2008.05.30 01:00 - Rest in Rieul

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    The following comments are Pema's.

    For the first time in quite a while, I was by myself, during the 1 am SLT night session. I sat on the wooden board attached to the side of the tea house, and looked out over the landscape. Reflecting on all the events of the last few days, I was struck again at the sense of time flowing in SL so much faster than in RL. I wondered why that was. Perhaps because it is so easy to reach everyone here, especially the seasoned SL residents who are in-world several hours a day?

    In any case, just in the last few days, we have seen a new mangrove forest on our property near the sea, we double the shoreline there by acquiring a neighboring piece of land, we set in motion making PaB into a non-profit organization, we saw that auctions are being planned for many parcels in Rieul, and we’ve started to use Storm’s new pub in Magoja. And then there are the many conversations, four a day, in which so many important aspects of reality and practice were discussed! Amazing, all.

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