2009.07.29 01:00 - This is it!

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    The Guardian for this meeting was Tarmel Udimo. The comments are by Tarmel Udimo. I was unable to attend this session as I had a sudden schedule change. I checked with Wol about the chat log and it appears no one else could make it.

    So since you have logged in to read this, I thought I could give you a small thought to take away from a small book - 'What is Tao' by Alan Watts. Its a collection of his talks on Taoism given at the Esalen Institute. This little para sums up how I feel about PaB

    If we are not totally blind,

    what we are seeking is already here.

    This is it!

    - Alan Watts


    [added later by Pema Pera: unbeknownst to Tarmel, I did manage to get it for a while, after reading Tarmel's email  message.  I could only stay for a relatively short time, however, and during that span of time nobody else showed up, and I did not talk to myself, so no record was produced.

    Thank you, Tarmel, for the great quote!  It reminds me of another saying, from a Japanese Zen master who lived in Japan during the sixties; this is a quote from his lecture, half a year before he died of cancer:

    We don't know what will happen in any moment.
    So, in each moment, if you fail to express
    yourself fully you will regret it later.
    Because you expect some other time -- a future,
    a time in which you are more real -- you fail
    to express yourself fully right now.
    And of course in this way you will be
    misunderstood by your friends, even by yourself.
    So you should always express yourself fully.

    Shunryuu Suzuki]

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