2009.03.08 01:00 - Nature is everywhere

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    Moon Fargis: hi star, splitted up agiain ?:)
    Stargate Tone: smiles *
    Moon Fargis: ^^
    Moon Fargis: hi fefonz!
    Fefonz Quan: hi moon :)
    Stargate Tone: he Fef :)***
    Fefonz Quan: hi stargate :)
    Moon Fargis: so how are you today?
    Fefonz Quan: are those petals floating around/
    Fefonz Quan: ?
    Moon Fargis: hearts :)
    Moon Fargis: a bunch of hearts ^^
    Fefonz Quan: oh, impressing ;)
    Moon Fargis: morning tarmel
    Stargate Tone: Hello Tarmel :)****
    Moon Fargis: ah new outfit tarmel ?
    Fefonz Quan: good evening tarmel :)
    Moon Fargis: (biker babe?) :)
    Tarmel Udimo: evening all:-)
    Tarmel Udimo: hahahaha
    Tarmel Udimo: could be:-)
    Tarmel Udimo: ohh how nice
    Stargate Tone: smiles :)
    Tarmel Udimo: more like a cheap sale on at some shop I visited:-)
    Fefonz Quan: have you read the article about "the worst buddhist' ?
    Stargate Tone: oh...worst buddhist ????
    Moon Fargis: ahh no wasnt able todo so cus of lag of time
    Stargate Tone: what could such be...
    Tarmel Udimo: yes we were talking about it at the last session I think, get them a bit confused - sessions I mean
    Tarmel Udimo: ahh forgot tp wear watch:-)
    Fefonz Quan: http://warner.blogs.nytimes.com/2009...t-in-the-world
    Fefonz Quan: i thougt it was interesting, though it might be a little
    Tarmel Udimo: I loved that animation you made moon, I got busy in RL and caught only the last part
    Tarmel Udimo: a little?
    Fefonz Quan: a little odd to discuss if you haven't read it
    Moon Fargis: tarmel: oh what anim you mean ?
    Stargate Tone: well...can think only such that who's claiming buddhism to be the only way to live ; that would be the most worst buddhist
    Fefonz Quan: sure he will :)
    Tarmel Udimo: at the last sunday session
    Tarmel Udimo: there was music and singing
    Moon Fargis: ahh yes
    Fefonz Quan: i thought one of the interesting things was the fear taht all this contemplation and compassionate view/behavior can "take the edge" from our humna experience
    Tarmel Udimo: I found the article a bit of fun and appropriate to remember that we are human and get upset and sometimes we need to let the steam out:-)
    Fefonz Quan: yes, that too :)
    Tarmel Udimo: yes that edge is also a very particular NY vibe too
    Fefonz Quan: why NY ?
    Tarmel Udimo: I miss edgy conversations
    Tarmel Udimo: I have lived there and actually Toronto canada i experienced a lot more edge too
    Tarmel Udimo: I don't mean confrontational
    Moon Fargis: whoows
    Fefonz Quan: edge like sharpness, vivid,
    Tarmel Udimo: oh wow garden
    Tarmel Udimo: yes sharp
    Tarmel Udimo: how do you do that stargate?
    Stargate Tone: magic :)*
    Tarmel Udimo: hehehe
    Stargate Tone: well; you all here did this :)
    Stargate Tone: you dont need hearts cuz of your own so huge loving hearts
    Moon Fargis: yes we are gulty ^^
    Stargate Tone: but you may need some green :)
    Tarmel Udimo: yes?
    Fefonz Quan: grins
    Stargate Tone: there's never enouhg green around :)
    Tarmel Udimo: wouldn't it be great if we could run around in RL assuming different shapes like that
    Fefonz Quan: it might be great and terrifying in the same time
    Stargate Tone: yea; to all; men and women; only love and green; the naturality
    Tarmel Udimo: why terrifying?
    Moon Fargis: the SL garden :)
    Stargate Tone: ah yes; people can make anything to be scarey too :)
    Tarmel Udimo: yes:-)
    Fefonz Quan: imaging waking up each morning to a new shape beside you :)
    Stargate Tone: well; you would anyway know :)
    Tarmel Udimo: ahh yes hadn't thought about that
    Stargate Tone: 'the same' :)
    Fefonz Quan wave a hand to play with the leaves
    Tarmel Udimo: was thinking more as being the one experiencing it
    Tarmel Udimo: ahhhhhhhhh
    Stargate Tone: cuz that would be beside you....you'de know :)
    Moon Fargis: ok green is coming up :)
    Stargate Tone: giggles :)*****
    Moon Fargis: i should build attachable garden as new inventions
    Stargate Tone: _/!\_
    Fefonz Quan: wow, this pavilion do encourage growth ;-)
    Tarmel Udimo: yes that would be great
    Stargate Tone: yes
    Tarmel Udimo: took a pic
    Stargate Tone: ah; now I know why that hole in the 'line' :)
    Tarmel Udimo: ahhh interesting against the backdrop of the garden I can now see Star Tone's shape as well
    Moon Fargis: ^^
    Tarmel Udimo: ? hole in the line?
    Moon Fargis: morning fael :)
    Fefonz Quan: hey fael :)
    Stargate Tone: Hello Fael *
    Tarmel Udimo: hi fael
    Fefonz Quan: welcome to the PaB garden
    Stargate Tone: there's been a pillow waiting for you :)
    Fael Illyar: Good morning Moon, Star, Fefonz, Tarmel :)
    Moon Fargis: if you can reach it :)
    Fael Illyar: pillow?
    Stargate Tone: the one Ur sitting on now :)
    Fael Illyar: this place looks different from usual :)
    Stargate Tone: (as there was the hole)
    Fefonz Quan: i thought that if you start loosing the edge, that might be a sign of practice in the wrong direction
    Fefonz Quan: (going back a little in the chat:))
    Moon Fargis: fael: yes and the intresting thing is... the flowers all are 0 prims :)
    Tarmel Udimo: wow 0 prims
    Fael Illyar: Aah, someone is wearing them :)
    Moon Fargis: yes they are counted as 0 prims cus they arent rezzed
    Tarmel Udimo: not sure what you mean fefonz?
    Fael Illyar: portable garden :)
    Moon Fargis: yep ^^
    Tarmel Udimo: ahhhh
    Stargate Tone: oh Fefonz...thankfully so mamy times it is that loosing it is to find the other one :); the right one
    Fefonz Quan tries to guess what are O prim
    Tarmel Udimo: did you mean if you are edgy you are moving in the wrong direction?
    Stargate Tone: no
    Stargate Tone: I mean that if you are going to the wrong direction
    Moon Fargis: *giggles*
    Stargate Tone: that edge shall disappear when You'de reaced it
    Tarmel Udimo: ahh moon
    Fefonz Quan: no, i thought of the edge as a goood thing
    Stargate Tone: and show the right way
    Tarmel Udimo: ahh okay
    Fefonz Quan: the vivdly experience of living and interacting
    Stargate Tone: so; it's not very often that there's the genuin wrong way ....
    Stargate Tone: as when you reach the right edge; that dont disappear....
    Fefonz Quan: and if our "spiritual" practice numbs that a little (which can happen easily)
    Fefonz Quan: that might be something to loook at
    Tarmel Udimo: yes agree
    Tarmel Udimo: I certainly have a lot less do's and don't about spiritual practice
    Tarmel Udimo: no very ofetn Star gate
    Tarmel Udimo: not very often
    Tarmel Udimo: but there some very delluded and because of that evil people in the world
    Fefonz Quan: ?
    Stargate Tone: _/!\_
    Tarmel Udimo: in response to star gate
    Stargate Tone: there are...very evil....and that also should be seen...otherwise nothing can change ever...
    Stargate Tone: but how them evil ppl grow; cuz they have not got what they need....
    Stargate Tone: love and knowledge enough
    Tarmel Udimo: BRB sorry
    Fael Illyar: Is it so much that they haven't got but that they refuse to take, being stuck to delusions?
    Stargate Tone: that's so many times true, but not at all always
    Stargate Tone: and there wouldn't be any true reason anymore for people to ignore the weaker ones and take care of them
    Stargate Tone: but ppl still listen more to there fears....
    Stargate Tone: not willing to give something they might need after ten years....
    Stargate Tone: hmmm
    Stargate Tone: Fael; what's 'riisto' in english ?
    Fefonz Quan: brb
    Fael Illyar: Hmmh... there are few words I've seen used for that but ... moment
    Tarmel Udimo: back
    Fael Illyar: the most direct one is exploitation
    Stargate Tone: wcb Tarmel
    Fael Illyar: wb Tarmel :)
    Moon Fargis: wb ^^
    Fael Illyar: sometimes people also talk of milking people for something.
    Stargate Tone: ok; as that is that each one sure is allowed to collect and build anything to oneself, in case that happenes without esploitation....
    Stargate Tone: ah....fell that it's too mild to what I mean
    Tarmel Udimo: oh wow
    Stargate Tone: as imo that is, that only exploitation should stop, and the rest would be mostly problems that are more possibility than a prob
    Tarmel Udimo: what's happening now?
    Fael Illyar: Moon's playing with wearing a forest
    Moon Fargis: ah to bad the trees are nt working ^^
    Stargate Tone: smiles *
    Fael Illyar: in addition to the field of flowers :)
    Stargate Tone: (Moon misses more green)
    Moon Fargis: hehe
    Tarmel Udimo: that doesn't look like a SL tree?
    Tarmel Udimo: is it?
    Moon Fargis: no its one of mine
    Stargate Tone: (would like to tell to Tarmel from where one can get this kind of outfit, but sadly dont remember the name of the place)
    Stargate Tone: (wishing good luck to Tarmel to find it, in case it's still there; not even expencive)
    Tarmel Udimo: yes i have it in my inventory
    Tarmel Udimo: ****Howlllzzzzzzzz****
    Moon Fargis: ˙·•| miaaauuuu |•·˙
    Stargate Tone: ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Stargate Tone: (loves wolfs and cats)
    Moon Fargis purrrrrrsssssssss
    Fael Illyar smiles.
    Tarmel Udimo: moooooon
    Moon Fargis: tarmeeeeeeeell
    Tarmel Udimo: grins
    Stargate Tone: I DIDN'T DO IT
    Stargate Tone: I DIDN'T DO IT
    Stargate Tone: I DIDN'T DO IT
    Tarmel Udimo: ****Howlllzzzzzzzz****
    Moon Fargis: ˙·•| miaaauuuu |•·˙
    Stargate Tone: (somebody may tell me this time what I didn't :)***)
    Fael Illyar: (don't look at tme)
    Tarmel Udimo: could one always see the ocean from here?
    Moon Fargis: well i do
    Tarmel Udimo: don't eat chocolate before dinner star
    Fael Illyar: :)
    Stargate Tone: hmm....dont much eat sweets....but chocolate sometimes yes...and love cookires with chocolate....
    Stargate Tone: hm
    Tarmel Udimo: odd never noticed before, so focused on all the AV's :-)
    Stargate Tone: one gets drunken of chocolate too ????
    Tarmel Udimo: yes chocolate my favourite
    Moon Fargis: ^_^ *Nahm Nahm Nahm!* ^_^
    Stargate Tone: (use to get drunk for green tea, but this morning I didn't drink even that)
    Stargate Tone: (must be 'drunken from born')
    Tarmel Udimo: I love this new look must appeal to my cat (leo) nature hiding in amoung the tall flowers and grasses
    Moon Fargis: hehe
    Stargate Tone: ah yes _/!\_
    Tarmel Udimo: drunken from born:-)
    Stargate Tone: donno better words....expression
    Tarmel Udimo: what else you got up your sleeve there moon?
    Stargate Tone: we have such saying in Finland, when somebody is feeling 'silly/happy/love'
    Tarmel Udimo: no nice words stargate
    Fael Illyar: because of the way SL draws your screen, you can see the ocean often even when there are things in the way but further away than you can see :)
    Stargate Tone: withouth being druken
    Stargate Tone: not had any alcolhol
    Moon Fargis: tarmel: ohh looong things :)
    Tarmel Udimo: yes understand star
    Tarmel Udimo: and fael
    Stargate Tone: ohh
    Tarmel Udimo: oh
    Tarmel Udimo: feels lonely now
    Moon Fargis: ^^ il take a look what else i got
    Tarmel Udimo: okay
    Stargate Tone: we fill the air with hearts
    Stargate Tone: (hided herself onto Moon's lap for scarey feeling)
    Tarmel Udimo: overcome by nature
    Tarmel Udimo: thanks
    Moon Fargis: ^^ i think i will create a wearable garden today and sell it.. ^^
    Fael Illyar grins.
    Stargate Tone: _/!\_
    Tarmel Udimo: yes would be great thing to do when we're having newbie trouble
    Moon Fargis: haha
    Stargate Tone: lol
    Tarmel Udimo: just spring up the flowers, stops them in their tracks
    Stargate Tone: hm
    Stargate Tone: might be good thing also if there's some prob for some other reason...
    Tarmel Udimo: yes
    Tarmel Udimo: so is it daylight savings yet?
    Stargate Tone: wcb Fef
    Fefonz Quan: ack :)
    Stargate Tone: might Fef loose an experience...
    Fefonz Quan: ?
    Tarmel Udimo: ack?
    Stargate Tone: (thinking that Moon gave huge experienc how much we love and need nature)
    Fefonz Quan: back :)
    Fael Illyar smiles.
    Tarmel Udimo: yes
    Tarmel Udimo: moving garden
    Stargate Tone: hm....ppl can create crowded feeling...might nature do that ever to anybody....
    Moon Fargis: nature can do so much to your feelings just being there
    Tarmel Udimo: no :-) star agreed are they actually different unlinked flowers moon?
    Moon Fargis: well different flowers yes, unlinked no
    Moon Fargis: but you can edit linked files
    Tarmel Udimo: yes but you made them appear at once
    Moon Fargis: yes all are likned together
    Moon Fargis: linked
    Fefonz Quan: co-arising :)
    Tarmel Udimo: ahhh okay
    Tarmel Udimo: yes fefonz:-)
    Moon Fargis: ^^
    Tarmel Udimo: loving the word arising:-)
    Tarmel Udimo: whether is co or not
    Tarmel Udimo: it kind of takes away all the baggage
    Fefonz Quan: like the arising sun
    Tarmel Udimo: yes or just the activity itself which implies si much
    Tarmel Udimo: so
    Stargate Tone: _/!\_
    Tarmel Udimo: stargate is dancing with the fountain
    Moon Fargis: ^^
    Fael Illyar smiles.
    Stargate Tone: wanted to show how I see now...
    Stargate Tone: what's happening here by all of us...
    Moon Fargis purrrrrrsssssssss
    Stargate Tone: huge fountain sending love up
    Stargate Tone: for anybody to 'use' :)
    Tarmel Udimo: keep sending that love star
    Stargate Tone: we all do that :)***
    Tarmel Udimo: how you going to log this fefonz;-)
    Moon Fargis: me is loggng today:)
    Fefonz Quan: easily, not my GoC :)
    Tarmel Udimo: hahahahahaha
    Fael Illyar smiles.
    Tarmel Udimo: sorry moon
    Fael Illyar: Snapshots help a lot :)
    Moon Fargis: a snapshot is always good :)
    Tarmel Udimo: yes
    Moon Fargis: ^^
    Fefonz Quan: yes, otherwise the log itself sounds like we had something to drink before...
    Tarmel Udimo: so moon do you do scripting or building is that how you created the tree for instance?
    Tarmel Udimo: hehehehe fefonz
    Moon Fargis: i am a builder
    Fael Illyar: There are enough logs like that that it's not so strange :)
    Moon Fargis: in scripting i am a noob :)
    Fefonz Quan: :) fael
    Fael Illyar: Although, I don't see how a snapshot helps with that :)
    Stargate Tone: gives about 1000 words :)
    Moon Fargis: hehe green fairies
    Stargate Tone: ohhhh
    Tarmel Udimo: can't seem to pass on to you
    Stargate Tone: brb
    Moon Fargis: shall they do something ?
    Fefonz Quan: nice tarmel :)
    Tarmel Udimo: yes
    Tarmel Udimo: I thought they flew
    Stargate Tone: thought it was good news that I happened to find the LM from my folder for this, but that shop is not anymore there; all was changed...
    Fael Illyar: Yes, that happens, unfortunately
    Fael Illyar: search might still find them though
    Fefonz Quan will go back to sleep
    Fael Illyar: Good night Fefonz :)
    Stargate Tone: Good NIght Fef :)***
    Moon Fargis: ^^ good night fefonz :)
    Fefonz Quan: take care friend :)
    Fefonz Quan: friends*
    Tarmel Udimo: byefefonz
    Moon Fargis: ah wb star :)
    Stargate Tone: ty
    Fael Illyar: wb :)


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