2008.05.20 13:00 - Waiting for the Mountain

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    That afternoon, Genesis was the guardian, and she would later send Pema the following report.

    No one came to the teahouse today so I spent sometime thinking about a conversation I had here a couple of nights ago about going “beyond” bliss in mediation. Someone asked what it meant to go beyond and the group suggested that first you must arrive at a place of “self” awareness before going beyond that self and into being. I liked this way of thinking about going beyond duality, beyond bliss and beyond aggravation. That first you arrive at a point of reference the “self” then once this tool is exhausted you let it go, discard it and go beyond into being. It reminded me of a Zen saying I once heard “First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is.” I am still waiting for the mountain to return :)

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