2008.04.05 13:00 - Lazy Afternoon

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    This afternoon I was again by myself. It gave me a chance to reflect on all the wonderful conversations we have had here in the last four days. I’m still amazed about the immersive character of SL. Last week I bought my first piece of land, nearby here, and I started to learn a bit about building things, with a lot of help from my friends and neighbors. I had read others describing the difference it makes when you get a piece of land of your own, after having been just a tourist in SL, and I must say, yes, the difference is huge. Once again more than I would have expected, as has been the case with many aspects of SL that I have explored during the few months that I started to becoming active here, since Christmas. On another topic: here is a playful imagine reminiscent of our activities here, sent to me by Friedrich Ochsenhorn.
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