2009.04.04 19:00 - Music

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    The Guardian for this meeting was Pila Mulligan. The comments are by Pila Mulligan.  The photos are from Wikipedia's public domain.

     Before this session began, I received a ukulele script and opened it to see what it would do -- it actually played part of a Hawaiian song named 'Maui'  -- I was so involved with it I did not see SophiaSharon and Bertrum arrive :)

    SophiaSharon Larnia: HI Pila
    SophiaSharon Larnia: lovely ukulele
    SophiaSharon Larnia: :)
    Pila Mulligan: HI sOPHIAsHARON
    Pila Mulligan: HI bERT
    SophiaSharon Larnia: HI Bertrum
    Pila Mulligan: oops, pardon caps
    Bertrum Quan: hi Pila, Sophia
    Pila Mulligan: someone just gave me this and I was trying to figure it out
    SophiaSharon Larnia: ~ floats to the music~
    Pila Mulligan: sorry, I did not see you arrive :)
    SophiaSharon Larnia: it seems I do not need to come here, there is so much great stuff in the chat logs :))
    Pila Mulligan: how are you?
    Pila Mulligan: but you could not hear the ukulele music in the chat logs :)
    SophiaSharon Larnia: great :) oh yes you are right *grin*
    Bertrum Quan: tell us about the music
    Pila Mulligan: the ukeulele came with only one song, 'Maui'
    Pila Mulligan: it is a nice one
    Pila Mulligan: but it was not playing smoothly in the script
    Pila Mulligan: uku = flea lele = jumping, by the way :)
    Pila Mulligan: a ukulele being played looks like a jumping flea sometimes
    SophiaSharon Larnia: haha
    SophiaSharon Larnia: i bought a rebec and tamborine here but dont play with them much106px-Rebac.jpg
    Pila Mulligan: cool
    Pila Mulligan: what is a rebec?
    SophiaSharon Larnia: haha i didnt know either, a string instrument
    Pila Mulligan: does it make music?
    Pila Mulligan: the SL version?
    SophiaSharon Larnia: yes i have to figure it out again
    SophiaSharon Larnia: lol i bought whan i first got here
    Pila Mulligan: :)

                SophiaSharon got out her rebec and fiddled with it

    SophiaSharon Larnia: having trouble sorries

    Pila Mulligan: frm wiki: 'The rebec dates back to the Middle Ages and was particularly popular in the 15th and 16th centuries. The instrument is European, but was derived from the Arabic instrument, the rebab'

    Pila Mulligan: ok

    SophiaSharon Larnia: thank you *smiles*
    SophiaSharon Larnia: nvm will figure it out later
    Pila Mulligan: any thoughts for a PaB chat topic?
    Bertrum Quan: Pila, you were playing music as we arrived. Perhaps music should be a topic to begin with.
    Pila Mulligan: :)
    Pila Mulligan: it would be nice to be able to have a jam session in SL
    SophiaSharon Larnia: listening to music can change my mood faster than most things
    Pila Mulligan: me too Soph
    SophiaSharon Larnia: yes that would be awesome
    SophiaSharon Larnia: i have tried to find a drum circle here, but there are none like one i am thinking, maybe i will make on ;)
    Pila Mulligan: have you seen any SL drum circles?
    SophiaSharon Larnia: no just the elven ones
    Pila Mulligan: I saw one once where you could choos a drum and then choose a rhythm
    SophiaSharon Larnia: there are 1 or 2 but havent been there with a bunch of people
    SophiaSharon Larnia: oh yes
    Pila Mulligan: but then the drum just played what you chose
    SophiaSharon Larnia: i love rl drum cirlces
    SophiaSharon Larnia: yes
    Pila Mulligan: me too
    doumbec.jpgPila Mulligan: I have had a doumbec for a long time
    SophiaSharon Larnia: cool
    Pila Mulligan: have you seen a doumbec Bert?
    Pila Mulligan: a ceramic drum, looks like a pipe :)
    Bertrum Quan: I'm not sure... I don't think so,
    Pila Mulligan: it has a deeper note when you strike the middle of the head, it souns like 'doum'
    Pila Mulligan: and a higher tonal note when you strike near the edge, a 'bec'
    Pila Mulligan: hence doum-bec
    SophiaSharon Larnia: i can hear it now :)
    Pila Mulligan: dooum bece doum bec doum bec bec
    SophiaSharon Larnia: haha
    Pila Mulligan: it is often played with bellydancing too
    SophiaSharon Larnia: music i didnt know that
    Pila Mulligan: do you have a drum Soph?
    SophiaSharon Larnia: djembe, but not very good
    Djembe.JPGSophiaSharon Larnia: just love to be in the group nice energy
    Pila Mulligan: :)
    Pila Mulligan: do you play an instrument Bert?
    SophiaSharon Larnia: I feel like my self dissolve in it
    Pila Mulligan: yep
    Bertrum Quan: dissolve in it?
    SophiaSharon Larnia: yes, the thoughts that occupy my mind, recede, and all that is left is a pulse, with other pulses, joined together
    Bertrum Quan: yes, music has tremendous power that expend one's experience.
    Bertrum Quan: expand (not expend)
    SophiaSharon Larnia: sooth the gatekeeper of the mind perhaps
    Bertrum Quan: DO you both see a discussion of music as a way to be more in touch with what I might call (for lack of a better term) natural mind....
    SophiaSharon Larnia: yes
    SophiaSharon Larnia: i think music may have been one of the earliest social activities
    Pila Mulligan: to me, playing music involves a kind of creative energy that I do not ordinarily use
    Pila Mulligan: the creative energy is entriely natural, too
    Pila Mulligan: since the music I play is improvised and not structured
    SophiaSharon Larnia: free flowing
    Pila Mulligan: yep
    Pila Mulligan: like the drum circle
    Pila Mulligan: patterns emerge spontaneously
    Bertrum Quan: controlled by rhythms however...
    Pila Mulligan: yes, and the patterns really are arriving with the rhuthm
    Pila Mulligan: spontaneously :)
    SophiaSharon Larnia: and individuals 'connect' with the rhythm and end up in sync...like the energy is in sync
    Pila Mulligan: yep
    Pila Mulligan: a gestalt :)

    Bertrum introduces the idea of a similarity between music and meditation, just before stevenaia arrives

    Bertrum Quan: perhaps the way one works into a meditation?
    SophiaSharon Larnia: :)
    Pila Mulligan: kind of
    Pila Mulligan: have you had expereince with RL group meditation?
    SophiaSharon Larnia: now that, is an interesting thing I have not thought of
    stevenaia Michinaga: hello
    Pila Mulligan: hi Steve
    SophiaSharon Larnia: hi Steve
    Bertrum Quan: hi Steve
    SophiaSharon Larnia: but it is obvious now that i heard it
    Pila Mulligan: topic: music (Steve)
    SophiaSharon Larnia: Pila, im not sure if that ? was for me, but not very much
    Pila Mulligan: for everyone Soph
    SophiaSharon Larnia: kk
    stevenaia Michinaga: hmm, I just had dinner with a singer, somgwriter and a former entertainment attorney
    Pila Mulligan: cool
    Bertrum Quan: I think music can preare the mind to be more aware.. either collectively or singly..
    SophiaSharon Larnia: :) plz excuse me for a min
    Pila Mulligan: ok
    Bertrum Quan: prepare the the mind...
    Pila Mulligan: have you had rl rexpeeince with group meditation Bert and Steve?
    stevenaia Michinaga: no
    Pila Mulligan: earlier: SophiaSharon Larnia: and individuals 'connect' with the rhythm and end up in sync...like the energy is in sync -- Bertrum Quan: perhaps the way one works into a meditation?
    Bertrum Quan: I have been in a Sanga meditation... where the collective chanting is a gateway to a meditative state
    Pila Mulligan: yes, that would indeed be liike music Bert
    stevenaia Michinaga: well prayer is one kind of group meditation
    SophiaSharon Larnia: yes it is
    Pila Mulligan: yes, Steve, but a valid distincion seems to me to exist between chanting and silent prayer or meditaiton and music
    Bertrum Quan: Music can be transcendent
    stevenaia Michinaga: yes, would be interesting to see how each reacts with the mind
    SophiaSharon Larnia: thats another thing Ive wondered, is the energy actually the same though
    Pila Mulligan: I think they are similar Soph, but there also seems to be a distincition
    stevenaia Michinaga: group prayer, group meditation, music
    SophiaSharon Larnia: by the attachments and intentions of the energy?
    Pila Mulligan: I went to a memorial service at a black church in Virginia the day after Martin Luther King's assasination
    Pila Mulligan: I've never been so uplifted by singing in my life
    Pila Mulligan: it was heaven
    SophiaSharon Larnia: it would hurt my heart
    Pila Mulligan: it was pure release
    Pila Mulligan: all the hurt was washed away
    SophiaSharon Larnia: :))
    Pila Mulligan: but the grief remained :)
    Pila Mulligan: silent prayer and meditation is more inward I'd say
    Pila Mulligan: snging and chanting are a harmony among people
    stevenaia Michinaga: a different kind of energy for me
    Pila Mulligan: yep
    Bertrum Quan: harmony with what IS
    Bertrum Quan: something so intimate on the one hand and yet so all encompasing as well
    Pila Mulligan: yes, Bert, and the 'what is' is probably the common ground between the inward method and the outward method, as they get to a similar result :)
    stevenaia Michinaga: result?
    Pila Mulligan: what style music was your dinner guest into Steve?
    Pila Mulligan: result = harmony with 'what is'
    stevenaia Michinaga: more a talking dinner with friends, was hping for a musical interlude but it did not happened
    Pila Mulligan: :)
    SophiaSharon Larnia: :)
    stevenaia Michinaga: to much fun to stop and sing
    Pila Mulligan: I once had a dream that was filled with really beautiful music ... the environment of the dream was simply a bunch of tall columns, like on a house, but instead they were like a forest, no walls, and the the music was like a mist drfiting between them
    stevenaia Michinaga: very interesting metaphors
    stevenaia Michinaga: makes a lot of sence
    Pila Mulligan: it seemed like an image of pure creative energy
    SophiaSharon Larnia: Bertrum, you said ....music can prepare the mind to be more aware.. either collectively or singly.? this is part of the natural mind?....
    SophiaSharon Larnia: yes Pila nice metaphor
    stevenaia Michinaga: that dream would be an appropriate starting point for the PaB RL discussion next week
    Bertrum Quan: In terms of practice... in the sense of preparation, music (of the transcendent variety) can be useful I think to help us see
    Pila Mulligan: :)
    SophiaSharon Larnia: (seeing music holding up colums)
    Bertrum Quan: I'm not sure one should start with the dream... one should start with the music.
    Pila Mulligan: :)
    stevenaia Michinaga: a dream of music
    Pila Mulligan: reminds me of a very cool link someone recenlty sent
    Pila Mulligan: just a sec ...
    SophiaSharon Larnia: like music quiets the self (alters brain waves), or more than that
    Pila Mulligan: you may have seen this already -- it is lovely:  http://www.playingforchange.com/pop2.html
    SophiaSharon Larnia: :)
    Pila Mulligan: a composition of music played by folks around the world, taped and merged into a single track
    Bertrum Quan: I think it may be worth exploring the non verbal, non- respresentational side of music
    SophiaSharon Larnia: yes
    Pila Mulligan: yes, music indeed has a special uplifting effect
    SophiaSharon Larnia: what is non representational
    Bertrum Quan: Not representating a recognizable object, or idea/theme...

    stevenaia left and the discussion shifted briefly to music and energy

    stevenaia Michinaga: I must go, see you tomorrow night
    Pila Mulligan: bye Steve
    SophiaSharon Larnia: i understand, but in the sense of music, i think i understand
    Bertrum Quan: bye Steve
    SophiaSharon Larnia: bye steve
    Pila Mulligan: do you mean music simply as an energy, Bert?
    Bertrum Quan: It is that to be sure... but more than that (as pure energy exists all around us but we do not have easy access to it)
    Bertrum Quan: Energy in the sense that does not invite "interpretation" in experiencing the music as word-based and image-based experience does...
    SophiaSharon Larnia: :)
    Pila Mulligan: like a poem sometimes seems to demand the mind to interpet it :)
    Bertrum Quan: Poems are word-based and the mind struggles or delights in the interpretation of the words--
    Bertrum Quan: the symbols, metaphors, etc.
    SophiaSharon Larnia: yes, isee
    Pila Mulligan: while music more simply helps us access a purer sense of energy
    Pila Mulligan: without the elaboration :)
    Bertrum Quan: That's the question... I think it can do that in some instances in very profound ways
    SophiaSharon Larnia: yes...want to explore this further...

     ... and then the time came to end the music discussion

    SophiaSharon Larnia: I have to go now, so nice to speak with you. :)
    Pila Mulligan: :)
    Pila Mulligan: bye SophiaSharon
    SophiaSharon Larnia: bye *waves*
    Bertrum Quan: bye Sophia...
    Bertrum Quan: Pila, I need to sign off too. Thank you for starting us off with music!
    Pila Mulligan: thank you Bert
    Pila Mulligan: nice chat
    Bertrum Quan: Take care, Pila.
    Pila Mulligan: aloha

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