigal: :)
    [ 12:22]  Eliza Madrigal: but we'll get there!
    [ 12:22]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): I am sure it will be futuristically fabulous
    [ 12:23]  San (Santoshima): can you include me in telling whatever you have planned?
    [ 12:23]  San (Santoshima): it will affect the venue :)
    [ 12:23]  Eliza Madrigal: :) Sure!
    [ 12:23]  San (Santoshima): when you know ... no rush
    [ 12:23]  Eliza Madrigal: might help us to do so also
    [ 12:23]  Eliza Madrigal: envision placement, etc
    [ 12:24]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Did you get the Jan 28 minutes San?
    [ 12:24]  Eliza Madrigal: And speaking of envisioning, ready to brainstorm 'future PaB'?
    [ 12:24]  San (Santoshima): i don't think so, Aph
    [ 12:24]  San (Santoshima): oh, yes,
    [ 12:24]  San (Santoshima): havn't read yet though
    [ 12:24]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Oh good. I thought I sent them to everyone
    [ 12:24]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): on the cttee
    [ 12:25]  Eliza Madrigal: btw [  ] is the brave one, meeting so many of us at once :)
    [ 12:25]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): yes!
    PaB's FUTURE
    [ 12:25]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): I have ideas for the future but not necessarily of PaB's future
    [ 12:26]  Eliza Madrigal: that's a good place to start, Aph
    [ 12:26]  Eliza Madrigal: Do any of us have a sense of PaB's future?
    [ 12:26]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): It's pretty dystopia so I hesitate to say anything
    [ 12:26]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): post party future?
    [ 12:26]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): dystopian
    [ 12:26]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): lol yes
    [ 12:26]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): RL or SL?
    [ 12:26]  Eliza Madrigal: yes, post party.... both
    [ 12:26]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): RL
    [ 12:27]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): affecting SL
    [ 12:27]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): wild weather
    [ 12:27]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): AI beings
    [ 12:27]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): visits to other planets
    [ 12:27]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): ha!
    [ 12:27]  Eliza Madrigal: :)
    [ 12:27]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): :)
    [ 12:27]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): new forms of transportation
    [ 12:27]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): PaB meetup on mars
    [ 12:27]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): yes!
    [ 12:27]  Eliza Madrigal: what about planet PaB? what are we doing week by week?
    [ 12:28]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): meeting and talking about current issues and ideas
    [ 12:28]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Dressing in new and strange ways
    [ 12:28]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): books seem to interest some
    [ 12:28]  Eliza Madrigal: we all want to keep meeting with each other, but hour long discussion format may seem to be waning?
    [ 12:29]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): yes- there is something in common to discuss
    [ 12:29]  San (Santoshima): yes, it has waned
    [ 12:29]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): maybe it's the subject of the book that determines it's waning
    [ 12:29]  San (Santoshima): but other ways of coming together seem to resonate
    [ 12:29]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): or waxing
    [ 12:29]  San (Santoshima): book discussions don't seem to be waning
    [ 12:29]  San (Santoshima): just the hour long meet ups at the pavillion
    [ 12:29]  Eliza Madrigal nods
    [ 12:29]  San (Santoshima): or however it's spelled
    [ 12:30]  Eliza Madrigal: 'showing up' and discussing spontaneously
    [ 12:30]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): one 'l', I think.
    ART and IDEAS
    [ 12:30]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): are art projects still of interest?
    [ 12:30]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Wonder visits to other sims might be fun. Expeditions to other worlds....
    [ 12:30]  San (Santoshima): yes, art projects are of interest
    [ 12:30]  Eliza Madrigal: I like art projects when I can connect it to the larger context of what we're doing
    [ 12:31]  Eliza Madrigal: which has always been the case :)
    [ 12:31]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Each of us knows some places that are interesting
    [ 12:31]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Yes Eliza
    [ 12:31]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): yes, the art projects have always been PaB themed
    [ 12:32]  Eliza Madrigal: is there less definition to what is uniquely PaB?
    [ 12:32]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): theatre doesn't seem to be of much interest?
    [ 12:32]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Re the art projects - could we get together once we have some idea what we want to show?
    [ 12:33]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): and try and figure out how to deal with the technical challenges?
    [ 12:33]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): I'm happy to do a workshop too
    [ 12:33]  Eliza Madrigal: I'm interested in theater, in theory
    [ 12:33]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): in theory I am too LOL
    [ 12:33]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): separately or together?
    [ 12:33]  Eliza Madrigal: :))
    [ 12:34]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): I'm very interested in theatre
    [ 12:34]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): and I'm sure Bajoy would help us
    [ 12:34]  Eliza Madrigal: If I try to articulate what is going on with me, re PaB, it is a little deeper and complex than day to day, but it matters to my intent/motivation/energy day to day...
    [ 12:34]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): I"m not sure she's interested
    [ 12:34]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): but we need a commitment from others to do something
    [ 12:35]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): say more Eliza
    [ 12:35]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): listens to Eliza
    [ 12:35]  Eliza Madrigal: at some point, PaB took the place of my spiritual community, and therefore the time I focused was more abundant.. if that makes sense
    [ 12:35]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): yes
    [ 12:35]  Eliza Madrigal: I'm still a primarily sort of spiritually-interested person
    [ 12:36]  Eliza Madrigal: so I like everything else, but my heart is at that center
    [ 12:36]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): How can PaB become more of a spiritual community?
    [ 12:36]  Eliza Madrigal: well it just was/is, that's the thing
    [ 12:36]  Eliza Madrigal: it was never defined that way
    [ 12:36]  Eliza Madrigal: just became that for me and made sense
    [ 12:36]  Eliza Madrigal: now we aren't really even centered on pausing, etc
    [ 12:36]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): what do you mean by spiritual?
    [ 12:37]  Eliza Madrigal: same answer, really...
    [ 12:37]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): I imagine we all define that in different ways
    [ 12:37]  Eliza Madrigal: something that is very hard to articulate
    [ 12:37]  Eliza Madrigal: yes, and personal
    [ 12:37]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): yes!
    [ 12:37]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): are pauses spiritual or a just way of listening more deeply?
    [ 12:37]  Eliza Madrigal: spiritual is a horribly imperfect word
    [ 12:38]  Eliza Madrigal: but just the closest I can reach for
    [ 12:38]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): :)
    [ 12:38]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): is listening more deeply spiritual ?
    [ 12:38]  Eliza Madrigal: I do think so...
    [ 12:38]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): yes
    [ 12:38]  Eliza Madrigal: about presence perhaps
    [ 12:38]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): could be about reflection, appreciation, lots of things?
    [ 12:39]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): nods
    [ 12:39]  Eliza Madrigal: always has been here, this is true
    [ 12:39]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray) nods.
    [ 12:39]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): a way of dealing with the world
    [ 12:39]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): Amor Fati?
    [ 12:39]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Make love?
    [ 12:40]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): No, Love of Fate. . . .  Loving whatever happens.
    [ 12:40]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): hi Zen :)
    [ 12:40]  Eliza Madrigal: Hi Zen :)
    [ 12:40]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): Hi, Zen.
    [ 12:40]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Ah
    [ 12:40]  Zen (Zen Arado): Hi all
    [ 12:40]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): acceptance
    [ 12:40]  Eliza Madrigal: Would you like a note, or just a small recap and to jump in?
    [ 12:40]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Hey Zen
    [ 12:40]  Zen (Zen Arado): sorry forgot about meeting
    [ 12:40]  Eliza Madrigal: here now :)
    [ 12:40]  Zen (Zen Arado): it's ok
    [ 12:40]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Glad you made it
    [ 12:40]  Eliza Madrigal: we're talking about PaB's future, what the group is or means going forward (is that a good recap?)
    [ 12:41]  San (Santoshima): hello Zen :)
    [ 12:41]  Zen (Zen Arado): thanks
    [ 12:41]  San (Santoshima): make a list of possible focus events for 2018, and get feedback on interest: so far today mentioned (and not mentioned yet)  (i might be missing some): theatre / poetry, writing / book discussion / themed art exhibits (solo and group,could be  the larger group or a few people), dance/music, exploring sims togehter group,
    [ 12:41]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): yes
    [ 12:41]  San (Santoshima): some gatherings that teach and use the pause method
    [ 12:41]  San (Santoshima): trademark goes here ^
    [ 12:41]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Thanks San
    [ 12:41]  Tura Brezoianu: I  need to log off, I'm afraid. Having a bit of indigestion is making it difficult to be present. I'll read the log later.
    [ 12:41]  Eliza Madrigal: great, San
    [ 12:41]  Eliza Madrigal: aw sorry Tura
    [ 12:41]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): Bye for now, Tura.
    [ 12:41]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Be well Tura
    [ 12:41]  Eliza Madrigal: bfn
    [ 12:41]  San (Santoshima): bye Tura
    [ 12:42]  Zen (Zen Arado): get well Tura
    [ 12:42]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): take care Tura
    [ 12:42]  Zen (Zen Arado): will SL be here in 10 years?
    [ 12:43]  Zen (Zen Arado): or superseded
    [ 12:43]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): who will join us?
    [ 12:43]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): will be much better VR in 10 years!
    [ 12:43]  Eliza Madrigal: there was an article this week about the growth of VR chat areas... huge jump
    [ 12:43]  Zen (Zen Arado): oh?
    [ 12:43]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): yep
    [ 12:43]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): My avi intends to get a self-animating AI chip. . .  in perpetuity.
    [ 12:43]  Zen (Zen Arado): seems a bit like 3 D TV
    [ 12:44]  Eliza Madrigal: sort of like visitor SL areas, people just sort of saying "look I can do this!/what can you do?"
    [ 12:44]  San (Santoshima): ok forget the above offered list. it's only for 2018. not for 10 years
    [ 12:44]  San (Santoshima): needing to get back to work.
    [ 12:44]  San (Santoshima): bye for now
    [ 12:44]  Eliza Madrigal: that's a perfect place to start San
    [ 12:44]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): bye San
    [ 12:44]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): Bye for now, San.
    [ 12:44]  Zen (Zen Arado): bye San
    [ 12:44]  Eliza Madrigal waves
    [ 12:44]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Bye San
    [ 12:45]  Eliza Madrigal: all of these things will pull people in diff directions and change the way we feel in SL though
    [ 12:45]  Zen (Zen Arado): Facebook actually seems to have hindered expansion of SL when it arrived
    [ 12:45]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): SL will change too
    [ 12:45]  Eliza Madrigal: like when fashion changes and you begin to feel self-conscious about high waisted jeans, lol
    [ 12:45]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): along with the weather
    [ 12:45]  Eliza Madrigal: agree, Zen
    [ 12:46]  Eliza Madrigal: FB screwed up a bunch of things :)
    [ 12:46]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): or non-mesh avis
    [ 12:46]  Eliza Madrigal: yes
    [ 12:46]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray) ponders high-waisted jeans.
    [ 12:46]  Zen (Zen Arado): Social media seems greatest attraction
    [ 12:46]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): I like high waisted jeans
    [ 12:46]  Eliza Madrigal: well they're back now :)))
    [ 12:46]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): they're coming back LOL
    [ 12:46]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): and hate hip huggers
    [ 12:46]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): Peewee Herman?
    [ 12:46]  Zen (Zen Arado): doesn't like jeans in any form :)
    [ 12:46]  Eliza Madrigal: :))
    [ 12:46]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): :-)
    [ 12:46]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): radical!!
    [ 12:47]  Zen (Zen Arado): I'm not a cowboy
    [ 12:47]  Zen (Zen Arado): (I hope)
    [ 12:47]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): jeans haven't been cowboy for many years!
    [ 12:47]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Neither am I but jeans can be very comfy
    [ 12:47]  Eliza Madrigal: one big appeal of SL over social media was actually the fact that you're meeting in 'real time' which other forms eliminate the need for
    [ 12:47]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): Those spurs would come in handy, though.
    [ 12:47]  Eliza Madrigal: :)
    [ 12:47]  Zen (Zen Arado): :)
    [ 12:47]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): yes Eliza
    [ 12:48]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Yes SL is more direct and creative I think
    [ 12:48]  Zen (Zen Arado): true Eliza
    [ 12:48]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): or can be
    [ 12:48]  Zen (Zen Arado): to us but not to others
    [ 12:48]  Zen (Zen Arado): we must be special somehow
    [ 12:48]  Eliza Madrigal: :)
    [ 12:48]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): It would be fun to do a theatre project where people improvise
    [ 12:48]  Eliza Madrigal: but sms can keep connections with those who can't be in SL for one reason or another, which is also part of PaB
    [ 12:49]  Eliza Madrigal: more than half my FB is PaB :)  [correction, more than half those I actually communicate with on FB are from PaB :)]
    [ 12:49]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): Speaking of real time -- I FINALLY found out why I could get a white dot. . .   My Adaware virus protection was turning off SL voice.
    [ 12:49]  Eliza Madrigal: at least I think so
    [ 12:49]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): could NOT get a white dot, I meant.
    [ 12:49]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): darn adware
    [ 12:49]  Eliza Madrigal: wb San :)
    [ 12:49]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Hi San
    [ 12:49]  Eliza Madrigal: oh, good thing to figure out Bruce
    [ 12:49]  San (Santoshima): whispers: > excuse me, forgot to share this Nina Paley video,
    [ 12:49]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): When I turned off Adaware, the dot came back.
    [ 12:49]  San (Santoshima): https://vimeo.com/253135841?ref=fb-share&1
    [ 12:49]  San (Santoshima): see ya
    [ 12:49]  Eliza Madrigal: I don't have a mic, but always had issues with voice when on laptop
    [ 12:49]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): Bye, San.
    [ 12:50]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): thanks!
    [ 12:50]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): thx bye San
    [Bruce talks a little in voice]
    [ 12:50]  Eliza Madrigal: hahah
    [ 12:50]  Eliza Madrigal: HELLO
    [ 12:50]  Zen (Zen Arado): sorry have to go
    [ 12:50]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): Bye, Zen.
    [ 12:50]  Eliza Madrigal: okay bye Zen :)
    [ 12:50]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Love those images of Ishtar
    [ 12:50]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): or another Babylonian goddess
    [ 12:51]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Eliza
    [ 12:51]  Eliza Madrigal: so maybe part of the answer comes down to mixing and mingling and trying new forms?
    [ 12:51]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray) listens.
    [ 12:51]  Eliza Madrigal listens
    Suggestion Box? More Guardian Meetings?
    [ 12:51]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Maybe we can put a suggestion box near the pavilion for Pabbers to make suggestions
    [ 12:52]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): I think this is the best way to discuss ideas
    [ 12:52]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Sometimes I think of things and then forget them later
    [ 12:52]  Eliza Madrigal: hopefully those who didn't attend can read the session and make comments, perhaps in emails too
    [ 12:52]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): having a suggestion box could help people like me with short memories
    [ 12:52]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): perhaps more GM's to discuss?
    [ 12:52]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): Folks could leave suggestions in the box that Aph suggests, and then we could discuss those suggestions in Guardian Mtgs.
    [ 12:52]  Eliza Madrigal: I'm willing to try the box.. but can't commit to too many weekend GMs
    [ 12:52]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): kk
    [ 12:53]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): we often just need a topic to get us going...
    [ 12:53]  Eliza Madrigal: the 3 is a good start maybe, but I agree GMs are often the best generators of energy
    [ 12:53]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray) nods to Aph.
    [ 12:53]  Eliza Madrigal: true
    [ 12:53]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): 3?
    Sorry, I didn't see this question. There are 3 GMs planned for this topic. The next two are:
    Saturday - Feb. 17, 2 pm SLT
    Saturday - March 3, 12 pm SLT

    [ 12:53]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): probably we should all think about when and how much time we want to spend in SL/PaB?
    [ 12:53]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): I divide my time
    [ 12:53]  Eliza Madrigal: I think so, personally I've been trying to do that
    [ 12:54]  Eliza Madrigal: because I have to :)
    [ 12:54]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): I hear a lot saying that they don't have much time
    [ 12:54]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): I have different homes
    [ 12:54]  Eliza Madrigal: my SL time has halved in the last year, so I really feel the difference
    [ 12:54]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): It helps when u are a member of an active sim
    [ 12:54]  Eliza Madrigal: more than halved probably
    [ 12:54]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): so perhaps not so much of a priority for many of us now?
    [ 12:54]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): I have just organized an exhibition of paintings in Sorrentina
    [ 12:54]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): that has taken a lot of time
    [ 12:55]  Eliza Madrigal: that's a key question Bleu
    [ 12:55]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): yes
    [ 12:55]  Eliza Madrigal: maybe the question to begin the next GM with
    [ 12:55]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): So time variues depending on the projects you are doing
    [ 12:55]  Eliza Madrigal nods
    PaB Common Land?
    [ 12:55]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): another question might be do we want to keep our common PaB land?
    [ 12:55]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): varies
    [ 12:55]  Eliza Madrigal: all goes together
    [ 12:55]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): yes
    [ 12:55]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): It brings me back to PaB
    [ 12:55]  Eliza Madrigal: there really is nothing like PaB
    [ 12:56]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): it seems pretty deserted her lately
    [ 12:56]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): I play with my garden
    [ 12:56]  Eliza Madrigal: yet sometimes when a few are very active, others less so, one feels a little silly
    [ 12:56]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): but see noone
    [ 12:56]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): yes
    [ 12:56]  Eliza Madrigal: to make such a priority
    [ 12:56]  Eliza Madrigal: ouch, hate typing that :)
    [ 12:56]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): It can be lonely
    [ 12:57]  Eliza Madrigal: so maybe articulating these questions is very important
    Visiting and Spontaneity in SL
    [ 12:57]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): I remember previously when we visited each other's places
    [ 12:57]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray) nods.
    [ 12:57]  Eliza Madrigal nods
    [ 12:57]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): there was always someone there
    [ 12:57]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): I could easily give up SL, but get interested when there's a creative project
    [ 12:57]  Eliza Madrigal: the spontaneous showing up thing used to be much more of PaB experience
    [ 12:57]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): Aph gave me a lemon tree for my living room.
    [ 12:57]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): nods
    [ 12:57]  Eliza Madrigal: you're able to do so much in SL though, Bleu
    [ 12:57]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): smiles
    [ 12:57]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): and two paintings.
    [ 12:57]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): :)))
    [ 12:57]  Eliza Madrigal: :))
    [ 12:57]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): lol
    Showing up and Passion
    [ 12:57]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): there doesn't seem to be any interest in sessions these days
    [ 12:58]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): blushes
    [ 12:58]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): no
    [ 12:58]  Eliza Madrigal: I always think that if I were a better builder and such, I'd be involved in lots of other things
    [ 12:58]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): maybe we need to accept that
    [ 12:58]  Eliza Madrigal: yes
    [ 12:58]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): I show up for sessions -- (as in three minutes from now) -- and stay for about 20 minutes - then leave if no one shows up.
    [ 12:58]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Maybe we only meet once a month
    [ 12:58]  Eliza Madrigal: the book topics do draw interest... but maybe twice a week is too much for most
    [ 12:58]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): you really need the passion to create in sl ... takes a lot of time to learn the tools
    Once per week Book Discussions
    [ 12:58]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): I love the book discussions.
    [ 12:59]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): You shine at those discussions Bruce
    [ 12:59]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): book discussions are good, but once a week would be great
    [ 12:59]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): Goin to the pavilion now.  THANKS, everyone.
    [ 12:59]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Nods
    [ 12:59]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Bye Bruce
    [ 12:59]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): I should go now too
    [ 12:59]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): bye Bruce
    [ 12:59]  Eliza Madrigal: will follow you Bruce :) at least for a bit
    [ 13:00]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): take a look in the gallery

    [ 13:00]  Aph (Aphrodite Macbain): Bye everyone
    [ 13:00]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): bye everyone
    [ 13:00]  Eliza Madrigal: bye Bleu, thanks so much
    2.3 GM_003.jpg
    Pre-session chat
    [ 11:48]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): hi Eliza!
    [ 11:49]  Eliza Madrigal: Hi Bleu
    [ 11:49]  Eliza Madrigal: I've been trying to learn to use a joystick in SL... not easy!
    [ 11:49]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): sorry to hear about George's hot spot ... those can be nasty
    [ 11:49]  Eliza Madrigal: He's never had one and is PITIFUL
    [ 11:49]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): yes not easy at first
    [ 11:50]  Eliza Madrigal: How did you learn it? Use a tutorial?
    [ 11:50]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): just practiced
    [ 11:50]  Eliza Madrigal: I've been configuring and reconfiguring
    [ 11:50]  Eliza Madrigal: and still can't zoom well
    [ 11:50]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): it took me a while and I went back to a mouse :)
    [ 11:50]  Eliza Madrigal: :)
    [ 11:51]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): it was necessary when I was doing videos
    [ 11:51]  Eliza Madrigal: exactly
    [ 11:51]  Eliza Madrigal: and I need to ZOOM in on people
    [ 11:51]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): yep
    [ 11:51]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): smoothly
    [ 11:51]  Eliza Madrigal: yes!
    [ 11:51]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): been there!!
    [ 11:51]  Eliza Madrigal: so I've managed to learn a lot, but nothing seems different when I change settings and such
    [ 11:51]  Eliza Madrigal: you still have to use normal controls I think, along with the joystick?
    [ 11:52]  Eliza Madrigal: cause I can't move forward with that
    [ 11:52]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): I had one that totally did everything
    [ 11:52]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): smoothly
    [ 11:52]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): its now packed away somewhere LOL
    [ 11:52]  Eliza Madrigal: oh no
    [ 11:52]  Eliza Madrigal: so I can't ask which it was :)
    [ 11:53]  Eliza Madrigal: I'm using my son's xbox controller
    [ 11:53]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): I'll see if I can find it
    [ 11:53]  Eliza Madrigal: thanks! don't go to too much trouble but if it is easy I'd appreciate that
    [ 11:53]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): got it :)
    [ 11:54]  Eliza Madrigal: wow
    [ 11:54]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): it says 3D connexion on it
    [ 11:54]  Eliza Madrigal: Hi Bruce :)
    [ 11:54]  Eliza Madrigal: ltns
    [ 11:54]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): Hi!
    [ 11:54]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): I don't know where the software is ... it was loaded on my now broken old computer
    [ 11:54]  Eliza Madrigal: Ahhh
    [ 11:54]  Eliza Madrigal: but that's the brand name?
    [ 11:54]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): not sure
    [ 11:55]  Bleu (Bleu Oleander): I'll google it
    [ 11:55]  Eliza Madrigal: (Bleu is helping me with an SL/joystick puzzle)
    [ 11:55]  Bruce (Bruce Mowbray): Great!
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    Quick comment (will add more). Nice session, sorry to have missed.
    San's summary (highlighted in the middle) is a good place for those who missed to start.
    Posted 18:40, 4 Feb 2018
    Enjoyed reading this guardians meeting and still enjoying a lot hosting Monday morning session at 7 am every week ( though I will be traveling on February 27 and March 5th).Adams might be hosting then.I like having a plot in our common village and I would like this to continue even if I have less time for SL theses days. I won't be able to participate in the creative projects but will certainly attend the party :)I also plan to attend some dream sessions in March:)
    Posted 16:58, 12 Feb 2018
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