2009.08.21 01:00 - Numbers hide as much as they tell

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    Wol Euler was the guardian for this session. Comments tomorrow, perhaps.



    Wol Euler: hello arch

    Wol Euler: how are you today?




    Archmage Atlantis: Improving, after 6 months I'm about 30% settled in to the new place and now my arm is healed and I've had some physical therapy I'm more able to do for myself, so things are moving faster

    Archmage Atlantis: How are you?

    Wol Euler: that's a lot of information in one sentence :)

    Wol Euler: I'm well, thanks, looking forward to a half-day off work, and a weekend

    Archmage Atlantis: I'm often told that by the time I finish a sentence, the listener is so lost they've tuned me out *chuckle*

    Wol Euler: um, that's not quite what I meant.

    Archmage Atlantis: That sounds nice, you have plans?

    Wol Euler: there are four possible converstional threads in that sentence.

    Wol Euler: not really, some shopping and RL house maintenance

    Archmage Atlantis: Ah, I see.

    Wol Euler: dull stuff, but dull can be good too sometimes. Too much excitement is wearying.

    Wol Euler: hello bertrum

    Archmage Atlantis: Yeppers, sure is

    Archmage Atlantis: Hiya Bertrum

    Bertrum Quan: Hello Wol, Arch

    Wol Euler: it sounds like you've had a bit too much excitement too lately, arch.

    Archmage Atlantis: Yes, the last 57 years, actually 56, there was one calm year

    Wol Euler: O.O

    Archmage Atlantis: *smile*

    Archmage Atlantis: But this year, and the 2 prior were especially difficult.

    Wol Euler nods.

    Archmage Atlantis: Although I think I've managed to talk myself through all that emotion.

    Wol Euler: well, I'm sorry to hear it; and glad to hear that.

    Archmage Atlantis: Time to move on.....Onward and Upward, as is sometimes said.

    Wol Euler nods

    Wol Euler: there was that old saw about time and wounds and healing ...

    Archmage Atlantis: Like all old sayings, it bears truth, but also like all sayings, incomplete truth.

    Wol Euler: mmm?

    Archmage Atlantis: We often hold to old wounds, especially from childhood, long past when they have learning value.

    Wol Euler nods

    Archmage Atlantis: So time does not heal all

    Archmage Atlantis: It may help the concious mind to forget, but

    Wol Euler: perhaps it would if we let it? Does holding on to old injuries keep the wound open?

    Archmage Atlantis: the unconcious mind holds on

    Archmage Atlantis: I would personally, I emphasize this is personal, it is like picking at a scab

    Archmage Atlantis: The wound is not allowed to heal, and may in fact become infected

    Wol Euler nods. A hard habit to stop if the itch is once indulged.

    Archmage Atlantis: Again the problem is more in the unconcious mind than the concious mind of principle, will and control




    Archmage Atlantis: Hence, philosophy, religion, psychiatrists, healers, et al

    Wol Euler: you're very quiet, Bertrum, what do you think?

    Bertrum Quan: I'm tired this evening... will be listening...

    Wol Euler: fair enough :)

    Archmage Atlantis: Wol, do you practice the suggested points of PaB as a regular aspect of your daily life

    Archmage Atlantis: I am trying to decide

    Wol Euler: mmmmm, mostly yes.

    Archmage Atlantis: for myself

    Wol Euler: I don't do the nine-second meditations regularly, I find that they interrupt my concentration too strongly

    Wol Euler: so I take them medicinally as needed, but yes several times a day.

    Wol Euler: I find them very useful as centering and grounding exercises.

    Wol Euler: bringing me back to commonsense when the stress of work gets too great

    Wol Euler: have you tried the exercises, Arch?

    Archmage Atlantis: That was a good anwer.....For me, homebound with 4 hours of simple body care...the regularity might work better now, but when I was able to work, I think it would have benefited me to do as you do

    Wol Euler raises her eyebrows. Another sentence bursting with information :)

    Archmage Atlantis: Really? Maybe it's just that I don't have secrets anymore

    Wol Euler smiles.

    Wol Euler: they might be useful to you in various ways even so, Arch.

    Wol Euler: (the exercises, not secrets)

    Archmage Atlantis: *smiles widely* - I did understand

    Archmage Atlantis: Yes, like my physical therapist often says to me, it isn't how many times or how well you do the exercises......just that I do them regularly




    Wol Euler: yes, absolutely, teh frequency changes meditation from a special event to a regular part of normal life

    Archmage Atlantis: Agree

    Wol Euler: it quickly has a quite strong effect, through repetition.

    Archmage Atlantis: Wol. do you mind me asking what your job/career is?

    Wol Euler: and doing it in all situations and times makes it into a tool that is always available to you, you don't "need" the cushion and the comfy loose pnts

    Wol Euler: I'm an architect, I work with people I've known from college days 27 years ago.

    Archmage Atlantis: Kewl

    Wol Euler: yeah. I really value having very longstanding friendships.

    Wol Euler: I have few friends, but I do keep them :)

    Archmage Atlantis: Remind me to put in an application *chuckle*

    Wol Euler chuckles

    Wol Euler: let's see. 2009+27 = 2036. Sure, why not.

    Archmage Atlantis: How did you come to PaB?

    Wol Euler: I had met Fael outside of PaB, in a shop selling animations and poses actually. We got talking, and eventually she invited me to come here. It was a good match for what I needed at the time

    Wol Euler: and still need now.

    Wol Euler: I had tried to keep a meditation practice going in RL, but it always collapsed under the weight of being a special event. I too often didn'T have time or psychic space for that specialness

    Archmage Atlantis: Understand that

    Archmage Atlantis: The few folks who come over still have trouble with the fact that a conversation I'm having on SL is as "real" as the one I will be having with them

    Wol Euler nods.

    Wol Euler: it's impossible to explain the SL-ness of SL to somebody who hasn't been here.

    Wol Euler: hello NewbieWhoStandsInFountains.

    Archmage Atlantis: Hiya NewbieWhoStandsInFountains

    Wol Euler: well, that was fun.

    Archmage Atlantis: Just passing through

    Archmage Atlantis: I suppose

    Wol Euler: nearly two years old, but looked like a first-day newb. How odd.

    Archmage Atlantis: Hey, I was here years before I even reallly showed up more than once or twice a year

    Wol Euler: ah :)

    Wol Euler: what happened? you tried it and didn't like it, so stopped for a while?

    Archmage Atlantis: Numbers hide as much at they tell

    Wol Euler: :)

    Wol Euler: (rain, gotta close windows)

    Archmage Atlantis: No, but the article I read made it sound like a lot more was in place than I found to be the case......I wasn't until I realized I would never be able to do what I wanted to complete in RL that I came here as an alternative

    Archmage Atlantis: ok




    Wol Euler: back

    Wol Euler reads and nods.

    Archmage Atlantis: wb

    Wol Euler: ty

    Archmage Atlantis: It was a while after I completed my first project that the folks I had become friends with mentioned PaB

    Wol Euler: ah :)

    Bertrum Quan: "Night Arch, Wol.

    Wol Euler: 'night bert, sleep well

    Archmage Atlantis: Night Bertrum, Blessings

    Wol Euler: I think that many people use SL in that way, as a chance to do things that they couldn't do in RL. Or as practice/experiment for a different kind of RL.

    Archmage Atlantis: It is certainly useful that way, and that relates better to what I expected in the beginning.....The article had said major corporations and universities were involved in building classrooms and meeting places

    Wol Euler: is that the kind of project you worked on?

    Archmage Atlantis: But early on, all I found was another escapist fantasy world

    Wol Euler: and now?

    Wol Euler: (I infer your opinion has changed)

    Archmage Atlantis: It was a personal project, sort of a mission, if you will

    Archmage Atlantis: At least as it relates to the people I am meeting now......but to be honest I don't think I would have ever met them if not for that project

    Wol Euler nods.

    Wol Euler: one of the incidental joys of SL, one of its emergent properties, is as a social concentrator, bringing to gether likeminded people

    Archmage Atlantis: A lifelong problem for me, being an idealist in a corporate world,.......not a lot of overlap

    Wol Euler smiles

    Archmage Atlantis: The intersection on the Venn diagram would require a microscope

    Wol Euler: :)

    Wol Euler: or an internet...




    Archmage Atlantis: I remember one class we had, it was a popularized vesion of the Myers-Briggs, I think that's right, you know the INTP, ENJP etc stuff about personality......well the instructor asked a hypothetical

    Wol Euler: mmhmm

    Archmage Atlantis: about finding another company's information left on a plane

    Archmage Atlantis: And whether we would read it and keep it, or return it

    Archmage Atlantis: When about 80% said they would return it, I was ok, most people are honest

    Archmage Atlantis: Then, i follow up guestions I learned the ones who would return it, would read it first

    Archmage Atlantis: I was the only one who would return it unopened

    Wol Euler: hello stargate

    Stargate Tone: Hello love *

    Archmage Atlantis: Hey there sis

    Stargate Tone: Hello my bro :)***

    Stargate Tone: ah what a morning to me now *

    Archmage Atlantis: Pray tell

    Stargate Tone: ...dont lemme to cut your chat please *

    Archmage Atlantis: Wol, Star is the primary reason I decided to stay in SL this time

    Wol Euler: ah :)

    Wol Euler: thanks for the good deed, Star :)

    Stargate Tone: _/!\_

    Wol Euler: phone, brb

    Archmage Atlantis: She is my long lost sister from the other side

    Archmage Atlantis: Ok

    Archmage Atlantis: So, sis, you've had a real challenging morning?

    Wol Euler: (back)

    Stargate Tone: wb Wol *

    Archmage Atlantis: wb

    Wol Euler: ty :)

    Stargate Tone: ah; no; but beautiful, as the morning is to me atm and to get to meet you two :)

    Wol Euler: awww :)

    Archmage Atlantis: Ah, why thank you......I've enjoyed Wol's company

    Wol Euler: it was mutual :)

    Stargate Tone: understand that very well :)*

    Stargate Tone: merenkulku

    Stargate Tone: ah yes; I've always taken that I dont understand or never shall learned at all; business and maritime

    Archmage Atlantis: I think your translator blew a gasket star

    Archmage Atlantis: Maritime?

    Stargate Tone: but I've advised many business men too; in both; in RL and SL

    Stargate Tone: hm

    Stargate Tone: ok

    Stargate Tone: 'big boats sailing on wide oceans'...

    Wol Euler: hmmm, well that would be correct then. I guess it's the context that was unexpected

    Stargate Tone: all including to 'business with big boats'

    Archmage Atlantis: Oh, of course, most business in Finnland would be in shipping and trade

    Stargate Tone: yes

    Archmage Atlantis: Got it

    Stargate Tone: *

    Stargate Tone: ah yes; it's been long time so that it's better to be with business also just like any other human relates...

    Stargate Tone: that only them multimillionares can get quick profit....

    Archmage Atlantis: I think I like "big boats sailing on wide oceans".....I 'll have to work that into a conversation or note somewhere

    Stargate Tone: and for example in SL there is still such town, that got success based on my advises not to ' play' with advertizing




    Stargate Tone: ah yes; that saying is ment to 'describe' that no matter if the business is 'tiny' or 'the most wide'; the base rules are just the same...

    Stargate Tone: and what I have not ever learned that what all people are ready to do for money....

    Stargate Tone: and have never learned to 'make money' myself

    Stargate Tone: but would yes like to read your lines more my bro...

    Archmage Atlantis: Well, I'm going to have to start a personal Finnish/English dictionary.....I still can't get "hearts" correctly......I keep typing "Smegen" like in the Lord of the Rings

    Stargate Tone: ah; was so surprised of your sentencies, as they was so perfect; not done with the translator

    Wol Euler smiles

    Stargate Tone: well; that we can think that would be very much work, and 'bad' business, cuz finnish nation is so small :)***

    Stargate Tone: and disappering

    Wol Euler: how so?

    Stargate Tone: ah well...so small nation; 'melting' with other nations also what comes to language

    Wol Euler: ah, I see.

    Archmage Atlantis: Well, really what languages are used in groups like these, really

    Archmage Atlantis: English, mostly......and I suppose Mandarin Chinese

    Stargate Tone: btw; I just got to know the base reason to this special love 'between' Japanese and Finnish people

    Wol Euler: mm?

    Stargate Tone: as there's happen in history, that 'others went to west and others went to east'

    Stargate Tone: what comes to the roots of the nations of Japan and Finland

    Stargate Tone: whole my life I've known this special love and wondered the reason to that

    Stargate Tone: oh yes; on the other hand; the good translation to finnish can be also such long time's 'success'

    Archmage Atlantis: That's right, Finnish isn't Germanic or one of the other main language groups is it? It's like Basque that way.

    Stargate Tone: U r very right my bro *

    Archmage Atlantis: Hmm, I

    Stargate Tone: it's base is sanskriitti

    Stargate Tone: donno that language's 'name' in english...

    Stargate Tone: but think you know it with that name too

    Archmage Atlantis: I will have to look at the genetic DNA tracking charts also

    Stargate Tone: that's told me by the person who's done such examines

    Wol Euler: Sanscrit. How fascinating that it should be the basis of Finnish.

    Stargate Tone: yes

    Stargate Tone: it is

    Stargate Tone: finnish language is the second rich in words after chinese

    Archmage Atlantis: Sanskrit, the dominant language when humans repopulated Europe the first time out of the east of india

    Stargate Tone: I've let people to teach me that it's was the most rich language with words

    Stargate Tone: but...like we can know also of our own way to 'shorter' words to _/!\_ and :) and so

    Stargate Tone: we can understand what's happened :)*

    Archmage Atlantis: Heiroglyphics makes a return engagement in communication *smile*

    Stargate Tone: on the other hand; poetry thankfully 'keeps' languages to live ....at least imho

    Stargate Tone: yea *




    Stargate Tone: (had must to try :)*)

    Wol Euler: :)

    Stargate Tone: brb

    Archmage Atlantis: I hope one of the projects the library takes on will be the recorded preservation of the recorded words, poetry and song and storytelling, in all living languages.

    Wol Euler: wow

    Wol Euler: a great idea, and sadly necessary.

    Archmage Atlantis: Why not

    Wol Euler: many languages are as endangered as any species.

    Archmage Atlantis: We have enough technology and enough curious people

    Wol Euler grins. nice av!

    Stargate Tone: :)*

    Archmage Atlantis: It's the coordination that is the issue, and that is the whole purpose of the library

    Stargate Tone: and yes Arch; that's why I'de love that there would be good translator to finnish too :)*

    Archmage Atlantis: That and preservation as tech and world circumstances change

    Stargate Tone: I have a friend who's building such robot that speaks finnish....

    Stargate Tone: Mikro (the name of the robot) has also knowledge of bad and good

    Stargate Tone: also something about love

    Archmage Atlantis: Ok, Star, I keep expecting your av to resolve into something more solid,,, you are challenging my expectations *smile*

    Wol Euler: do you see four-leafed clovers?

    Wol Euler: or just mist?

    Archmage Atlantis: I would say green plant leaves, could be 4 leaf clovers

    Stargate Tone: solid

    Wol Euler: that's what I see too :)

    Stargate Tone: ah yes; they are them 'lucky leaves'

    Archmage Atlantis: Sort of like an invisible, sticky skinned entity just walked through a patch of ground cover

    Wol Euler: yes yes, Yeti Bling. I thought so! ;-) A wonderful store.

    Stargate Tone: well...just felt 'must' to ...for this beautiful lotus :)*

    Archmage Atlantis: Oh, I didn't even notice the lotus chair

    Stargate Tone: smiles :)*

    Archmage Atlantis: Now you are both going incorporial, yikes

    Stargate Tone: to Wol's Av now :)*

    Wol Euler grins transparently.

    Archmage Atlantis: Rose petals, Wol?

    Wol Euler: hearts

    Wol Euler: it's called "Love is all around"

    Wol Euler: also from Yeti Bling

    Stargate Tone: ah...so many times I just do....even many of my friends says that I think too much :)

    Archmage Atlantis: PaB as a living art gallery, interesting concept

    Stargate Tone: once I told that 'star is thinking' and then a friend asked 'do I need to hide' :)*

    Wol Euler: :)

    Stargate Tone: but well...star thought again :)*

    Archmage Atlantis: Yea, I'd say you did, missy

    Stargate Tone: and came to conclusion that now there is luck and love within Arch's thought to create the special translator :)*

    Wol Euler smiles

    Stargate Tone: maybe I and wol both 'just did' :)***

    Stargate Tone: and yes; lotus is also very special plant

    Archmage Atlantis: Well, I'm either going to have to keep up with the inspiration levels in here, so go feed a cranky complaining cat




    Wol Euler: heheh

    Stargate Tone: _/!\_

    Archmage Atlantis: And right now the cat seem easier

    Stargate Tone: Greetings to Nimbus *

    Archmage Atlantis: Bless to you both

    Wol Euler: I should go too, work awaits.

    Wol Euler: goodnight arch, take care, be happy.

    Archmage Atlantis: Au reviour

    Stargate Tone: wishing good time to you both *

    Stargate Tone: _/!\_

    Wol Euler: bye star, enjoy the day.

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