2009.04.22 07:00 - Dreams cont.

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    The Guardian for this meeting was Fefonz Quan. The comments are by Fefonz Quan.

    Susi Alcott: _/!\_
    Fefonz Quan: hi susi
    Susi Alcott: Hi Fefonz
    Susi Alcott: sry was afk for a while
    Fefonz Quan: np
    Fefonz Quan: wb
    Susi Alcott: ty
    Susi Alcott: have you already made some opinion to what I said about dreams ?
    Fefonz Quan: what do you mean by 'made opinion'?
    Susi Alcott: that do you think something for what I said
    Fefonz Quan: well i thought it was very interesting on the first place. and i was impressed tat you cou;ld help others understand their dreams too
    Susi Alcott: well; not so many can learn to understand them, but they learned to understand the certain dream they told me
    Susi Alcott: Hi eliza
    Eliza Madrigal: Hi :)
    Fefonz Quan: hi Eliza :)
    Susi Alcott: but unnumbered people have learned that they are treasure
    Fefonz Quan: (talking of dreams here Eliza)
    Susi Alcott: and what at the first place was my own 'goal' was to try to help people to learn then nihgtmares
    Eliza Madrigal: :) Thank you
    Susi Alcott: cuz few events teached me how much people suffer cuz they dont understand there nightmares to be the treasure
    Fefonz Quan: they suffer becausethey have those nightmares?
    Susi Alcott: because they thought them to show something bad to be 'there' for them
    Susi Alcott: even that'a on the contrary
    Eliza Madrigal: Often we don't know the baggage we carry until it drops and we think "ahhh, that's a relief!" :)
    Fefonz Quan: i see. i don't think bad dreamsshow somewting bad. infact, waking from a bad dream i sometimes feelm much better thaan waking from a good dream
    Eliza Madrigal: Fefonz, you mean if you can resolve it...or just feeling exhilerated?
    Susi Alcott: yes; and even there's not much fackts, 'bringing that within', I can say that the base to all nightmares is that the stronger nihgtmare, the moe one deals with one's onknown fears
    Fefonz Quan: feeling relieved that the real world is nicer ;)
    Eliza Madrigal: :)
    Susi Alcott: then you have Fefonz given your dream to effect the way your subcionciousness ment to happen
    Susi Alcott: as that is one way to receive the message of the nightmare
    Fefonz Quan: i am glad to hear that :) i have many dreams wher i run from the bad guys or need to do complicated tasks
    Fefonz Quan: (and loosing things ;-))
    Eliza Madrigal: Lst night I dreamed I was writing out the dream I was having while having it.
    Susi Alcott: that can also be the nihgtmare
    Eliza Madrigal: Oh! I lose things too..hehe
    Susi Alcott: and yes; with the message; dont be afraid; you have not lost anything important
    Eliza Madrigal: :) Nice, Susi
    Susi Alcott: neither it truly is not good to 'put dreams into the package', but to dream of too complicated tasks has the message---commonly
    Susi Alcott: that one do not trust to own skills enough
    Susi Alcott: but in fact, to know the whole message of the dream, it's needed to know the whole dream
    Susi Alcott: also that is that many dreams people take to be only one story, if it seems like it
    Susi Alcott: but the truth can be that there's several things that the dream tries to tell about
    Eliza Madrigal: I noticed last night...because we'd been talking about sequence..that indeed..my dream happened in a sort of random pattern and then I put it together in order
    Susi Alcott: (many people make much mistakes picking up one thing and observing it)
    Susi Alcott: but yes; what comes to nightmares, I myself have enjoyed to listen to peoples telling of there nighmare, the more strong/horrible, the more, and it's been easy to let them to tell up to the end without asking them 'backround things' that often are the bigger key to bigger elements of what the dream tries to tell, cuz I've been so happy to know that at least soon this person is to release him/herself from much of them fears
    Eliza Madrigal: :) So you think that if the nightmare happens, it is because the subconscious has decided that it can deal with the subject matter
    Eliza Madrigal: (in some cases)
    Susi Alcott: which 'soon' in reality ment always few minutes
    Susi Alcott: I'de prefere say that the spirit knows the fear to be already the threat to whole existence, and tries to tell that to the awaken mind
    Eliza Madrigal: Ah
    Susi Alcott: and like Fefonze told his way; he's listened the most good way the message of the dream
    Eliza Madrigal: I think of it like "Hey, look over here...here is something ready to drop."
    Susi Alcott: hm
    Eliza Madrigal: But, as I said, not an absolute...just some cases. Everyone is different :)
    Fefonz Quan nods
    Susi Alcott: all that is ready to drop...that 'just does it'...
    Susi Alcott: but that's why the dreams are treasure, cuz they are unic
    Susi Alcott: and selfmade always
    Susi Alcott: for oneself
    Eliza Madrigal: :)
    Eliza Madrigal: I'm not feeling too well...think I'll take a powernap before the rest of the day's activities. Nice to see you both this morning :)
    Susi Alcott: and yes; all are different, so that's why there's also needed 'millions' of ways the help to exits
    Fefonz Quan: bye Eliza, get well :)
    Susi Alcott: _/!\_
    Eliza Madrigal: Thank you, Bye for now :)
    Fefonz Quan wonders what a 'poremap' is
    Fefonz Quan: powemap*
    Susi Alcott: 'powermap' ?
    Fefonz Quan: and what is that?
    Susi Alcott: well,,,just got one idea thinking if you had made a typo
    Susi Alcott: ah
    Susi Alcott: Eliza's word
    Susi Alcott: powernap
    Fefonz Quan: yep
    Susi Alcott: that she'll take a nap to collect power/strength
    Susi Alcott: that she started to feel not-well cuz of tireness
    Fefonz Quan: ah, double error :) now i see
    Susi Alcott: lol
    Fefonz Quan: that's why it overcame my error correcting algorithm :)
    Susi Alcott: well; wanna hear what I got to my mind for Your typo 'fixing' that in my mind the other way ?
    Fefonz Quan: yep
    Susi Alcott: like I can take the 'powermap' to be the teller of which are the most powerfull healing things
    Susi Alcott: love and knowledge
    Fefonz Quan: nice :) it sounded a little harrypoterish when you said it
    Susi Alcott: yet, as there is 'something' even over them, for the crisis
    Susi Alcott: harrypoterish = ?
    Fefonz Quan: crisis/
    Fefonz Quan: (some magical thing from harry potter book)
    Susi Alcott: ahhh
    Susi Alcott: I'm not surprised; there is so much truth within Harry Potter books
    Susi Alcott: and made to be more magical than they are
    Fefonz Quan: well i made it till the forth and then quit :)
    Susi Alcott: read none, but listened to the people who's read :)
    Fefonz Quan: that saved you some time ;-)
    Susi Alcott: yes; the crisis...if one cannot get love enough there has been lag, and cannot find the needed knowledge and has got ill for that, there's one more power of healing
    Susi Alcott: many books have saved time to me that way ; thank you for giving me that point of view :)
    Fefonz Quan: :)
    Fefonz Quan: reminds me of a joke:
    Fefonz Quan: some guy is getting to the office breathing heavily, saying to his colleage: i've just saved 5 dollars.
    Fefonz Quan: how, says his matee?
    Fefonz Quan: so the firs guy says: getting to the buss station, i just missed mybuss, and i ran after it all the way to the office, hence saving the bus ticket!
    Fefonz Quan: so his colleague says: is you wound have ran after a taxi, you would have save 20 dollars :)
    Fefonz Quan: would*
    Susi Alcott: lol
    Susi Alcott: rogl
    Susi Alcott: rofl
    Fefonz Quan: rogl?rofl?
    Susi Alcott: rofl = roll on the floor laughing
    Fefonz Quan: :)
    Susi Alcott: not exactly fell from the chair
    Susi Alcott: as that's so much 'my way of thinking'; that joke
    Fefonz Quan: yeh, i didn't thinkk so
    Fefonz Quan: it is a joke, but people to tend to think in such funny ways about money, earned or lost
    Fefonz Quan: do tend*
    Susi Alcott: yes
    Fefonz Quan: think i wll leave soon, is it ok if i stop the recording in order to take the log?
    Susi Alcott: to think so ease the guilt if one weist some money
    Susi Alcott: feel free to do so
    Fefonz Quan: thanks :)
    Susi Alcott: wishing U good day
    Susi Alcott: _/!\_
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