2008.05.27 19:00 - Arming and Disarming

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    The Guardian was Pema and the comments are his as well.

    That evening, when I walked into the tea house, I was delighted to see Doug again, after what seemed like ages, or at least a number of weeks :-). I fell into the middle of a conversation about Doug’s garden, I gathered.

    doug Sosa: the garden is weedy, the work has too many dimensions. the world is out of synch with itself. Otherwise, fine.
    Rajah Yalin: hi pema
    Rajah Yalin: hi tara, doug
    Pema Pera: Hi everybody!
    doug Sosa: hi back.
    Rajah Yalin: namaste
    Tara Farmer: hey
    Tara Farmer hates weedy gardens
    Pema Pera: Hi Tara, good seeing you again!
    Pema Pera: Hi Rajah!
    Pema Pera: And hi Doug, nice suprise!!
    Tara Farmer: Pema, my dear, how’s the guru biznass?
    Pema Pera: hahaha
    doug Sosa: i dream about them, the shapes, the texture, the resistance. not bad.
    Tara Farmer: I attended one of Genesis’ meetings today
    Pema Pera: Tara knows how to push people’s buttons :-)
    Pema Pera: ah, that was 6 hours ago, right?
    Tara Farmer: yes
    Pema Pera: I was fast asleep here in Tokyo
    doug Sosa: genesis?
    Tara Farmer: i see
    Pema Pera: One of the regulars here, Doug
    Pema Pera: I guess you haven’t been here in a month or so, right?
    Rajah Yalin: yeah genesis was at the last one
    doug Sosa: at least. it felt strange again. Love the birds.
    Rajah Yalin: doug its nice to meet you
    Rajah Yalin: i just started coming here not too long ago, now im here a lot
    Pema Pera: so very very different from the Qwaq environment
    doug Sosa: yes, well, so to speak. i don’t fully yet materialize an avatar.

    I mentioned to the others how I have been working with Doug last year.

    Pema Pera: Rajah and Tara, Doug and I were involved in a kind of pre-PaB exploration
    Pema Pera: that was in the fall of last year
    Tara Farmer: I see
    Pema Pera: half a year before we started Play as Being
    Pema Pera: it was called differently
    Pema Pera: and not as playful :-)
    Pema Pera: in a different virtual world
    Pema Pera: called Qwaq Forums
    doug Sosa: let me listen a bit.
    Tara Farmer: Qwag?
    Pema Pera: http://qwaq.com
    Tara Farmer: thanks pema
    Pema Pera: http://www.waysofknowing.net/VRExplorations.html
    Pema Pera: is the web site that describes what we did there
    Rajah Yalin: I’ll check it out, not quite this moment though, I’m having a bit of lag
    Tara Farmer: so i guess all this travel probably helps you with the whole “shaking up reality” bit
    Pema Pera: oh sure
    Pema Pera: in and out of Japan
    Pema Pera: in and out of SL
    Pema Pera: in and out of dreams
    Pema Pera: :-)
    Tara Farmer: you dream during all that?
    Tara Farmer: I would never
    Pema Pera: life is a dream
    Rajah Yalin: Pema I love to travel, have i told you a bit about my travels?
    Tara Farmer: sweetheart
    Pema Pera: and jetlag helps to show how dreamlike life is!
    Tara Farmer: not really, but you told me you were all over the place
    Pema Pera: no, Rajah, please do!
    doug Sosa: I may say something. intersting meeting last thursday. the playwrite tom stoppard has a trilogy, played in london ny and moscow. the directors of the moscow and ny productions were at the meeting, never had met, but watched video’s of scenes from the two productions.

    Rajah started telling about his background.

    Rajah Yalin: well my most recent out of vanuatu was a visit to tibet in 2002
    Tara Farmer: I see
    Rajah Yalin: 5 years in india / nepal
    Tara Farmer is so american
    Tara Farmer: i have only been to mexico and canada
    Rajah Yalin: and a summer in palermo, italy - I am going to the US next month
    Pema Pera: Hi Steve!
    Rajah Yalin: hi Steve
    Pema Pera: Doug, Steve is another regular here, like Tara
    stevenaia Michinaga: helllo, please continue
    Pema Pera: and Rajah is quickly becoming a regular :-)
    Tara Farmer: hey steve
    stevenaia Michinaga: a regular listener…. smile
    doug Sosa: hello steve, regular.
    Rajah Yalin: yes that I am - and after thursday with all the time on my hands I’ll be here even more :O
    Tara Farmer: i don’t see your name
    Rajah Yalin: thats your warning
    Tara Farmer: he he
    Tara Farmer: LOL

    Stevenaia had entered, and Tara brought up the question of Buddhism in relation to PaB.

    Tara Farmer: so, i asked genesis a question and now i want your answer pema
    Tara Farmer: is “PaB” directly or indirectly related to buddhism?
    Pema Pera: certainly not directly
    Pema Pera: and indirectly only to the extent that Playing as Being touches upon experiences
    Pema Pera: that are explored in Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism
    Pema Pera: as well as Sufism, Christian Mysticism, etc
    Pema Pera: Buddhism is perhaps one of the most rational-sounding
    Pema Pera: if not intellectual-sounding
    Pema Pera: so from an academic point of view perhaps the easiest to connect with
    Pema Pera: but practitioners in each of those traditions, when they start to really see, well, they see :-)
    Pema Pera: reality
    Pema Pera: independent of traditions
    Tara Farmer: of course
    Tara Farmer: isen and i were just discussing something similar
    Tara Farmer: like…all rivers flow into the sea
    Tara Farmer: kind of idea
    doug Sosa: nothing is “direct”. There is always a space between the cue ball and the other ball. That is why there is freedom.
    Tara Farmer: or the power of thought
    Tara Farmer: however you want to look at it
    Tara Farmer: I guess my lesson to learn with all of this religion talk and PaB and all of this is to teach me to let go of some of the self i have been trying to connect with
    Tara Farmer: but that is scary
    Tara Farmer: and I don’t neccesarily want to do it
    Tara Farmer: the people I meet here and the things we talk about…it all points in the same direction
    Tara Farmer: indirectly of course
    Tara Farmer snickers

    The question of “dropping the self” can be understood in many ways, some of them very helpful, other ones more of a hindrance.

    Pema Pera: Tara, for me the main breakthrough came, when I had similar feelings as you, to realize that what I was struggling to give up had never ever existed
    Pema Pera: so there was nothing to give up
    Pema Pera: even if I wanted to
    Pema Pera: nada, zip
    Tara Farmer: untrue pema
    Tara Farmer: there is something to give up
    Tara Farmer: independence
    Pema Pera: why would you want to give that up?
    Tara Farmer: LOL
    Tara Farmer: who knows
    Pema Pera: by feeling stuck to an illusion of self, you lose independence
    Pema Pera: by dropping self, you regain
    Pema Pera: independance
    Pema Pera: Hi Dakini!
    Dakini Rhode: hi!
    doug Sosa: independence is not isolation. two instruments playing a duet are independent and not, and the not makes it one but the independence makes it a duet.
    Pema Pera: Hi Storm!
    Tara Farmer: well, I think a major factor for me is this definition of self
    Storm Nordwind: Hi
    Dakini Rhode: so funny to stand outside the teahouse and hear all the typing
    Tara Farmer: hey to all who just arrived
    Tara Farmer: I see what you are saying doug

    Dakini and Storm walked in; it turns out that they had been waiting and listening for a bit while still outside.

    stevenaia Michinaga: I just had a conversations about pathes you take in life… I believe the independence I ahve is directly related to the randomness of life…or fate, how independant is that?
    Tara Farmer: and it helps me to understand
    Rajah Yalin: hi Storm
    Storm Nordwind has been here quietly listening for five minutes! :)
    Rajah Yalin: hi Dakini
    Rajah Yalin didn’t notice either of you.
    Tara Farmer: I guess some of this stems from finding like minds, or unlike minds, as it were
    Dakini Rhode: standing here slowly rezzing….
    Rajah Yalin: Dak, i dont know what happened but somehow the TV slideshow got into my inventory - i put it back but it got returned
    Pema Pera: yes, Tara, sharing with others is very helpful in getting a sense of what all this talk about self and no-self is pointing to
    Dakini Rhode: lol would you like to give it back to me?
    Rajah Yalin: yep
    Pema Pera: it can very easily be misunderstood
    Dakini Rhode: haha talk about sharing… :-)
    Tara Farmer: yes i think i misunderstand
    Rajah Yalin: sharing is caring
    doug Sosa: slideshow?
    Tara Farmer: because to me , it seems like you (or not you, but the idea of no self) is telling me that it is okay to be my self if it does not bring me suffering
    stevenaia Michinaga: tao of Barney?
    Tara Farmer: or….
    Tara Farmer: like people who have destructive behavior patterns and things of this nature, can find solace int he fact that they are suffering because of things they “thought” were true
    Tara Farmer: Now, I am not perfect, but I think I am fairly enlightened (LOL) and I feel threatened when someone tells me to stop being myself, and there is nothing, and it is impossible to tell you about myself because I have no self

    Talking in a few sentence about the notion of no-self is tricky, but I tried to do so anyway.

    Pema Pera: well, words are very limited . . . . but we have to start somewhere . . .
    Pema Pera: and we all start with who we think we are . . . .
    Pema Pera: and then we may find other aspects of who we really are
    Pema Pera: amazing, stunning, shocking aspects
    Pema Pera: shocking in being to totally other than what we had thought
    Pema Pera: so much so that the best images are
    Pema Pera: waking up from a dream
    Pema Pera: or realizing that a movie is just a movie
    doug Sosa: any part of ourself we do not like has energy. the thing is to reclaim the positive side of that energy. jeolousy for example, shows we care, Not bad.
    Pema Pera: it is impossible to convey in words how shocking that really is
    Pema Pera: more shocking than if you could somehow walk through a wall . . . .
    Tara Farmer: well, i guess the problem is, I think I am already there, but being told I’m not
    Tara Farmer: :)
    Tara Farmer: as Storm would say, others cannot tell you what you are
    Tara Farmer: you said that to me right storm
    Pema Pera: we have to go slow, and really take the time to look at what it is that we call “here” and “me” and “are/be”
    Storm Nordwind nods
    Tara Farmer: I understand pema, if you do not know the …. perspective, things could get all jumbled
    Pema Pera: nobody is telling anyone here what the truth is — but when we make a statment that seems different from what someone else was saying, we have a starting point for an investigation, an exploration, together, like joint research
    Pema Pera: then things get fun
    Pema Pera: and playful
    Tara Farmer: ha ha
    Storm Nordwind: or scary
    Storm Nordwind: :)
    Pema Pera: oh yes!
    Pema Pera: a good sign, always!

    Tara then made us all curious.

    Tara Farmer: well I don’t dare tell you what i really think
    Tara Farmer: LOL
    Pema Pera: too scary, Tara?
    doug Sosa: but it would be fun.
    Tara Farmer: there would be pillows flying in the teahouse
    Pema Pera: hahah
    Tara Farmer: no pema
    Tara Farmer: too offensive
    Tara Farmer: maybe
    Tara Farmer: but unintentionally
    Storm Nordwind unfurls his Mk3 throwing pillow
    Tara Farmer: he he
    Dakini Rhode: we need a pillow fight animation!
    Tara Farmer: I guess I come from a background of, let’s call it…intentionality
    Pema Pera: Rajah, if the tea elevates you too much, you have to stand up and sit down — a side effect of the script :-)
    Dakini Rhode: oh gosh, i have one!
    Tara Farmer: difficult for me to be without intention, as it were
    Dakini Rhode is armed
    Tara Farmer: oh i dare ya dakini
    Tara Farmer: i’ll get out my frying pan
    Dakini Rhode: haha
    doug Sosa: omlet!
    Storm Nordwind is also armed
    doug Sosa: That’s hamlet in french
    Tara Farmer: I’m gonna fry you WOMAN
    Tara Farmer: :)

    With everybody holding something weapon like, I decided to simply drink a glass of martini — it could come in handy afterwards :-). But soon I decided to switch to sake

    martini: Martini time;)
    Tara Farmer: see i told you
    Dakini Rhode wonders if Tara means dakini or storm…
    Pema Pera: I’ll drink to all that!
    Tara Farmer: i told you the fur would fly
    Dakini Rhode: sorry don’t mean to ruin a serious conversation
    Dakini Rhode: please continue
    Sake (Junmai-Shu): Junmai-Shu: 100% pure rice wine…enjoy it Pema Pera
    Krewe du Jieux’s Kosher Scotch Neat whispers: Oy! There’s nothing like a single-malt mitzvah.
    Tara Farmer: he he dakini
    Tara Farmer: it was too serious
    doug Sosa: when, where, who?
    Dakini Rhode: I think you were just starting to get somewhere, and Tara since when do hold back from saying what you really think?
    Tara Farmer: ok, guys, enough of this hooplah, I got a date with my baby
    Dakini Rhode: That wouldn’t be authentic!
    Tara Farmer: have a great night….
    Tara Farmer: and I will see you all soon
    Pema Pera: Bye Tara,
    stevenaia Michinaga: bye Tara
    Storm Nordwind: Bye for now!
    Pema Pera: looking forward to hearing the rest of the story!
    Pema Pera: next time!
    Tara Farmer: bye everyone
    doug Sosa: night.

    We wouldn’t hear Tara’s story, at least not that night.

    Storm Nordwind disarms and pours himself a Guinness
    stevenaia Michinaga: am I hovering?
    Dakini Rhode: i’m lagging badly tonight…
    Dakini Rhode: i may need to relog
    Dakini Rhode: yes you are Steve.. levitating
    stevenaia Michinaga: must be good scotch
    Pema Pera: I should be going soon too
    Pema Pera: getting close to lunch time here
    doug Sosa: dinner here
    stevenaia Michinaga: what’s for lunch Pema?
    Storm Nordwind: Dawn chorus here
    Pema Pera: rice ;)

    We were all quiet for a while, after detaching our various implements again. Storm put up a little storm around him instead.

    stevenaia Michinaga: well pema, looks like your lunch is a show stopper
    doug Sosa: and so, good night all, or day or..
    Pema Pera: long line . . .
    Pema Pera: perhaps
    stevenaia Michinaga: nice to see you doug, love your complexion
    Pema Pera: goes well with Storm’s storm!
    Pema Pera: see you all soon again!
    Storm Nordwind: Bye for now!

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