2008.08.21 13:00 - Eating jellyfish

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    This chat was recorded by Quilty Bookmite, filling in for Storm. The comments are his.

    I arrived early and Doug arrived shortly after. 

    Quilty Bookmite: Hi Doug
    doug Sosa: hi quilty
    Quilty Bookmite: How are you this evening/afternoon?
    doug Sosa: pretty well, smiles but on top of pain from struggling with projects.
    doug Sosa: Yourself?
    Quilty Bookmite: Struggling with work stuff. :-) But I'm pretty well.
    doug Sosa: lets stop struggling... :)
    Quilty Bookmite: Probably a good idea. :-)
    Quilty Bookmite: What sort of projects have you been struggling with?
    doug Sosa: what strikes me is that I am quite active physically and started added runnign to swimming, and it gives new little pains, but they are the same kinf of pai, different location, as the brain strain of just thinking alot.
    Quilty Bookmite: Really? I've not had that before.
    doug Sosa: projects - how to think better about the future, in critical institutions.
    Quilty Bookmite: I get pains from cycling.
    Adams appears. We talk about cycling and exercise in general.
    doug Sosa: hi adams.
    Quilty Bookmite: Hi Adams
    doug Sosa: i haven't cycled for many years, don't pay enough attention.
    Quilty Bookmite: Thanks for taking the log for me yesterday.
    doug Sosa: so dangerous.
    Adams Rubble: Hello Doug, hello Quilty
    doug Sosa: hi
    Quilty Bookmite: I don;t cycle enough, which is why it gets painful.
    Adams Rubble: Just did the part after you left :)
    doug Sosa: ?
    Adams Rubble: are we talking about bicycling?
    Quilty Bookmite: Yesterdays chat at this time went on a long time Doug.
    doug Sosa: pains from exercize, muslces or brains.
    Quilty Bookmite: Yes.
    Adams Rubble: ah just picked it up after 30 years 3 yeras ago when I couldn't walk to work anymore
    doug Sosa: oh and now trying to incorporate italin for a trip in october.
    Quilty Bookmite: Exercising my brain just makes me tired.
    Adams Rubble: I feel like a kid again
    doug Sosa: yes, we had apins then too!
    doug Sosa: but it all so frech, even when ugly.
    Quilty Bookmite: I really enjoy cycling when I do it. :-)
    doug Sosa: fresh... i took a long bike trip when i was 12 through northern canada.
    doug Sosa: remote, wonderful.
    Adams Rubble: wow
    Quilty Bookmite: Sounds wonderful!
    Quilty Bookmite: I go out on a Sunday morning with my daughter on the back.
    Quilty Bookmite: Usually about 9 miles. :-)
    doug Sosa: bet she loves it.
    Adams Rubble: that's ncie
    Quilty Bookmite: She does! She knows now and when I put her cycling helmet on she heads for the front door. :-)
    Adams Rubble: :)
    doug Sosa: maybe in the 9 sec physical pain is just like a bse cord in piano.
    Quilty Bookmite: First time I put it on her she hated it. :-)
    doug Sosa: base
    doug Sosa: and second time?
    Quilty Bookmite: Second time was when she headed for the door. :-)
    Adams Rubble: :)
    Quilty Bookmite: She sings as we ride. :-)
    Adams Rubble: neat
    doug Sosa: hooked daddy.
    Quilty Bookmite: Yes, I'm afraid so. :-)
    Quilty Bookmite: Doug, why do you think the pain from exercise manifests the same as the pain from mental work?
    doug Sosa: well, i don't know, but ut just feels very similar, diffent location. i assume they era pain cells responding to local over activity.
    Next to arrive is Gaya.
    Adams Rubble: Hello Gaya :)
    Quilty Bookmite: Hi Gaya
    doug Sosa: I've been thinking about some difficult issues and i notice that sleep does not fully recover me.
    Gaya Ethaniel: _/!\_
    doug Sosa: hi gaya
    Quilty Bookmite: That one I understand. :-)
    Quilty Bookmite: If I work too late at night I have difficulty sleeping. My brain just won't switch off.
    Gaya Ethaniel often writes the thoughts that keeps rising before bedtime
    doug Sosa: i want to reach out and pet Gaya's goldfish.
    Gaya has a goldfish and a jellyfish swimming around her.
    Adams Rubble: That happens to me when I go to the late evening PaB session-can;t sleep
    Quilty Bookmite: My thoughts before bedtime tend to the zombie like. "Sleep! Must sleep!"
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles
    Quilty Bookmite: I'm much better at mornings.
    Gaya Ethaniel: ah.. those Quilty
    Gaya Ethaniel: I just lay on the bed... not worrying about falling asleep... which in fact relaxes me to fall asleep eventually
    Quilty Bookmite: If I haven't been working, I get to sleep fairly easily after 20 minutes reading.
    doug Sosa: the mind is like cereal. when you first put milk, too crucnchy, but after a very short while, too mushy.
    Adams Rubble: :)
    Quilty Bookmite: I try not to pour milk on my mind. :-)
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles
    Adams Rubble: :)
    doug Sosa: being is nourishing, no?
    Adams Rubble: It goes in the ears Quilty
    Quilty Bookmite: I'll try that then. :-)
    Adams Rubble: haha
    Gaya Ethaniel wonders if reading is a good thing before going to sleep... unless it's quarterly sales report from work
    Quilty Bookmite: I'll blame Adams when my ears get smelly.
    doug Sosa: oh i like to read really heavy literature before sleep. it seems to give dreaming a headstart..
    Gaya Ethaniel: ah
    Quilty Bookmite: It works for me Gaya. I find reading relaxing.
    Gaya Ethaniel: ah
    Quilty Bookmite: After a while I realise I didn't take in the last paragraph at all and put the book down and go to sleep.
    Gaya Ethaniel: ah...
    Quilty Bookmite: Ah?
    doug Sosa: i can't get over that little squiggles on a page can evoke worlds.
    Gaya Ethaniel: Understood Quilty
    Quilty Bookmite: :-)
    Reflecting on the nature of fiction and how much more there is to it than the words on the page.
    Quilty Bookmite: The worlds are created mostly in your mind. The words just give you a hint.
    doug Sosa: is that a theory or observation?
    Quilty Bookmite: I always find it interesting when a book I've read gets made into a movie. I tend to think "that's not how I pictured it at all".
    Quilty Bookmite: Well, words can only ever paint a part of the picture. Your mind fills in the blanks.
    Adams Rubble: The author probably says that too Quilty
    Quilty Bookmite: Yes, I've heard writers say something similar.
    doug Sosa: I remember seeing a movie of one of James Joyce's short stories. I relized that the film maker had to make all sorts of decisions: the wallpaper, light, costumes, that Joycce totally ignored.
    Adams Rubble: oh yes
    Adams Rubble: a new art form
    Adams Rubble: sometimes
    Adams Rubble: :)
    Quilty Bookmite: :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: Pls say more doug?
    Gaya Ethaniel: ignored => I'm curious about this particular word you used
    doug Sosa: hm, that was it. the film requires that everything be explicit, the story can just say, "entered the dining room."
    Gaya Ethaniel: decisions => this also
    doug Sosa: ah, i think the word must come from i-gnosis, gusessing. without knowledge? So the writer doesn't have tocommit, but the film director does.
    doug Sosa: will the walls ve paperd? Color, pattern, look righ, look middle class..?
    Gaya Ethaniel: guessing? but the characteristics that the director had to 'decide' to fill in were missing?
    Gaya Ethaniel: Or the story did contain clues?
    doug Sosa: they are not in te written story.
    Quilty Bookmite: There are a lot of such decisions to make that the writer could have left out. Casting, costume and sets.
    Adams Rubble: and most dramatic, dialogue
    Quilty Bookmite: I think when we read a book we cast the main characters ourselves.
    Quilty Bookmite: True, Adams.
    Adams Rubble: yes
    doug Sosa: someone said "the best authors remind us of our own best thought." :)
    Adams Rubble: nice thought
    Quilty Bookmite: Exactly Doug!
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles
    doug Sosa: I mean, think of how wise we have to be to get it.
    Quilty Bookmite: Many authors try and fill in as much deatil as possible. Better to leave that to the reader.
    doug Sosa: I remember in the Alexandria Quartet, one of the characters keeps a diary, and it is brilliant, seemed so much smarter than Durrel.
    Adams Rubble: :)
    Quilty Bookmite: I wonder...
    doug Sosa: I think maybe what we are exploring ehre is what the mind does when we give it a little freedom.
    Quilty Bookmite: I think the way we fill i the details reading a book is a reflection of what we do in daily life.
    doug Sosa: "When I rang the bell the butler brought me tea.." Nope, not my life.
    Quilty Bookmite: We make hundreds of assumptions about things we don;t know.
    Quilty Bookmite: :-)
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles
    Adams Rubble: :)
    Adams Rubble: my butler insists on bringing orange juice
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles
    doug Sosa: be grateful.
    Adams Rubble: :)
    Quilty Bookmite: My butler tells me to get my own $£"%$% tea.
    Adams Rubble: haha
    Gaya Ethaniel: sack him Quilty
    Corvuscorva arrives.
    Adams Rubble: Hello Corvuscorva
    Quilty Bookmite: I would but he's just a figment of an overworked imagination. :-)
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: Hello.
    Gaya Ethaniel: _/!\_
    doug Sosa: the next time the goldfish swimis past, i am going to grap it and press quit.
    Quilty Bookmite: Hello Corvuscorva
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles
    doug Sosa: sign of affection actually.
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles 'I know'
    doug Sosa: I am sorry but must go. :)
    Gaya Ethaniel: _/!\_
    Adams Rubble: bye Doug
    Quilty Bookmite: Bye Doug.
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: Goodbye, Doug.
    Adams Rubble: One has to type quickly when Doug goes
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles
    I move seats to fill the gap Doug has left. I'm now next to Gaya and the jellyfish is swimming past my face.
    Quilty Bookmite: I'm in a better fishing position now. :-)
    Corvuscorva Nightfire giggles.
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles
    Quilty Bookmite: Too bad I'm vegetarian.
    Corvuscorva Nightfire laughs.
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles
    And we move on to eating jellyfish.
    Quilty Bookmite: And I don;t think I could ever eat jellyfish.
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: Does anyone eat jellyfish?
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: Are they edible?
    Gaya Ethaniel says that Koreans eat jellyfish
    Adams Rubble: I understand they are taking over the seas
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: ah.
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: really?
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: as it warms?
    Gaya Ethaniel: It's not bad... cold dish
    Adams Rubble: Yes from global warming and overfishing
    Quilty Bookmite: You've tried it Gaya?
    Gaya Ethaniel: Just the round part... I believe Chinese eat them too
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: what is it like?
    Gaya Ethaniel nods 'yes'
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: soft?
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: hard, chewy?
    Gaya Ethaniel: Well you steam first so tad chewy yes
    Quilty Bookmite: Maybe I could have eaten it back in my meat eating days then.
    Corvuscorva Nightfire wonders what makes up a jellyfish...not muscle...
    Gaya Ethaniel: But bland...
    Adams Rubble: I did not know that Gaya
    Gaya Ethaniel: Not quite meaty/chewy as squid more like... paperish?
    Corvuscorva Nightfire imagines carefully.
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: No smell? not much taste?
    Gaya Ethaniel: Hard to describe... nothing like it...
    Corvuscorva Nightfire nods.
    Gaya Ethaniel: not much taste... bland
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: chicken?
    Gaya Ethaniel: hm... no
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: hehehehe
    Quilty Bookmite: :-)
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles
    Adams Rubble: :)
    Quilty Bookmite: Aparently not everything tastes like chicken. :-)
    Corvuscorva Nightfire laughs.
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles
    Quilty Bookmite: Our local Indian restaurant serves crocodile and kangaroo.
    Quilty Bookmite: Don't know anyone who has tried it yet.
    Adams Rubble: hmmm
    Gaya Ethaniel: oh
    Quilty Bookmite: Doesn;t sound very Indian though. :)
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles
    Corvuscorva Nightfire thinks about Indian kangaroos.
    Adams Rubble: Special Indian kangaroos
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: and australian Indians?
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: perhaps there are many?
    Quilty Bookmite: Skippinda the Punjabi kangaroo.
    Adams Rubble: :)
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles
    Lots of playing, not very much being.
    Quilty Bookmite: Seems that once again my chat has descended into less serious subjects. Must be my fault. :-)
    Gaya Ethaniel: Playing really
    Corvuscorva Nightfire grins. Playing.
    Adams Rubble: Never one persons fault :)
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: Fault? It's bad?
    Quilty Bookmite: Yes. I guess that's part of the point. :-)
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles
    Adams Rubble: yes no fault PaB
    Corvuscorva Nightfire nodsnods.
    Gaya Ethaniel: A friend said today... when hit a wall... just walk around it, over or under it... so playing could fit into this?
    Gaya Ethaniel: Not taking so seriously?
    Adams Rubble: I learned about eating jellyfish today
    Gaya Ethaniel: all the time
    Quilty Bookmite: Yes. :-)
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles
    Corvuscorva Nightfire looks at Gaya...smiles.
    Gaya Ethaniel: Otherwise, I perhaps can manage one PaB per week
    Corvuscorva Nightfire snorts.
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: yes.
    Quilty Bookmite: I will certainly go to bed better educated. :-)
    Corvuscorva Nightfire grins.
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles
    Gaya Ethaniel: Just over jellyfish... <smile>
    Corvuscorva Nightfire nodsnods. "Jellyfish, yes."
    Adams Rubble: yes, best to be OVER jellyfish
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles
    Adams Rubble: What is nice about a session like this is that everyone contributes
    Quilty Bookmite: Yes, good point. A serious session tends to involve only a few with everyone else listening.
    Gaya Ethaniel: I hope Adams I do contribute when I sit in silence too...
    Quilty Bookmite: I guess there can be a fear of making a fool of ourselves.
    Quilty Bookmite: I'm sure you do Gaya.
    Gaya Ethaniel nods
    Adams Rubble: Yes, of course Gaya. There is a time to talk, and a time to remain silent
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles
    Adams Rubble: Today a time for chatting
    Adams Rubble: bantering
    Corvuscorva Nightfire tosses a wad of paper at Adams.
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles
    Adams Rubble: ouch
    Corvuscorva Nightfire laughs. cause she knows that little thing couldn't have hurt.
    Quilty Bookmite: Depends on how hard you threw it. :-)
    Adams Rubble winces
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles
    Corvuscorva Nightfire laughs. k..touche.
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: I am sorry, Adams. If I hurt you.
    Adams Rubble: haha
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles
    Corvuscorva Nightfire grins.
    Quilty Bookmite: So.... does anyone know what goldfish tastes like?
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: carp
    Gaya Ethaniel: Adams has a fantastic sense of humour
    Gaya Ethaniel: ah
    Quilty Bookmite: Of course. :-)
    Corvuscorva Nightfire laughs. It is really only a guesss. but I have tasted carp...it's sweet, light.
    Quilty Bookmite: I have some koi in a pond outside. Far too expensive to consider eating!
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: though a tad fishy.
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles
    Corvuscorva Nightfire grins. and very boney.
    Gaya Ethaniel: Yes I tried it once at a Chinese restaurant
    Gaya Ethaniel: I'm a veggie now... thou
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: I had it...when we fished it from a stream.
    Quilty Bookmite: At least you have stretched your culinary experience before you became veggie. :-)
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles and nods
    Quilty Bookmite: One thing I find slightly perplexing about some meat eaters is when they say something like they would never eat horse.
    Corvuscorva Nightfire nods...listening.
    Quilty Bookmite: Nobody wants to eat anything that might be cuddly. :-)
    Adams Rubble: Hmmm. Never thought of horses as cuddly
    Quilty Bookmite: Sorry Doug. I took your seat.
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: wb Doug
    Gaya Ethaniel: Would that be the reason?
    Adams Rubble: hi Doug
    Gaya Ethaniel: wb doug
    Quilty Bookmite: I have vacated it now.
    Quilty Bookmite: Horses may not be cuddly but people do have affection for them.
    doug Sosa: back for just a second. addams, you snet me an email yesterday but i can't find it.. can you send it again... thansk.. and sorry for the interruption... bye again..:)
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles
    Adams Rubble: yes, I'm kidding
    Adams Rubble: OK Doug
    Gaya Ethaniel: ah I see
    Adams Rubble: Noble beasts
    Quilty Bookmite: A delicacy in France.
    Gaya Ethaniel: So pets are problematic?
    Gaya Ethaniel: Pontential pets?
    Adams Rubble: I know people eat dogs and rats. Does anyone east cat?
    Quilty Bookmite: Apparently so.
    Adams Rubble: eat cat?
    Pema drops in.
    Adams Rubble: Hi Pema
    Gaya Ethaniel: I'm not the best person to ask that Q Adams... I'm afarid
    Quilty Bookmite: Hi Pema.
    Gaya Ethaniel: _/!\_
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: Hello, Pema.
    Quilty Bookmite: Still jetlagged?
    Adams Rubble: Just throwing it out there
    Pema Pera: Hi Adams, Corva Gaya, Quilty!
    Quilty Bookmite: I think cats are eaten, yes.
    Adams Rubble: We are having a culinary discussion Pema
    Pema Pera: yup
    Corvuscorva Nightfire laughs.
    Adams Rubble: Who eats vats?
    Adams Rubble: cats
    Pema Pera: dogs eat cats?
    Adams Rubble: haha
    Quilty Bookmite: Not sure but I have heard that they are eaten.
    Quilty Bookmite: Probably a bit tough and stringy though.
    Gaya Ethaniel winces at the mention of dog eating...
    Gaya Ethaniel: Bardot...
    Adams Rubble: Not any more than rats
    Adams Rubble: ah maybe they are
    Adams Rubble: hmmm
    Gaya Ethaniel: I once ate dog meat... someone tricked me
    Quilty Bookmite: In Korea?
    Gaya Ethaniel: It was real bad... when I found out
    Gaya Ethaniel: I don't know anyone who eats dogs...
    Gaya Ethaniel: So it's not that common
    Adams Rubble is thinking of eating neighbor's dog
    Pema Pera: hahahha
    Gaya Ethaniel: huh?
    Quilty Bookmite: I think it is common in Korea.
    Gaya Ethaniel: Yes in Korea
    Pema Pera: is that dog still barking, Adams?
    Quilty Bookmite: Noisy dog Adams?
    Gaya Ethaniel lived in Korea for 20 years...
    Gaya Ethaniel: More common in China
    Adams Rubble: Ph yes, keeps reminding me to be compassionate
    Gaya Ethaniel: But Bardot attacks Koreans
    Quilty Bookmite: As you can see Pema, we are having serious spiritual discussions here.
    Adams Rubble: what is Bardot?
    Gaya Ethaniel: Brigit Bardot
    Gaya Ethaniel: French actress
    Adams Rubble: Oh, of course
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: Huh. She does?
    Gaya Ethaniel nods
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: pfft.
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: I think...what we eat is important.
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: Spiritual.
    Quilty Bookmite: That's partly why I'm vegetarian.
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: or at least, meaningful.
    Corvuscorva Nightfire nods.
    Adams Rubble: But someone has to eat all the jellyfish
    Quilty Bookmite: :-)
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles 'Chinese are onto it Adams no worries'
    Adams Rubble: good
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: hmmm. Perhaps if I ever eat animals again...I'll start there.
    Quilty Bookmite: I'll still pass on that one. :-)
    Gaya Ethaniel smiles
    Pema Pera: insects
    Adams Rubble: new topic
    Pema Pera: good source of protein
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: I have eaten insects.
    Gaya Ethaniel nods
    Quilty Bookmite: Yes, very nutritious.
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: tried them.
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: not too bad.
    Adams Rubble: They are great at barbecues
    What we will eat when there isn't anything else to eat...
    Gaya Ethaniel: After the war Koreans ate everything...
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: like lobster.
    Gaya Ethaniel: Nothing to eat...
    Corvuscorva Nightfire listens.
    Gaya Ethaniel: grasshoppers, crysaliss...
    Quilty Bookmite: It's nice to see a group who are not afraid to be adventurous with food. :-)
    Gaya Ethaniel: Everything...
    Gaya Ethaniel: Rats...
    Gaya Ethaniel: Treebarks
    Pema Pera: here in SL we can be *very* adventurous with what we eat
    Corvuscorva Nightfire nods.
    Quilty Bookmite: :-)
    Gaya Ethaniel: Rubbish from American army bases
    Adams Rubble: :)
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: It is awful to be hungry.
    Adams Rubble: Serious times
    Gaya Ethaniel recalls what her father told her about his childhood
    Corvuscorva Nightfire nods.
    Quilty Bookmite: Yes Gaya?
    Gaya Ethaniel: How hungry he was... how he felt humiliated when soldiers teased him with food... dangling chocolate bars from their ships and threw it into water... so children jumped into the sea to get it...
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: oh!
    Quilty Bookmite: Here in the 40s rabbit used to be commonly eaten. Now most people won't touch it.
    Quilty Bookmite: Ah.
    Corvuscorva Nightfire looks away.
    Gaya Ethaniel: How he had to wander around the hills eating anything andn everything
    Gaya Ethaniel: Wars not good...
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: no.
    Adams Rubble: no
    Quilty Bookmite: I would certainly eat meat rather than starve. Idealism isn't good. :-)
    Pema Pera: I also grew up with stories of hunger, in Holland, at the end of the German occupation
    Corvuscorva Nightfire nods.
    Pema Pera: the North of Holland remained occupied almost a year longer than the South half
    Pema Pera: at the very end of the war
    Gaya Ethaniel listens
    Pema Pera: I don't think it was as bad as what Gaya described
    Pema Pera: but in the big cities the situation did get quite desparate
    Gaya Ethaniel nods
    Adams Rubble: and the war followed the depression
    Quilty Bookmite: I think the UK was very lucky in that respect. We were poor at the end of the war but we didn't starve.
    Storm flies in.
    Adams Rubble: Hi Storm
    Quilty Bookmite: Hi Storm!
    Pema Pera: hi there Storm!
    Storm Nordwind: Hi!
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: hi
    Gaya Ethaniel: _/!\_
    Storm Nordwind: Just arrived back in Glasgow from London. Just wanted to thank you for taking over tonight Quilty
    Adams Rubble: Every country has memories of war and yet we still rush into it
    Quilty Bookmite: NP> I have enjoyed it.
    Corvuscorva Nightfire nods
    Quilty Bookmite: Good point Adams.
    Pema Pera: some of the really big famines were not war related though, in the last century: in the USSR and in China . . . .
    Pema Pera: internal politics
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: I think...we don't really. We have our parent's stories and not enough of us listen?
    Adams Rubble: yes, pema
    Adams Rubble: I guess so Corvuscorva
    Gaya Ethaniel nods
    Gaya Ethaniel: Is it in human nature to cause these sufferings?
    Quilty Bookmite: Political idealism.
    Adams Rubble: I must run; I am being called in RL. Bye evryone :)
    Pema Pera: bye Adams
    Storm Nordwind waves
    Gaya Ethaniel: _/!\_
    Quilty Bookmite: Bye Adams
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: bye!
    Pema Pera: politics needs checks and balancs -- when they are not there, famine etc is almost guaranteed it seems; much as we could hope that everybody collective would be wiser
    Corvuscorva Nightfire shudders.
    Pema Pera: small groups can handle themselves
    Quilty Bookmite: Yes. Zimabwe is a current example.
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: I am sure that everyone together is too much randomness for wisdom.
    Pema Pera: but millions of people, we may not yet have learned how to do that
    Storm Nordwind notices Lattenman approaching
    Pema Pera: it may well be possible
    Pema Pera: but how?
    Pema Pera: Hi Isen!
    Gaya Ethaniel: _/!\_
    Quilty Bookmite: Hi Isen
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: hi!
    Isen appears.
    Isen Enzo: Hello everyone!
    Isen Enzo: Hiya!
    Quilty Bookmite: I must go now. no reflection on you Isen!
    Gaya Ethaniel: _/!\_
    Quilty Bookmite: It's past my bedtime.
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: bye!
    Isen Enzo: Raven!
    Gaya Ethaniel: Good reading Quilty
    Isen Enzo: without an X!
    Storm Nordwind: Actually me too
    Gaya Ethaniel: Hope you get some good rest
    Quilty Bookmite: Again, can someone take the rest of the chat log for me?
    Gaya Ethaniel: _/!\_
    Gaya Ethaniel: Me too...
    Isen Enzo: Leaving Storm?
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: bye!
    Gaya Ethaniel: Thank you all for the conversation
    Corvuscorva Nightfire: bye, Gaya.
    Quilty Bookmite: Thank you all.
    Gaya Ethaniel: Catch up again Corvi
    Storm Nordwind: Fraid so. Just flown back home
    Isen Enzo: ok
    Pema Pera: bye Quilty!

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