2008.09.11 07:00 - Nada de Particular

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    SL couldn't seem to connect to a simulator so I sent an email to the PaB google group which I pasted below:

    Google Groups 7am SLT email:

    Subject:  Login Not Happening

    Hey There,
    I've been trying to login to SL for about 15 min and it's not
    happening for me.  I will continue to try and get in.  If someone
    would like to go to the Pavilion and record the discussion should
    there be one, it would be appreciated.

    After a while it worked out so I went to the pavilion and it was empty.  I sent an IM to the PaB group:

    IM to playasbeinghere:
    [7:37]  Caledonia Heron: yay!  finally got in .... come on over :)

    No takers.  I left at the 3rd bell.

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