2008.08.20 01:00 - Back in the Old Days

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    Pema Pera was the guardian that night, at 1 am.  He quietly sat at the pavilion without anyone showing up for half an hour.  It felt like back in the old days, when few people came around this time of night.  For a while, this slot, too, became more lively, but recently attendance has followed more the U.S. cycle again, where 1 am SLT means 1 to 4 am on most of U.S. mainland.  We are still waiting for more Europeans, Asians, and others in other time zones.

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    Originally written on 11:29, 20 Aug 2008
    Aww, sorry Pema. I'm often on for the 1am meetings, mid-morning for me, but had a RL meeting instead.
    Posted 03:09, 9 Apr 2010
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