2008.04.28 07:00 - How it is Growing

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    Yesterday evening, I was alone in the tea house, which gave me a chance to reminisce. This morning, to my surprise, I remained alone again. So this gave me a nice chance to look into the future, watching how our Play as Being initiative is steadily growing.

    Just that morning, I had sent out an email to a group of seven of our most regular visitors, who had all agreed to take responsibility for one day in the week, during which they will be present in the tea house for the afternoon session at 1 pm. The immediate reason was that I will be flying to Japan a week from now. I will spend a couple months there for my work, and during that time it will be difficult for me to attend the afternoon session; it would start at 5 am for me in Japan :-).

    This change will have at least two benificial effects. For one thing, it will enable me to be present during the SL night shift, SL 1 am time, since that will be 5 pm for me in Japan. For another, it is wonderful to see so much excitement from my friends in PaB, to the point of sharing the task of providing a continuous presence in the tea house.

    Play as Being practice four times a hour, 9 seconds each time.

    PaB community gathering four times a day, for real now, 1 am, 7 am, 1 pm, 7 pm SLT.

    Something is emerging here, a new way of continuity practice . . . .

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