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    2009.07.13 01:00 - Serious friendship

    Most people who emigrate seems to hold on to the things they know from their country of origin. Some even hold on harder than the ones they left behind ... in religion, culture and language.
    Once a plant is out of the pot [bonsai], it's not possible to re-pot it again.


    I'm not sure if we can have that competitive nature in something and not others.
    Maybe make it a choice.

    2009.07.13 07:00 - Simple Things

    Picturing something partly dropped, suspended in air :) Thinking about your comment "all or none" and agreeing that it would be hard to drop something partially ...

    2009.07.13 13:00 - Constructions

    By using social constructs, it seems to me also that we are always interpreting experience.
    I agree, rather than seeing/experiencing it fully and it takes place on such subtle levels sometime.


    There are many distinct cases but if we have become addicted to new adventures or experiences, even "nothing special" feels "flat".


    We pretend to be slaves but note that real slaves don't get their shirts ironed by someone else.
    I wonder why shirts still have to be ironed in this day and age :)

    2009.07.13 19:00 - Second "Knowledge" Theme Session

    Seen from classical mechanics (cm) quantum mechanics (qm) is all paradox, weird, strange -- but from within qm logic, qm is just what it is, no problem.


    Just because something hurts doesn't mean you have to suffer.
    'Pain is inevitable, suffering is an option.'


    If you are stuck with hunger, you still have options ... like in any situation in life.
    Yes there are options, and a role I would play is to both feed now and teach to fish later.
    Will some not seek to learn to fish if they are not hungry?

    2009.07.14 01:00 - Three times in one

    Many times people just want to show their anger. Dealing with it takes time , showing it would release all the negative charges at once.
    It feels like release, but actually it jus solidifies the anger.
    I think it is both.
    If one meditates all these things happen automatically.

    2009.07.14 07:00 - Keeping it going for you

    Mom would say "time to go now" and I would be jerked out of that world.


    We have a room that is the living room ...what goes on in all the other rooms?


    An overnight success with 20 years of experience.

    2009.07.14 13:00 - philosophy of philosophy

    ... just mentioned utilitarianism and the issue that children's books are very dualistic. Most of them don't mention more than good and evil.
    I believe you have to learn the (even philosophical) basic [good and bad, right and wrong etc.] before getting complicated. And then when you get older you find out that 'lived happily ever after' was too short description of RL :)

    2009.07.14 19:00 - Being in motion

    How did that feel, the Being seeing part?
    It is hard for me to say, I felt like I tranced out. Need a way to do it without that.
    Breathing, less eyes more breath.
    Yes the need to keep attending to details while also becoming open for the larger picture. And breathing is a good way to help balance those two!


    I just came from an amazing jazz/improvised performance ... silence and listening and sounds and rhythm, crescendos and quiet. It had a quality of loose, attentive, "disciplined", free.

    2009.07.15 01:00 - Geeks & RVs

    Looking forward to seeing you in RL in a month, it's coming closer now!
    Yes me too, its coming up so fast.

    2009.07.15 07:00 - The Wind From a Certain Mountain

    I think each of us has a compatible angle.


    We should ask what is spiritual growth :-)) For me spiritual means better knowing of self and the nature of teh world, and PaB has given me much in that sense.


    In Play as Being we seem to share the intention of overlap ... looking for shared experience rather than mere debate, etc
    When I started here I was worried that it was all Buddhists but I now feel there has been a more unifying element to the openness about different beliefs.
    Unity is an important word I think, when we talk about spiritualism.
    Yes exactly, and we are such a diverse group with so many paradigms.


    Am thinking that embracing discovery/insight is very passionate, total, yet we also learn to take it lightly ... to hold both at once or not hold, as it were. Emptiness and bliss ? :)

    2009.07.15 13:00 - Active - Passive Thoughts

    Listening might be very active..


    Passive v. active is dualism so it can't be entirely passive or entirely active. This is wu wei, riding something out to its natural end.


    One of the most surprising phenomena I found on the way is that sometimes when you reduce teh force and loosen your grip, everything fals into place.
    except typos

    2009.07.15 19:00 - Heart, Mind and Self

    Walked by a sign today that read ... beauty is the transfiguration of life through love ... made me smile.
    To that I would also say, Beauty is the evidence of life through love.


    Perhaps ... because in the mind is singular and the heart all encompassing ... the all encompassing being the truer reality :)
    Is the mind always singular, and is the heart always all-encompassing?
    I guess once you reach enlightenment your mind becomes all encompassing ...
    There is human drama in everything.
    I think that is natural, as humans are after all, social human beings.
    Hearts and minds diverging then.
    Until you are really ready for I suspect nirvana would be dull :)
    How a loss of reverence allows trivialities and social drama to arise.

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