2009.10.31 07:00 - Time Birthing from Desire

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    The Guardian for this meeting was sophia Placebo. The comments are by sophia Placebo.

    sophia Placebo: hello qt
    Qt Core: hi sopia
    sophia Placebo: how are you ?
    Qt Core: sleepy, haven't slept enough
    Qt Core: you ?
    sophia Placebo: im alive
    sophia Placebo: any great explorations lately ?
    sophia Placebo: observations *
    Qt Core: i have two thing rolling in my mind in last days
    Qt Core: one (the one keeping my quiet thinking most) is the bolonath observation about time birthing from desire
    Qt Core: and the other is a little shame feeling about my ignorance about islam when i found myself asking if there is something like baptism in it (and i pride myself about having read the quran, silly me)
    sophia Placebo: :) no shame in asking
    sophia Placebo: can you say more about time and desire
    Qt Core: i've read thet in the chat log about the first advaita vedanta session
    Qt Core: and i was blinded by that
    Qt Core: like i felt the universe frozing
    Qt Core: no desire=no (unnecessary) movement
    Qt Core: and that apply to both good desires (as i want to eat my next lunch) and unhealthy ones
    Qt Core: those last observation are my ones, don't know how much good they are
    sophia Placebo: hmm
    sophia Placebo: im trying to get it from the chat log
    Qt Core: it was on monday i think
    sophia Placebo: the second session ?
    Qt Core: first one
    sophia Placebo: the desire is the wheel of birth
    sophia Placebo: Bolonath Crystal: the last point is: getting rid of selfish desires, especially refraining from stealing Bolonath Crystal: this applies not only to material things Bolonath Crystal: desire in general is the motor of the wheel of birth, death and rebirth Bolonath Crystal: so these are the 5 yamas: non-violence, truthfullness, temperance, independence and desirelessness
    Qt Core: starting to worry if i have some memory problem and i read that somewhere else...
    sophia Placebo: hehe no worries
    sophia Placebo: it is what you observe is what is important now
    sophia Placebo: how the world frozen for you ?
    Qt Core: it was the idea that without desire (maybe better needs in this context) i and everything else would not have to act/move/worry
    Qt Core: maybe i'm just trying to building an excuse for my epic laziness ;-)
    sophia Placebo: we would be vegi state
    sophia Placebo: hehe
    sophia Placebo: not sure if that what is the point of the no desire
    Qt Core: maybe more than reaching that point is knowing that that is the push for many actions and being ale to contro it
    Qt Core: ale=able
    sophia Placebo: hmm
    sophia Placebo: desire at that time may meant specific meaning
    sophia Placebo: and not broad one
    sophia Placebo: and desirelessness too
    sophia Placebo: we have similar meaning in islam
    sophia Placebo: has nothing to do with time but
    sophia Placebo: it dosnt ask you to be astoic
    sophia Placebo: though we when mention it we talk as if we are going to be astoic
    Qt Core: set your goals high so if you miss them you still have something done ;-)
    sophia Placebo: hehe maybe
    sophia Placebo: this is the issue we have , we must never at all think we reach perfectness
    sophia Placebo: or complete purity , and we know we cant be perfect , yet we talk about to tame our desires as if we can abolish them , though we know we arent going that way
    Qt Core: sometimes i find scary similarities between religions and quality certification processes in regard to the push to perfection
    sophia Placebo: so i guess there is some cultural elements there , what desire means and what it signifies
    sophia Placebo: ohh i find that lovely
    sophia Placebo: what make it scary for you ?
    Qt Core: the onemindnesses (if that is a word)
    sophia Placebo: hehe , can you explain it
    Qt Core: on the quality manager/documentation side
    Qt Core: in quality certifications perfection seem a goals on its own, without a reason
    sophia Placebo: :)
    Qt Core: we often call thq quality certification ... the blue patch... as in the blue chiquita blue patch on bananas ;-)
    sophia Placebo: im researching something for my parcel in bieup about that , there are notes in the frames , you can read them
    sophia Placebo: onemindeness
    sophia Placebo: some may say that those are our evoulotion behavoir , we learned that some behavours are with good results and others are not
    sophia Placebo: thats why we have similar qulaity certification
    sophia Placebo: still dont see how you see it scary thing
    Qt Core: it gave me a feeling as if this thing, quality, better with a capital Q, is more important than everything, people too
    Qt Core: and sometimes than measiring this ethereal thing is more important of the process.thing being measured
    sophia Placebo: but isnt that a releif?
    sophia Placebo: you dont need to be a king nor a the richest nor the smartest
    sophia Placebo: it is you and yourself and how you increase is quality with parameters not related with special to social or class
    Qt Core: well, i was on a more lower level, just speaking about quality in productive processes
    sophia Placebo: oh
    Qt Core: the ISO stardards
    sophia Placebo: do you think human can be blue patched?
    Qt Core: can yes, should maybe not
    sophia Placebo: i guess it cant be
    sophia Placebo: humans change , good to bad and bad to good
    Qt Core: the question reminded me about the movie Gattaca
    sophia Placebo: how ?
    Qt Core: in the movie they give you a fate/blue patch/role depending on your dna, and that would rule your life
    sophia Placebo: well
    sophia Placebo: thats not how life is
    sophia Placebo: shouldnt and i think couldnt be like that
    Qt Core: the main wrong in that idea is that it leaved completly out environment
    sophia Placebo: true
    sophia Placebo: it leaves to that human isnt static nature , nor his thougts are near finit limit
    sophia Placebo: one can generate quite large numbers of possibilites which could be translated to actions

    Then was the last bell and i had to leave
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