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    That evening, 7 pm SLT, I met Pia and Sylectra, when I arrived at the tea house.
    Here is my report; pictures below taken by Sylectra.

    Pema Pera: Hi Pia!
    Pia Iger: Hi, Pema. good morning.
    Pema Pera: thank you! And good evening to you!
    Pema Pera: Hi Syl!
    Pia Iger: Hi, Dakini, Syl,
    Sylectra Darwin: Hi, how are you all tonight?
    Pema Pera: how nice to see you are a happy clam ;-)
    Sylectra Darwin: Do you know the happy clams or do you just like the word happy?
    Sylectra Darwin: :)

    I had commented on the “Happy Clam” group’s name above Syl’s name. Dakini would joined us, soon followed by Steve.

    Sylectra Darwin: Hi Steven!
    Pema Pera: no I don’t know about happy clams
    Pema Pera: Hi Steve!
    stevenaia Michinaga: hello
    Pema Pera: I only know the expression happy as a clam :)
    Pema Pera: what do happy clams do?
    Sylectra Darwin: hehe, well that fits this group!
    Sylectra Darwin: Dakini, how are you?
    Pema Pera: Hi Green Tara Dakini!
    Dakini Rhode: i’m well!
    Dakini Rhode: you are you tonight?
    Pema Pera: ?
    Sylectra Darwin: a little tired, but very content.
    Dakini Rhode: this morning then
    Sylectra Darwin: Pema, love your blue hair.
    Pema Pera: oh, that’s Dakini’s gift
    Pema Pera: she gave me the blues :-)
    Pema Pera: the other day
    stevenaia Michinaga: hi you
    Sylectra Darwin: hihi
    Pema Pera: remember our blue day?
    Sylectra Darwin: really nice - first guy I have seen with blue hair -
    Pema Pera: now I’ve gotta get my mojo working . . . .
    stevenaia Michinaga: major storm out east, SL is really sw for me
    stevenaia Michinaga: slow
    Dakini Rhode: seems like only yesterday…
    Pema Pera: haha, yes

    The conversation briefly moved to lag, and pros and cons of SL infrastructure.

    Sylectra Darwin: system is having trouble tonight - my inventory is lagging.
    Dakini Rhode: SL problems tonight…
    Dakini Rhode: seems we can say that often
    stevenaia Michinaga: a perfect converssation in an imperfect environemnt
    Pema Pera: hahaha, that about sums it up!
    Sylectra Darwin: yes
    Pema Pera: whenever I think about what the Linden folks have done
    Pema Pera: I’m simultaneously awed by what the have created from scratch
    Pema Pera: a whole culture
    stevenaia Michinaga: indeed
    Pema Pera: and how primitive it still is technically
    Pema Pera: they never go back to maintain and clean up things, it seems
    Pema Pera: always add new features
    Pema Pera: make it more juicy and more painful
    Pema Pera: very american!
    Pema Pera: innovation over maintenance
    Dakini Rhode: Dakini the american is suddenly… um… embarrassed
    Pia Iger: BTW, I can’t help feeling Dakini look like Sophia Loran tonight.
    Dakini Rhode: must be this hair
    Pia Iger: the make up, eyes
    Dakini Rhode: haha
    stevenaia Michinaga: ..I can wait till she rezzes
    Sylectra Darwin: she does! It’s true!
    Sylectra Darwin: I like shiny things. Dakini is shiny.

    Dakini, Green Tara incarnate, mixed reactions to praise with a discussion of SL.

    Dakini Rhode: i think we expect a lot of this game, so flexible, open source, up 24/7…
    Dakini Rhode: lol i am very shiny
    Pema Pera: sparkling!
    Dakini Rhode: bling
    Dakini Rhode: lots of bling
    Dakini Rhode: sorry if i blinded anyone, unable to turn it off
    Sylectra Darwin: Oh, not, keep it on, it’s like having a princess among us.
    Dakini Rhode: haha
    Dakini Rhode: i feel like a princess wearing this
    Dakini Rhode: like a tibetan barbie
    Caledonia Heron: that’s Malibu Barbie’s eastern cousin :)
    Pema Pera: Sorry, Dakini, didn’t want to imply that the american way is not right, on the contrary: Americans are good at innovation, Europeans better at maintence, both are equally important
    Pema Pera: so no reason to be embarrased at all :)
    Caledonia Heron: hello all :)
    Pema Pera: It’s just a different style
    Pema Pera: Hi Cal!
    Dakini Rhode: hi Cal
    Dakini Rhode: np Pema
    Pia Iger: Hi Cal
    Sylectra Darwin: Hello Caledonia.
    Dakini Rhode: no problems….

    Cal had entered the scene as well.

    Caledonia Heron: hello BlueHair that Flows with the Wind
    Pema Pera: yeah, got the blues . . . .
    Pema Pera: . . . and I like it!
    Pema Pera: I should start writing a song . . . .
    Sylectra Darwin: yes!
    Pema Pera: I followed Dakini’s example of blue hair yesterday
    Pema Pera: but now Dakini has another new act that is harder to follow
    Pema Pera thinking about how to look like Sophia Loren
    Pia Iger: haha
    Dakini Rhode: i got the slow rezzin’, low down Second Life blues….
    Pema Pera: there we go!
    Pema Pera: life in the slow rez . . . .
    Caledonia Heron: wow no kidding Dakini, you look mahvelous :)…
    Dakini Rhode: ty Cal, ryusho has made an idol of me
    Caledonia Heron: :)
    Dakini Rhode: i think this may be the sophia loren poseball
    Dakini Rhode: that somewhat bored look
    Dakini Rhode: oh dear
    Caledonia Heron: lol, I think they call that sultry :)
    Dakini Rhode: i don’t do sultry RL
    Dakini Rhode: perky
    Dakini Rhode: i do perky
    Pema Pera: sultry sutra blues
    Caledonia Heron: you look like a mermaid now :)

    Some loud splashing sounds indicated that Green Dakini had wound up in the pond, while moving around.

    Dakini Rhode: can’t navigate my own pond
    Caledonia Heron: a perky mermaid
    Dakini Rhode: CALculated the distance wrong…
    Caledonia Heron: :)
    Pema Pera: somehow this arrangement of benches leaves something to be desired . . . .
    Dakini Rhode: it seems you’re the teacher, Pema
    Caledonia Heron: yeah, it’s like a panel show sometimes :)
    Pema Pera: ohoh
    stevenaia Michinaga: but you ARE the center dear peme
    Pema Pera: shall we make a different arrangement?
    Pema Pera: ssshhhhh
    stevenaia Michinaga: these benches are stone… very heavy
    Pema Pera: a circle of benches are not idea either . . . .
    Pema Pera: hmmm
    Dakini Rhode: need a new teahouse?
    Caledonia Heron: this is good - a people made circle :)
    Caledonia Heron: it’s nice to meet you Stevenaia and Sylectra - I don’t think we’ve encountered each other before have we?
    Sylectra Darwin: Nice to meet you too!
    stevenaia Michinaga: hello caledonia
    stevenaia Michinaga: Your mame seems familiar, perhaps from the blogs
    Caledonia Heron: perhaps
    Pia Iger: there is only one cal:)
    Pema Pera: you’ve not met yet? You both are very frequent participants!
    Pema Pera: :-)
    Caledonia Heron: one cal, sounds low cal :)
    Pema Pera: 1 & only Cal, about to make many puns!
    Pia Iger: :)
    Caledonia Heron: nah, I’ll be good -

    If Cal had thought she would get off that easily, she was dead wrong :-).

    Pema Pera: ooohhh
    Dakini Rhode: i’m about to sing the lo-CAL blues…
    Pema Pera: we’re CALling CAL for CAL puns!
    Caledonia Heron: well, now I’m thinking of taking the bait…..
    Caledonia Heron: don’t want to derail anything - I get carried away :)
    Pema Pera: hahaha, not to worry!
    Pema Pera: I enjoyed reading about your description of meditation, in the blog, Dakini
    Caledonia Heron: wouldn’t want any CALlateral damage :)
    Caledonia Heron: yes me too Dakini
    Pema Pera: that would be CALamitous
    Dakini Rhode: o good!
    Caledonia Heron: in such a voCal way
    Pema Pera: hahaha
    Pema Pera: it is an interesting point, this question of the relationship between Play as Being and meditation
    Pema Pera: I hope some people will treat it as very different and some as very similar and everything in between
    Pema Pera: there is certainly room for all that
    Dakini Rhode: playasbeing seems to get some folks interested in longer meditation sessions
    Sylectra Darwin: does anyone mind if I take a few pics?
    Pema Pera: of course fine!!
    Sylectra Darwin: ty
    Caledonia Heron: sure, it’s ok :)
    Pema Pera: Dakini will look very perky!
    stevenaia Michinaga: send them to pema for blog
    stevenaia Michinaga: lol, pema
    Pema Pera: yes please do Syl!
    Pema Pera: thanks to Pia’s happy prodding, I learned how to put pictures into the blog
    Caledonia Heron: a nice addition
    Pema Pera: I had postponed learning, but it was actually quite easy

    Picture time.

    Dakini Rhode: o dear found my smile too late
    Sylectra Darwin: be happy to share
    Pema Pera: thanks, Syl!
    stevenaia Michinaga: was it fear of doing it badly?
    Sylectra Darwin: not at all too late, Dakini
    Pema Pera: no
    Pema Pera: simply no time
    Dakini Rhode: too late for the photo
    Dakini Rhode: this av face can smile when i remember how to do it
    Pema Pera wondering to whom Steve’s question was addressed
    Dakini Rhode: or frown
    Pema Pera: ah, both perky and sultry
    stevenaia Michinaga: it was to you
    Pema Pera: okay, so yes, no, no time :)
    stevenaia Michinaga: i wonder where you get the tiem to do what you do
    stevenaia Michinaga: time
    Pema Pera: I wonder too
    Sylectra Darwin: You must not sleep much.
    Pema Pera: true
    Sylectra Darwin: hehe, Dakini!
    Sylectra Darwin: gotcha!
    Sylectra Darwin: silly girl
    Dakini Rhode: haha
    Sylectra Darwin: you make funny face.
    Dakini Rhode: yes silly
    Pema Pera eagerly awaiting pictures for the blog!
    Sylectra Darwin: Need any action shots?
    Dakini Rhode: like?
    Pia Iger: dancing?
    Caledonia Heron: what’s that animation you gave me Dakini?
    Dakini Rhode: onigokko?

    Dancing time!

    Caledonia Heron: ah, that’s it, thx
    Dakini Rhode: does anyone need the onigokko shippo?
    Pia Iger: what is it?
    stevenaia Michinaga: perhaps if you tell me what it is
    Sylectra Darwin: That sounds like fun
    Sylectra Darwin: thank you.
    Sylectra Darwin: It’s a tail!
    Dakini Rhode gave you Frying pan.
    Caledonia Heron: I thought it was the happy feet dance but it gave me a mouse tail instead :)
    stevenaia Michinaga: a mouse tail?
    Pema Pera: Pia, did you get one?
    Pia Iger: yes. Have not open yet.
    Dakini Rhode: you need to wear it
    Pema Pera: open inventory
    Pema Pera: left click on onigokko
    Pema Pera: then right click and wear
    Dakini Rhode: i love this frying pan
    Pema Pera: Pia, can you find onigokko?
    Sylectra Darwin: REally interesting tableau, guys. Not sure what to name it!
    Pema Pera: :)
    Dakini Rhode: onigokko
    Pema Pera: stop
    Dakini Rhode: that’s what it’s called
    Caledonia Heron: my session going wiggy
    Dakini Rhode: onigokko
    Dakini Rhode: stop
    Sylectra Darwin: wa-ha-haha-aaaooooow
    Sylectra Darwin: smiles
    Dakini Rhode: we need more space for this

    Indeed, the wild running-in-circles that accompanied the onigokko dance barely did fit in between the tea house and the stone benches. Meanwhile Dakini had graciously handed out frying pans to all of us.

    Sylectra Darwin: Are you getting a building jones?
    Pema Pera: how do you activate the frying pan?
    Dakini Rhode: lightning here
    Pema Pera: after wearing it?
    bam club just say bam whispers: ready to bam
    Dakini Rhode: i’m signing off folks…
    Sylectra Darwin: bam
    Dakini Rhode: cuckoo?
    Pema Pera: Pia, how do you use the pan to hit?
    stevenaia Michinaga: lol
    Dakini Rhode: i need cuckoo
    Sylectra Darwin gave you bam club just say bam.

    And Syl had followed Dakini by handing out really big wooden clubs.

    Dakini Rhode: left click on someone, Pema
    stevenaia Michinaga: bam
    Pia Iger: just click
    stevenaia Michinaga: /bam
    Dakini Rhode: haha
    Pema Pera: AH!
    Pia Iger: so violent
    Pema Pera: wow, yes
    Dakini Rhode: gets out a little hostility
    Pema Pera: a new element in our play . . .
    Pema Pera: well, I’ll have to leave to
    bam club just say bam whispers: ready to bam
    Dakini Rhode: /bam
    Pema Pera: You see, Syl, every meeting here is different
    Sylectra Darwin: weren’t we supposed to discuss something?
    Pema Pera: quite different
    Sylectra Darwin: I was wondering.
    Sylectra Darwin: smiles
    Sylectra Darwin: this was fun
    Dakini Rhode: /bam
    bam club just say bam whispers: ready to bam
    Dakini Rhode: bam
    bam club just say bam whispers: ready to bam
    stevenaia Michinaga: /bam
    Dakini Rhode: oops sorry Pia
    Dakini Rhode: i didn’t mean it…

    After a while we all were warming up to clubbing and banging.

    Pia Iger: no pain here
    Pema Pera: /bam
    Pema Pera: bam
    Sylectra Darwin: Steven, you don’t need the slash
    stevenaia Michinaga: ba,
    Dakini Rhode: who makes these things?
    Dakini Rhode: so funny
    Pema Pera: wow even more violent!
    bam club just say bam whispers: ready to bam
    stevenaia Michinaga: mine’s broken
    Caledonia Heron: bam
    Dakini Rhode: bam
    Caledonia Heron: lol
    stevenaia Michinaga: bam
    Dakini Rhode: haha
    Caledonia Heron: bam bam bam
    Caledonia Heron: bam
    Sylectra Darwin: hehe
    Caledonia Heron: bam
    Caledonia Heron: bam
    bam club just say bam whispers: ready to bam
    Caledonia Heron: bam
    Caledonia Heron: bam
    Dakini Rhode: rofl
    Caledonia Heron: bam
    Caledonia Heron: bam
    Caledonia Heron: bam
    Caledonia Heron: lol

    Cal really had gotten into the swing of it!

    bam club just say bam whispers: ready to bam
    Sylectra Darwin: bam
    stevenaia Michinaga: bam
    Sylectra Darwin: We could make music
    Pema Pera is pretty dazed by now . . . .
    Pema Pera: Pia, can you defend me?
    Pia Iger: trying…
    Pema Pera: just type “bam”
    Caledonia Heron: now we all walk softly
    Sylectra Darwin: bam
    Caledonia Heron: bam
    Caledonia Heron: bam
    Sylectra Darwin: I was wondering what these clubs did!
    Sylectra Darwin: Someone gave them to me last night.
    bam club just say bam whispers: ready to bam
    stevenaia Michinaga: bam
    Pema Pera: bam
    Dakini Rhode: these clubs are precious!
    Dakini Rhode: i love the cuckoo sound
    Dakini Rhode: bam

    Indeed, after somebody would get “bammed” immediately the person would go “cuckoo”, audibly so.

    stevenaia Michinaga: thnak goodness s you can;t take movies of us here
    Dakini Rhode: you cant?
    Pema Pera: can you combine bam with onigokko I wonder
    Dakini Rhode: Pema the innovator
    Pema Pera: onigokko
    Dakini Rhode: bam
    Sylectra Darwin: oooo, pretty, thanks Cal
    Dakini Rhode: yep
    Dakini Rhode: bam
    Pema Pera: stop
    Pema Pera: onigokko
    Pema Pera: bam
    Pema Pera: bam
    Pema Pera: bam
    Sylectra Darwin: bam
    Sylectra Darwin: bam
    Pema Pera: bam
    Pema Pera: bam
    Pema Pera: Dakini looks like a really wild tara now!
    Dakini Rhode: heheheeee
    Caledonia Heron: LOL!!
    Caledonia Heron: stop
    Pia Iger: mad house:)
    stevenaia Michinaga: wow
    Sylectra Darwin: awesome
    Dakini Rhode: scarey
    Caledonia Heron: I sure get a kick out of that

    In more than one way!

    Dakini Rhode: haha
    Sylectra Darwin gave you color_fountain.
    Caledonia Heron gave you Left Hand Glowstick.
    Sylectra Darwin: oooo, pretty!
    Caledonia Heron: I like :)
    Pema Pera: how to activate?
    Dakini Rhode: wow
    Caledonia Heron: wear it
    Pema Pera: k
    Sylectra Darwin: ahhhhhhh
    Sylectra Darwin: just wear!
    Pema Pera: getting better and better!
    Sylectra Darwin gave you Rave power particle effect.
    Caledonia Heron: even better!

    Indeed, the whole area was getting lit up now with all kind of colorful dazzling effects.

    Pema Pera: wonder what the neighbors will be thinking . . ..
    Sylectra Darwin: hehehe
    Sylectra Darwin: I like the one with the round balls better - less shar qi
    Caledonia Heron: they’re thinking that’s some rockin meditation :)
    Pia Iger: hah
    Pema Pera: :-)
    Pia Iger: maybe ET arriving…
    Pema Pera: hahaha yes
    Sylectra Darwin: Oh! Thank you Dakini, I love it.
    Caledonia Heron: the singularity
    Pema Pera: we need a different sound track
    Pema Pera: well, I really need to go
    Pema Pera: thanks for the colorful conversations :-)
    Dakini Rhode: no more SL blues…
    Pema Pera: or CALorful
    Caledonia Heron: ok, adios :)
    Dakini Rhode: bye
    Caledonia Heron: I almost went there :)
    Dakini Rhode: :-)

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