2008.04.08 19:00 - Visitors from Japan

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    This evening’s session attracted more people than any of the previous ones, eight in total, although not everybody overlapped. The first guests left relatively quickly. Soon afterwards Friedrich appeared and a Japanese guest, Mayavader Allen, a Shinto priest in RL. We talked in a mixture of English and Japanese, the translations partly done automatically with Babbler, partly by me. Mayavader talked about his 20 years of experience with meditation in various traditions, from yoga to Buddhism, and how he finally took up Shinto as his preferred form of practice. He has an interesting SL profile, with on the first page:

    In your soul so…………..
    Please talk to me………..
    I might be talking to your heart.
    now Im nothing!!!
    now Im all.

    and on the last page:

    My RL is quiet.
    The occurring reality appears and disappears.
    I stare at the movement of mind.
    When I do will of something, the world appears.
    SL is the nothing again, too.
    There is no difference between SL and RL.
    They are Maya.
    Maya is IT.

    After a while his RL wife Anan McCallen joined us, and my RL wife, Kiremimi Tigerpaw. Since Friedrich was just leaving, the four of us continued our conversation in Japanese. We talked about nonconceptual insight and ways of seeing that go beyond strictly rational analysis. Since they happen to live in Kyoto, where we will be visiting next month, we agreed to meet in RL then.

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