2008.04.11 13:00 - Logins Diabled

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    This was the message I got, when I wanted to join the afternoon session. Unfortunately, it took half an hour before the Second Life logins were enabled again. From the SL web page I understood that those who were in-world could just continue.
    I found that rather ennoying, since that implied that others might be waiting for me to show up, unaware of the fact that my entrance to the system was blocked. I think it would be much more transparent to just close down the whole grid, rather than limping along and forbidding people to come in. But I can guess why Linden Lab does this: by limping along they probably don’t have to count this as official `down time’ . . . .

    When I finally succeeded to enter SL, around 1:45 pm SLT, I ran into Tara, who had just started doing some tai chi. We chatted for a while, and then we greeted Stim Morane, in Real Life Steven Tainer, my collaborator for the Ways of Knowing project. It was Stim’s first venture out from the help island, after he was recently born in SL.

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