2009.05.12 07:00 - SEP, How do you read?

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    The Guardian for this meeting was Riddle Sideways. The comments are by Riddle Sideways.

    What with favorite desktop computer acting up and all laptops out or not working, I thought I would have hardware problems getting to you today.  But, no the backup still works.  Then SL would not let me log in directly to the Pavilion. Was mentally composing one of those "I tried..." emails.  Luckly, I could login to anaother area and TP to the next quad and have a nice virtual walk.

    Adams was already waiting there (I never did get to read what Adams' T-shirt said).

    Adams Rubble: Hello Riddle :)
    Adams Rubble waiting for Riddle to fix things the way he likes them :)
    Riddle Sideways: thanks
    Riddle Sideways: small group look, I should think today
    Adams Rubble: :)
    Riddle Sideways: sorry computer probs this morning
    Adams Rubble: Oh bummer
    Riddle Sideways: could not get to here directly
    Adams Rubble: sometimes that happens for some reason
    Riddle Sideways: no "can't get there from here" today
    Adams Rubble giggles
    Riddle Sideways: we (maybe) over did that last week
    Riddle Sideways: nahhhh
    Adams Rubble: yes, I think we may but we shook one secret fan out of hiding :)
    Note: [wait, this is the comment section(why should I write note:).  No need to comment that this is a note]

    Having over done the FST last week, I chringed at Adams and I getting right back into it.

    Sophia enters. [page 2]

    Adams Rubble: Hello Sophia :)
    sophia Placebo: greerings adam:)
    Riddle Sideways: Hi Sophia
    sophia Placebo: hi riddle :)
    Adams Rubble: Nice new look :)
    sophia Placebo: ty =)
    Sometimes, we in PaB just sit quietly waiting, thinking, Being, transfixed by the awe of the moment in which mere words could not hope to express the moment that we sit in such a location at such a time with such people that the heart and mind leap toward our personal (or possibly dreamed group-wise) heavens in blasts of light. Or the three of us were reading emails, eating breakfast and bored like I was.
    Riddle Sideways: well, that was 90 seconds without the gong
    Adams Rubble: :)
    Having look at how nicely Sophia and Adams looked.  How much care and style they had put into how they looked today. I thought about over a year in SL and having not learned to get dressed yet.
    Riddle Sideways: wish I had the time and creative for a make-over or 3
    Riddle Sideways: I gave up on trying to comb my hair
    Adams Rubble: :)
    sophia Placebo: :)
    sophia Placebo: i wish i can do a nice hair myself one day
    Adams Rubble: I am not very patient with building
    sophia Placebo: yeah it needs alot of patient and determination
    sophia Placebo: i managed to do a table :))
    Adams Rubble: :)
    sophia Placebo: creat*
    Adams Rubble: I made a Buddha stele but it just a cube :)
    sophia Placebo: hehe
    Adams Rubble: not much creativity
    Riddle Sideways: hey I made a cube too :)
    Adams Rubble: hehe
    Adams Rubble: It has nice textures though
    Riddle Sideways: somebody came by my SL house and asked what is that
    Riddle Sideways: I said "Art"
    Adams Rubble: hehe
    sophia Placebo: :))
    Riddle Sideways: when I was a kid I made clay things
    Riddle Sideways: then we would put a cigarette knotch in it
    Riddle Sideways: call it an ash tray
    Riddle Sideways: there is a strange big winged car thingie in the next lot
    Riddle Sideways: somebody just parked it there
    Adams Rubble: It was there on the weekend
    Riddle Sideways: like so many Rural Colleges
    Riddle Sideways: farmers place art out behind the barn
    Adams Rubble: Ah, it is a batmobile owned by somebody named "Rotten"
    Riddle Sideways: RL should have "right-click"
    Adams Rubble: yes
    Adams Rubble: and tags over our heads
    Adams Rubble: and tps
    sophia Placebo: i wouldnt like a tag over my head
    Riddle Sideways: yes, tps
    sophia Placebo: yes tps
    Riddle Sideways: you could tag yourself
    Adams Rubble: we could add messages about how we feel that day
    Riddle Sideways: not have others tag you
    Adams Rubble: oh no, not others
    Riddle Sideways: RL people seem to tag us all the time
    Adams Rubble: yes
    sophia Placebo: like the face is not enough or the voice tone :)
    .am sure you have seen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flkgNn50k14 but is always good.
    Adams Rubble: I have trouble remembering names :)
    Riddle Sideways: that would help if we were tagged
    sophia Placebo: me too , it cause alot of embarrasment ,spicially when the other person greet you wormly and remmber your full name
    Adams Rubble: yes
    Riddle Sideways: everybody seems to remember my name
    sophia Placebo: is it funny name?
    Riddle Sideways: so embrassing to not remember there's
    Riddle Sideways: some people think "Riddle" is a funny name
    Adams Rubble: a bit of a mystery
    sophia Placebo: oh it is your name in rl as well
    Riddle Sideways: yes, RL name too
    sophia Placebo: ok , no wonder everyone rember your name , a walking riddle
    Riddle Sideways: sorry, but yes I am
    Riddle Sideways: Sl has so many art objects like that car
    sophia Placebo: i see
    Riddle Sideways: but it can't be rural collage because the tires are still good
    Adams Rubble looks for some cinder blocks

    An abandoned car, boat or linden airplane suck in your house is common here. Yet, we look at it.  Stare at it.  Wonder about the art value, the creative process to make it.  We tell ourselves stories about the objects.
    In RL we go on about our biz.

    Sometimes, I just want to slap you awake!!!!.

    Riddle Sideways: in RL we often gaze past odd objects
    Riddle Sideways: in SL we seem to notice them
    Riddle Sideways: the SEP principle doesn't work here
    Riddle Sideways: (Someboy else's problem)
    Riddle Sideways: a SEP field around an object keeps you from seeing the object
    Riddle Sideways: yesterday I saw (out of the corner of my eye) a box in the road
    Riddle Sideways: I stopped and went back to move it
    Riddle Sideways: 13 cars drove right by
    Riddle Sideways: they did not see it or me
    sophia Placebo: really?
    Riddle Sideways: 1 drove over it just before I got there
    Riddle Sideways: I am trying to figure out the lesson there
    Riddle Sideways: wonder if there MUST be a lesson in everything?
    Riddle Sideways: or if it just seems so
    sophia Placebo: maybe not a whole lesson
    Riddle Sideways: right, very seldom the whole lesson
    Riddle Sideways: usually has to be repeated
    sophia Placebo: the lesson?
    Riddle Sideways: repeated
    Only in my mind is there a seg-way between prev and next thoughts.
    Riddle Sideways: I started a new book last night "The Alchemist" (author?)
    Riddle Sideways: seems to be about omens and following them
    sophia Placebo: it is said that a thoughtful person will learn from his last mistake , a wise man however would learn from others mistakes
    Adams Rubble: sorry, phone call
    Adams Rubble: I am back
    Riddle Sideways: wb
    Note, that I write "wb" (lower case, 2 letters) barely polite.  Sophia goes with the gesture of a friendly wave, full highlighted sentence AND a sound bite sample from "Welcome Back, Cotter".  Then Sophia gives us both the file.
    sophia Placebo: *:::* WELCOME BACK *:::*
    Riddle Sideways: ooooooo very nice
    sophia Placebo: paholo choelo (sp?)
    Paulo Coelho (thanks google)
    sophia Placebo: the author of alchemist
    Riddle Sideways: oh thank you (I was going to edit the author in later)
    Adams Rubble: thank you Sophia :)
    Riddle Sideways: thank you sophia:)
    sophia Placebo: yw :)
    sophia Placebo: i read that novel , intersting really
    Riddle Sideways: in an age when we have shortened things like"welcome back" to WB
    Riddle Sideways: you expanded it
    Adams Rubble: :)
    sophia Placebo: :)
    Riddle Sideways: I read about 40 pages then fell asleep
    Riddle Sideways: it produced nice dreams
    Adams Rubble: :)
    sophia Placebo: i think i read it all in one session :)
    Maxine, if you read this...  watch how many years go by before I ask about this.
    Riddle Sideways: note: need to ask Maxine about dreams that happen while reading a book in bed
    Riddle Sideways: not really night time asleep
    Riddle Sideways: when the eyes close on a page
    Riddle Sideways: but you don'tknow that they are closed
    Adams Rubble: It is OK unless the eye falls on the edge of the page while turning the page
    Riddle Sideways: hehehe
    Riddle Sideways: paper cuts
    Riddle Sideways: Sophia, I wonder about reading all in one session
    Adams Rubble: I am afraid I must run now
    Riddle Sideways: I don't do that much
    sophia Placebo: bye adams
    Adams Rubble: bye Sophia and Riddle :)
    Riddle Sideways: bye Adams
    Adams leaves before I can ask "How do you read?"
    Riddle Sideways: I mostly read until a thoughtful place comes
    sophia Placebo: niether i , though i used to be like that in my teens , but i read the alchemist in the trip in the bus -4 hour long
    Riddle Sideways: good use of time
    Riddle Sideways: I sometimes look out the window
    Riddle Sideways: buses and trains pass interesting stuff
    sophia Placebo: of my best places for a relaxed reading is a window seat
    What is a habit?
    I bet most of us how a reading habit.  Possibly an adiction to needing to read.

    sophia Placebo: i guess i have this bad habit - im not sure if it is bad though- of not stoping reading to think about it , read it then think about and go back to the intesting lines i've read , or simply writing the qouets , which is a habit i didnt developed unfortunatly
    Riddle Sideways: we call our repeated actions 'habits' then immediately judge good/bad
    Riddle Sideways: need another word for repeated actions
    Riddle Sideways: that doesn't bring up judgement
    sophia Placebo: have no problem with judgment
    Riddle Sideways: your and my reading styles are just different
    Riddle Sideways: I have 42 books laying around with bookmarks in them
    Riddle Sideways: you have a stack of yet to start books
    sophia Placebo: i didnt count them but you might beat
    Riddle Sideways: both excellent
    Riddle Sideways: not to count the mountain of articles beside this desk here
    sophia Placebo: hehe
    Riddle Sideways: nor the audiable books in my car
    Riddle Sideways: nor the browser bookmarks
    Riddle Sideways: oh dear
    sophia Placebo: thats alot of info
    Riddle Sideways: some much to read, so little time
    Riddle Sideways: some are info
    Riddle Sideways: most are "that would be a nice read"
    Riddle Sideways: *read
    sophia Placebo: :)
    I still very pleasantly remember reading "Hawkline Monster" in one day. Would drive the car to a different mall parking lot in Miama every 3 chapters.  Still don't know if the book or the day was the more weird, surreal and/or enjoyable.
    Riddle Sideways: I think I shall try your way some day
    sophia Placebo: i started to make a notebooks each for a set of questions or goals i have
    Riddle Sideways: wonder when I will get 4 uninterrupted time
    Riddle Sideways: ahhhh notebooks are good
    sophia Placebo: they are
    Riddle Sideways: until the notebook gets left at another place
    Riddle Sideways: then a collection of napkins start
    sophia Placebo: i dont right much quoets but the notebooks makes things easier , write your own interpritation and the page number of the book
    Riddle Sideways: yes, that would work
    Riddle Sideways: I was afraid that by the end of book I would have forgot the begginning quotes
    sophia Placebo: the notebook is not a bout a book but a bout a subject or question you are intersted in , so you get back to that notebook everytime you have new insight or read new book
    Riddle Sideways: those 9-second thoughts
    Shameless reference to PaB
    sophia Placebo: that what i dont do , i guess im more generalist , so by the end of the book i formulated a general idea about it and leave the qoutes to publishing mood ie notebooks
    Riddle Sideways: Adams is so good at blogging those thoughts
    Riddle Sideways: Pema wants most of us to publish our thoughtts
    Riddle Sideways: I might enjoy revisiting some of mine :)
    sophia Placebo: :)
    Riddle Sideways: you probably have a novel in yours
    sophia Placebo: i didnt publish anything
    sophia Placebo: certinaly not novels
    Riddle Sideways: just string the thoughts and quotes from the notebooks together
    Riddle Sideways: add narritive = novel
    Riddle Sideways: so simple that I can't do it
    Riddle Sideways: I will park my notebooks out in that field
    Riddle Sideways: up on blocks
    sophia Placebo: :) i should formulate a general idea first , i do that by reading or learning diffrent aspects of diffrent things
    sophia Placebo: so the writing is to minimum
    Riddle Sideways: a lot tobe said for top down or bottom up approaches
    sophia Placebo: to be honest , i did this notebook thing so that i would remmber where i read certain thought , not much a writer myself
    sophia Placebo: it takes a lot of time to express an idea
    Riddle Sideways: yes, me too. Was just trying those ideas out
    Riddle Sideways: well, RL is starting to get active
    sophia Placebo: bye riddle , nice to meet you
    Riddle Sideways: (kitty in my face)
    Riddle Sideways: I had very nice time
    sophia Placebo: :)

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