2009.05.27 01:00 - What is healing?

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    The Guardian for this meeting was Tarmel Udimo. The comments are by Tarmel Udimo. I arrived to find Star and Fael sitting in the Pagoda. We first talked about clothes because Star was dressed very differently to how she normally is. I then took the opportunity to ask Star and Fael about their healing practices. I've been curious to know what method they used because it has always sounded very mysterious to me ...

        Fael Illyar: Hi Tarmel :)
        Stargate Tone: Hello Tarmel :)***
        Stargate Tone: smiles *
        Tarmel Udimo: Hi Fael & Star:)
        Fael Illyar: How are you today, Tarmel? :)
        Tarmel Udimo: We are looking a little different today Star
        Fael Illyar: We? :)
        Tarmel Udimo: I am still getting over my cold, but good:)
        Fael Illyar: Ah, explains this tiredness I felt for a moment :)
        Stargate Tone: would be curious how Tarmel takes my this outfit :)*
        Fael Illyar giggles.
        Stargate Tone: smiling widely :)
       Tarmel Udimo: yes a new look Star
        Stargate Tone: (had a thought that you might seen this once before, but am not sure)
        Tarmel Udimo: no don't think so:)
       Tarmel Udimo: do you wear this when not in PaB?
        Stargate Tone: ah...this was creation during long time
        Stargate Tone: 'by accident'
        Tarmel Udimo: nods
        Stargate Tone: I had even forgot that I have the base
        Stargate Tone: but found it from my inventory seeking something else
        Stargate Tone: and then I got the need complete it
        Tarmel Udimo: nods
        Stargate Tone: and that morning that I was doing that, one other friend appeared suddenly with an unusual Alt
        Tarmel Udimo: nods
        Stargate Tone: and that leaded forword to understand that why
        Fael Illyar smiles.
        Tarmel Udimo: :)
        Stargate Tone: well; my more than strong belief is this my called upstairs office
        Tarmel Udimo: nods
        Tarmel Udimo: we all need an upstairs office:)
        Stargate Tone: that we are guided; meaning several people; to do things in order to help each other
        Tarmel Udimo: yes we often don't even know
        Tarmel Udimo: but its part of cause and effect
        Stargate Tone: _/!\_
        Tarmel Udimo: which is why its importnat to stay true to ourselves
        Tarmel Udimo: and be as authentic as possible
        Stargate Tone: indeed
         Fael Illyar smiles.
        Stargate Tone: ah yes; there's much speech how all that is to be seen, effects to men more than women, but maybe that also would need more context that it would be possible to understand more what that exactly means
        Stargate Tone: and like there is the saying, that 'suit makes man'
        Stargate Tone: and such kind of 'stuff'
        Stargate Tone: but sure that is effect to all ppl, no matter man or a woman
        Fael Illyar smiles.
        Stargate Tone: and as I finally ---imo---learned to 'play' also in SL
        Fael Illyar wonders what that makes her... changing clothes so often ;)
        Stargate Tone: it's helped me to change outfits also more than the clothing
        Tarmel Udimo: nods
        Fael Illyar: but yes... clothes have an effect on you :)
        Fael Illyar: Even virtual AV clothes :)
        Stargate Tone: oh yes
        Stargate Tone: as I've felt that effect to be strong in RL too; even we dont look at ourself the same way than we can do in SL
        Fael Illyar: Yes :)
        Tarmel Udimo: nods
        Stargate Tone: and that's why I've let other ppl to say what to were, thinking that they must look at my clothings more :)*
        Fael Illyar smiles.
        Fael Illyar: (I think you mean wear, not were) :)
        Stargate Tone: thank you Fael
        Stargate Tone: yes that was tupo
        Stargate Tone: hm...well...'cute' typo too imo
        Tarmel Udimo: I guess I am kind of the other end of the spectrum, I don't really get into my clothes and what I look like too much
        Tarmel Udimo: but then same in RL:)
        Tarmel Udimo: It feels like I am here for a different reason
        Fael Illyar: I know some people choose clothes to wear entirely based on what makes the people happy they're with.
        Tarmel Udimo: but I am happy that some people really get into it, that's what makes it interesting for us people who don't:)
        Stargate Tone: ah yes; not so much giving attention to such in RL, but yes; done that in SL much
        Tarmel Udimo: nods
        Fael Illyar: Yes I'm always positively surprised when I see someone wearing something nice and that I'm not used to seeing on them :)
        Tarmel Udimo: smiles
        Stargate Tone: as I had so much probs long time, as ppl 'accuse' me to dress so sexy ...even I couldn't see my dresses to be such...so, I tried long time to find the 'proper' clothing
        Tarmel Udimo: was that in RL or SL
        Stargate Tone: but I never managed to do that
        Stargate Tone: in SL
        Tarmel Udimo: yes , well you always dress in an interesting way - both of you
        Fael Illyar smiles.
        Fael Illyar: I don't have that many outfits :P just somewhere close to 50 ... ok, maybe that's many :)
        Stargate Tone: well; surely I've also always want to feel well with the clothing myself, and well; never did wear even near such dresses like Fael has on now
        Tarmel Udimo: I think so Fael, I have about 8:)
        Fael Illyar: I started from just one too :)
        Tarmel Udimo: It works for Fael
        Stargate Tone: but I have some that kind of too, and sometimed have enjoyed to wear them too :)***
        Tarmel Udimo: nods
        Fael Illyar: I haven't been able to wear this sort of too long :)
        Tarmel Udimo: no?
        Fael Illyar: took me close to a year in SL before I managed :)
        Tarmel Udimo: ahhh
        Tarmel Udimo: well it is also your own design
        Stargate Tone: to me it took more than 2 years
        Tarmel Udimo: which is nice
        Fael Illyar: the dress isn't, the tattoo is :)
        Tarmel Udimo: OK
        Tarmel Udimo: well its taken me 6 months to get new hair:)
        Stargate Tone: smiles *
        Fael Illyar smiles and remembers back to going hunting for hair she thought good enough to waste her little money earned from camping on :)
        Stargate Tone: and sure my this 'attitude' also has been cuz of why I was born to SL
        Fael Illyar found a sim with dozens of hair shops and started browsing.
        Fael Illyar: spent a whole day at it... then didn't even look at hair for a couple of weeks
        Tarmel Udimo: grins at Fael - camping?
        Fael Illyar: Yes, I started out camping :)
        Tarmel Udimo: born to SL, yes we all are I guess Star
        Tarmel Udimo: camping in SL, what does that mean?
        Stargate Tone: yes, but as I knew that I'll be working here; not had any such thoughts that I'd ever also 'play'
        Fael Illyar: there are places that pay you a little money for spending time there.
        Tarmel Udimo: ahhhhh
        Tarmel Udimo: yes play is important, I probably don't do enough of it:)
        Fael Illyar is working on making more things play :)
        Tarmel Udimo: nods
        Stargate Tone: hoping that it would 'come' to you too; it's very good thing to do :)
        Tarmel Udimo: yes
        Tarmel Udimo: just lack of time sometimes
        Stargate Tone: _/!\_
        Stargate Tone: well....maybe also part of learning to do things for yourself *
        Stargate Tone: to take care of the little child 'inside'; to me that's the subconsiousness; always a child cuz 'it' faces all as new, cuz new life is new
        Tarmel Udimo: nods
        Tarmel Udimo: yes looking after yourself can happen on so many levels
        Stargate Tone: _/!\_
        Tarmel Udimo: so is it starting to be beautiful there now? in finland?
        Fael Illyar: It's been quite green here for some time now :)
        Stargate Tone: and...well..,who else would take care of 'our child' when we are adults, if we dont do that at first ourself ...
        Stargate Tone: oh yes
        Tarmel Udimo: nods to both
        Stargate Tone: all the green has appeared
        Tarmel Udimo: no snow
        Stargate Tone: looked specially around last week end, how 'all is there' already
        Tarmel Udimo: I have only been to Denamrk but it must be a little similar
        Stargate Tone: oh yes; much; think there's not much difference between ther area I live, and Denmark
        Tarmel Udimo: nods
        Tarmel Udimo: you are in the country
        Stargate Tone: but not needed to travel much up in Finlnad, that there's kind of line what comes to wearther
        Tarmel Udimo: understand
        Tarmel Udimo: so do you both still work together on healing?
        Stargate Tone: as our nature has changed much; before there was huge difference even between Turku and Stockholm
        Stargate Tone: ah yes
        Stargate Tone: all the time
        Tarmel Udimo: do you do hands on or remote healing?
        Fael Illyar: Both? :)
        Stargate Tone: well; I have not received ppl in RL anymore
        Stargate Tone: you and I
        Tarmel Udimo: no
        Stargate Tone: so; 'remote'...but...well....might 'distance healing' be the better word
        Stargate Tone: meaning the physical distance
        Tarmel Udimo: nods that's what i meant
        Fael Illyar: yes... mental distance ... well, quite another thing :)
        Stargate Tone: as there cannot be any distance that one can help ppl to get well; the spiriutal distance :)
        Tarmel Udimo: nods
        Stargate Tone: but sure there comes much situations that I also touch people I meet
        Tarmel Udimo: and how did you start working together?
        Fael Illyar: We met :)
        Tarmel Udimo: through healing?
        Stargate Tone: thought that you Fael get them best words :)
        Stargate Tone: yes
        Fael Illyar: No, at PaB :)
        Tarmel Udimo: ahhh
        Tarmel Udimo: that's great!
        Stargate Tone: my 'yes' was ment for Fael's words
        Stargate Tone: 'by accedent' was what I could think in english :)
        Tarmel Udimo: its OK
        Stargate Tone: but kept my mouth thinking Fael to find them best; as she did
        Tarmel Udimo: nods
        Fael Illyar smiles.
        Tarmel Udimo: so how do you work together?
        Fael Illyar: I don't know :P
        Stargate Tone: spending time together
        Stargate Tone: and 'reporting' of events; what's happening
        Stargate Tone: speaking out what we see and feel
        Tarmel Udimo: but you also work in RL?
        Fael Illyar: Well, this explanation is best left for Star :)
        Stargate Tone: 'chatting' together; soultraveling...
        Stargate Tone: sharing 'all'
        Tarmel Udimo: ahhh imagination:)
        Stargate Tone: my work in RL is 'to exist'
        Stargate Tone: nope
        Stargate Tone: not imagination
        Stargate Tone: I cannot even visionize; see only what's there, and changes...'living energyfields'...but feel more detailed
        Tarmel Udimo: OK, but you are never in the same room together?
        Stargate Tone: have been
        Tarmel Udimo: OK
        Tarmel Udimo: I am sorry but I do get confused because it always sounds so mysterious when i know it is really simple
        Tarmel Udimo: :)
        Stargate Tone: hm...well...might it be that healing is never simple...
        Stargate Tone: in practice....
        Stargate Tone: but sure the base is;
        Stargate Tone: Love
        Tarmel Udimo: no but answers can be:)
        Stargate Tone: and knowledge of the reasons; understanding
        Fael Illyar: it sounds mysterious because that is the only way to talk about it. In practise ... well, it just feels very simple.
        Stargate Tone: well...as that's just something so 'obvious' to both of us...
        Stargate Tone: 'all just happens'....
        Tarmel Udimo: well I know but like a question do you work together isn't answered but framed in a way that is not simple
        Stargate Tone: well..as I dont do any other work but healing and guiding ppl on there own path
        Fael Illyar: as for working together ... sometimes :)
        Stargate Tone: and to heal is so various...
        Tarmel Udimo: thanks fael
        Fael Illyar: well a lot of the time
        Tarmel Udimo: OK
        Tarmel Udimo: that's clear
        Tarmel Udimo: I have been to enough healers to know that you can't talk about it too clearly
        Stargate Tone: well; we are working together also now, even it's not easy to be seen
        Tarmel Udimo: but there are methods, each healer works in their own way
        Tarmel Udimo: sure
        Fael Illyar: words only make sense when you know what experiences they refer to
        Fael Illyar: if you can't connect a word with the experience, you can't understand it.
        Stargate Tone: ah ...well...Tarmel...I see many of them healers with methods to be only energy sellers...
        Tarmel Udimo: do you work with crystals, do body work or do soul alignment or work with color
        Stargate Tone: as there basicly is not method we have with Fael; only our love and understanding
        Tarmel Udimo: these are all well known ways to work and a simple way to describe what one does
        Fael Illyar: Well, I sometimes feel like placing some objects in some kind of shapes but so far have had no idea why :)
        Stargate Tone: but such also 'touch' 'only' them symptoms...
        Stargate Tone: ah; that's to create certain kind of energyfields; but they are not on the patients body
        Tarmel Udimo: Ok so its energy healing using Raki
        Stargate Tone: I'd say 'no'
        Tarmel Udimo: OK
        Fael Illyar: what is Raki?
        Tarmel Udimo: healing using the hands by moving them across the body
        Stargate Tone: well; it's based on delivering the natural energies through your touch; that does not tell that you give love...
        Stargate Tone: or help the patient to grow; as that is the healing also the reason to the illness; mostly
        Stargate Tone: to heal, is to grow...
        Tarmel Udimo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reiki
        Stargate Tone: I know what you mean Tarmel, but I never do only that even if I do that too
        Stargate Tone: and yes; very seldom I've done that thinking them unnumbered ppl I've helped to been healed
        Stargate Tone: but some people cannot open themself at all to receive
        Stargate Tone: so; sure it's also unnumbered ppl I've recieved to meet me too and I've given also the help that way
        Stargate Tone: as all of the phenomenas are very natural
        Stargate Tone: you see;
        Stargate Tone: the base is
        Stargate Tone: that the healer only helps something unbalanced to get back to it's own natural balance
        Stargate Tone: 'back to the truth'
        Stargate Tone: or in case there's something unbalanced 'around' , the healer can help the patient to grow up to be strong enough to 'deal' with that unbalanced thing
        Fael Illyar: isn't mysterious just a fancy way to call something one can't understand (nor expects most others to either)
        Stargate Tone: but because that's not always possible, everything cannot be healed
        Stargate Tone: and...well...think that those mysterious things which has been 'builded' to people's minds so much
        Stargate Tone: are creations of people who wanna rule over other people....
        Stargate Tone: hm
        Stargate Tone: spoken 'back then' much something like this:
        Stargate Tone: think that all of the people can understand mother's love to heal the child
        Stargate Tone: that nobody takes that to be any mystery
        Stargate Tone: but some people are so strong in there spirit, that they have this 'mother love' that they can share it with any person
        Stargate Tone: ...but why that is any 'mystery'....?
        Stargate Tone: ...donno for sure...
        Stargate Tone: hm...well...
        Stargate Tone: rises now...
        Stargate Tone: to be the healer; that is also the choice
        Tarmel Udimo: nods
        Stargate Tone: and yes, not choice based on any mystery; but the crystal clear truth
        Tarmel Udimo: yes understand Star
         Fael Illyar: Ah, see you later Tarmel :)
        Tarmel Udimo: OK great, dinner is almost ready, so must go eat:)
        Fael Illyar: Have a nice dinner Tarmel :)
        Stargate Tone: good apetite :)***
        Tarmel Udimo: have a nice day:)
        Stargate Tone: see you again dear lady *
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