2008.05.16 07:00 - Brief Encounters

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    The Guardian was Pema, the comments are his.

    That morning, Maxine and Sky and I gathered in the tea house. It took us all quite a bit of time before we were fully rezzed. Once again SL has been very slow the last 24 hours. For a long time the rain outside obscured everything in the form of large grey-blue blocks floating down, but finally we were all there.

    We chatted briefly, and I told Maxine and Sky that I had an astronomy meeting coming up for which I’d like to prepare a bit more. Therefore I suggested that they continue to talk with each other, and that I would leave early. They didn’t mind, and in fact it gave Maxine a chance to tell Sky about the guardian meeting last Sunday, where Sky had not been able to attend.

    Soon after that, Kat dropped by briefly, but then SL frooze and went down for maintenance, as Maxine told me later.

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