2008.05.15 13:00 - Tea for Two

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    The initial comment below are Pema's, then you'll see where Storm takes it over.

    That afternoon, Storm stayed at the tea house, and afterwards sent me the following report. After reading it, I flew over to Magoja, and indeed saw a giant old tree that Storm had planted near the small house that he had put down there earlier. More and more the forest is taking shape . . . .

    Storm took his turn at the tea house. The sound of the rain was delightfully refreshing but he needed more. This was a tea house after all. And the tea here seems to be sentient. How can one not engage it in conversation…

    Cha-No-Yu Japanese Tea Ceremony (Taupe) owned by Dakini Rhode gave you
    Cha-No-Yu Japanese Tea Ceremony (Taupe): Please enjoy your ceremonial cup of
    cha, Storm Nordwind-san. Goziemashta arigato.
    Chawan : Mmmm, delicious green cha made in the ceremonial Japanese
    tradition, Storm Nordwind, so refreshing!
    Storm Nordwind: Yes it’s wonderful. Thank you so much!
    Storm Nordwind: What better than to sit drinking good tea while watching the
    raindrops descend and splash all around.
    Chawan : Don’t you feel at one with nature now, Storm Nordwind so peaceful
    and relaxed.
    Storm Nordwind: Now that you mention it, yes I do…

    Amazing how something so simple can take one’s entire attention. Thirty minutes later, no one had come to share the tea, and Storm went back to the Magoja cottage to build a fireplace, starting to make it more cosy, and to plant a gigantic central tree.

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